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And also was a finalist in the 2014 USA Best Books Awards

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

God's Appointed Time, Part 1

God’s Appointed Time I

Chapter 1




A loud ringtone on a cell phone caused me to stumble.

“Move,” an annoyed traveler mumbled.

Did no one else hear the music? Crowds surrounded me on the road to Jerusalem.

I stopped to listen on the side of the road. The ringing continued. Straight ahead was an overhanging rocky ledge. I sprinted towards the rocks, but the music stopped too soon. I slid my hand along the uneven shelf.

Satellites didn’t exist in the first century and neither did cell phones. Perspiration beaded on my forehead. I hated being taunted, especially by nonexistent technology.

I kicked the ground irritated. When I glanced down, a red cellphone protruded from the sand.

I snatched my stolen iPhone. Some thief took it from my book bag at school—two thousand years in the future.

The phone rang again. ID—unidentified.



“Hello,” I repeated.

“Where are you going, Daniel?”

Chills crept up my spine. I slouched against the rocks. “Why do you torture me?”

The ventriloquist spoke in a smooth voice. “Daniel, I want to help you.”

I shouted into the phone. “No, you don’t.”

A woman flinched nearby.

I needed to lower my voice.

“Why are you going to Jerusalem, Daniel?”

My hands shook. I rubbed my eyes and wiped the sweat from my face. Crouched over, I whispered, “Why do you keep harassing me?”

“Don’t go to Jerusalem, Daniel.”

My voice quivered. “Leave me alone.”

Annoying static blared.

“Don’t go to Jerusalem, Daniel.”

The raspy voice sent chills up my spine.

I stomped by foot. “Why?”

Another passerby gawked. Only crazy people spoke to themselves in the first century.


The phone dissolved in my hand. I stretched my fingers and stared. How could my hand be gray? In fact, tones of gray saturated the sky and everything else. I squinted. The ventriloquist’s wicked magic—I balled my hand in a fist. “She did this.”

A couple of people ogled me.

An old man approached. “Are you all right?”

I nodded, wishing he would leave me alone. I waved my hand at the onlookers. “What are you staring at?” I turned and clinched my teeth. How many times in the first century had things not been as they appeared?

A few minutes later, hoof beats filled the stagnant dry air. Roman soldiers, outfitted in heavy armor, helmet and shields, lead a long procession. Chariots adorned in the best Roman decor followed the horses.

A few days ago, people idolized me as the greatest charioteer who ever lived. I had all the money I needed for medical school when I returned to 2015. Little did I know, less than a week later, I would be a poor, runaway slave. How fortunes could change so quickly.

Travelers cleared to the sides of the road to let the Romans pass.

I rubbed my eyes. The demon’s wiles—I would not listen to her.

Because of all the foot traffic, the Roman caravan slowed to a crawl. Fancy chariots brought up the rear of the caravan. I peered inside the first compartment. Pontius Pilate sat beside an attractive woman. I laughed. The hanky dropper at the chariot races hated the Jews. How much trouble would we cause him this Pesach?

The Roman traffic took a while to pass. Precious minutes ticked by. The Shabbat meant nothing to them, but once the first two stars appeared, I needed to be in Jerusalem.

My stomach churned. What I would give for a few figs and berries to satisfy my hunger?

I didn’t relax until the Romans disappeared. I turned towards Jerusalem. I must make it to Jerusalem in time. I must. I slung my bag over my shoulder, rubbed my eyes, and walked faster.

“Please, God, heal my eyes,” I prayed.







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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Wakulla Book Review: Am I Okay, God? Devotionals from the Seventh Dimension
Summary: A devotional of hot topics that affect the lives of teens and young adults with excerpts from the author's book, “The Door.” It explains how Shale dealt with these issues in her own turbulent life and how 
God brought her through them.

Author’s Purpose: In writing this devotional, the author reaches out to those going through tough times. Each devotional touches on a particular issue in young adult lives.

Theme: Hurt, pain, uncertainty, fear ‑‑ Lorilyn Roberts uses the experiences Shale survived to encourage 
those in like positions and those likely to experience 
the same.

Thesis: Ultimately, no matter the issue, God is the 
one to supply relief. God is our helper, provider, protector, and is in control of the outcome.

Author's Stand on Controversial Issues: Throughout the writing of this devotional, the author takes the reader back to Shale's life and struggles. In bringing us time and again to how she dealt with these things, she also shows us turning to the Lord and seeking His stand on morals and temptations is the 
road to delivery.

Enjoy the Book: Yes. The book is well written and presented. Its quotes are accurate, and its references to “The Door” allows it to be a source “companion.”


Reviewed by: R. Pechler a Wakulla Book Review

I want to personally thank all the men who are reviewing the books written by JOHN 3:16 AUTHORS. I am thankful that we are able to bless them and appreciate the encouragement given to us by their reviews. 

Their insights, comments, and encouragment means a lot. Steve said I (Lorilyn Roberts) could visit the prison and I hope to do that sometime in the near future. I ultimately look forward to the day when we are all free in the Lord's presence to worship together our Risen King!
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