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  1. llwroberts llwroberts

    Thank you for visiting my new website. If you are here to learn more about me, I hope you will read my personal testimony. Click on “Lorilyn Roberts’ testimony” in the upper left. If you are interested in learning about my books, please click on the down arrow to the right of “Lorilyn Roberts’ books.” My books will pop up with links to learn more and/or purchase.

    Also, if you click “sign-up” on the pop-up in the upper right-hand corner, you can add yourself to my newsletter. New signees will receive a free copy of my “Children of Dreams” memoir.

    If you would like to get in touch with me via email, you can email me at

    Lorilyn Roberts

    • Trish Trish

      My breast cancer was also only discovered through MRI. Two weeks prior to the MRI, I had a mammogram and ultrasound that showed nothing. The only reason I was sent for an MRI is because a bone scan for an injury showed soft tissue on my right breast when soft tissue isn’t supposed to show up. I have dense breasts also it turns out.

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