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Month: March 2014

THE FATHER OF LIES: Devotional from “Am I Okay, God?” by Lorilyn Roberts


Jesus said [to some Jewish unbelievers]: “You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of liars.”
—John 8:44
Despite your blemishes, you’re a child of the king. But your beauty shouldn’t come only from your outward appearance but from your inward radiance.
From Seventh Dimension – The Door, a Young Adult Christian Fantasy:
“I’ll make you a beautiful princess,” he [the serpent] promised.
The desire to be talented and sought after by handsome young men consumed me.
—Shale Snyder, chapter twenty-six
The truth is, those provocative pictures of men and women on the cover of Vogue and other magazines have been edited with Photoshop to make the models look beautiful. Give me a photograph of yourself and I can make you as glamorous as you want to be.
The cover of Seventh Dimension   The Door was manipulated in Photoshop by a professional book designer. The girl had no blouse on—we added that. Her long hair dipped into the water so we cut it. I didn’t want a mermaid. We sprinkled golden glitter on the surface of the water and added a  waterfall to the background. We enhanced the bird and added highlights behind the girl to do one thing—to draw your attention to Shale Snyder, the main character in Seventh Dimension – The Door.
We can do that because we can manipulate what the eye sees. But what about what is underneath the skin or that outer layer that we can’t see? Shale was tempted to believe the serpent’s lie to make her beautiful on the outside. Save for her friend, Daniel, she would have been consumed by the temptation.
She wanted to be beautiful, but what she truly wanted was to feel valued by somebody. Her self-worth and self‑esteem had been bruised by others. She was persuaded to believe the lie because she was desperate for love.
Beauty, money, wealth—all those things tempt us into believing that if we had this or that one thing, then everything would be great.
Satan lives in the spiritual realm and when you enter that realm of questioning and seeking answers, you will be confronted with choices. The serpent wants to convince you that he can give you a shortcut to happiness.
If you spend all of your time making yourself beautiful on the outside but don’t spend time with God developing your relationship with him on the inside, you will be a trophy—a trophy of the devil.
God wants all of you. Don’t be led astray. Find your joy in the Lord, and if you have wandered, come back. Remember your first love.
Young ladies may find this hard to believe, but a man of God will seek the beauty of Jesus in you. A godly man will be drawn to your soul that is enraptured with the Holy Spirit. He will see your love for the king, your compassion toward others, your kindness for animals, and a heavenly beauty that surpasses the outward beauty you think you need to catch a young man.
Besides that, if God wants you to marry, he has the perfect man already picked out for you. You don’t need to compromise or do things you might regret later. You don’t need to wear dresses up to your hips or low-cut blouses to grab the attention of a handsome suitor.
If you’re a young lady, would you want a man who was attracted to you only because of your outward beauty? That kind of beauty fades. Breasts sag, hair turns gray, wrinkles appear, and varicose veins pop out.
If you are a young man, young Christian ladies want a man who “walks the walk” and not just “talks the talk.” A real Christian woman can spot a counterfeit Christian man within a few minutes of conversation. A real Christian woman can feel his lustful gaze and she can read his carnal thoughts. In fact, any woman will know when a man is not treating her with respect, even if she doesn’t say so.
I tell my daughters if you want a Christian marriage, find a man who really, really, really loves the Lord, and then he will love you.
Sadly, in today’s world, there aren’t enough young truly committed Christian men. Part of it is probably due to our Western culture, where young men have bought into the idea that it’s okay for them to sow their wild oats before getting married. Beware, though, some of those wild oats contain poison.
In Hollywood, you’re given a star people walk on that symbolizes greatness. Is that what you want? In heaven, you will be given a crown, or even many crowns, depending on how you’ve lived your life. Would you rather have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that might be destroyed in an earthquake or a crown of righteousness that will never fade? In fact, there are many kinds of crowns to be awarded to the saints for their faithful deeds.
Here are some Bible passages that describe the kinds of crowns that await the believers when they arrive in heaven.
[II Timothy 4:8]  The crown of righteousness, given to those who long for the Messiah’s return.
[I Corinthians 9:25‑27] The incorruptible crown, given to those who have exercised self-discipline and self-control over their bodies and thoughts.
[James 1:12] The crown of life, given to those who have endured patiently through trials.
[I Peter 5:4] The crown of glory, given to pastors and others who have faithfully served God.
[I Thessalonians 2:19] The soul winner’s crown, given to those who have brought many followers into the kingdom.
The temptation to buy into Satan’s lies is great, but God’s love is greater. Remember your Lord and Savior at those moments when you are tempted, “…and the things of this world will grow strangely dim in the light of his mercy and grace.” [lyrics to Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus].
Young men and young ladies, adorn yourself with thoughts that will captivate your soul. Thoughts of beauty when you embrace God’s creation. Thoughts of wonder at the testimony of those who have suffered because they love Jesus.
Look for good in the world because it’s there. It won’t be found in tabloids or on store aisles stocked with overpriced items promising fame, beauty, or fortune. God’s insurmountable beauty will be found in sunsets, in family relationships, in friendships that honor God, in Thanksgiving dinners and Bible studies and fellowship with other believers.
A smile on your face can lighten up a room. Acceptance in your eyes can reassure someone who is sad. A hug can make someone feel wanted. A kind word can tear down strongholds that Satan has built—you’re beautiful just the way you are.
Young ladies, you don’t need to do anything to make handsome men desire you—for the wrong reasons. Love the Lord your God with all your heart mind, and soul. He will send you the right soul mate and husband at his appointed time.
And young men, if you want God’s absolute best wife in the world, save yourself for the one he created to be your helpmate. Make women desire you because of your love for God.

Thank you, Jesus, for helping me to trust you in my relationships with the opposite sex. Help me to trust you for my future husband or wife.
Please help me to wait. Help me to grow in maturity so I can someday be the wife or husband you call me to be. I want to be content where you have put me, single or married. My hope for a future spouse is found in you. Lord Foulgrin’s Letters, by Randy Alcorn 



“Am I Okay, God? Devotionals from the Seventh Dimension” is available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99.

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GUEST POST BY MOLLY NOBLE BULL: “Gatehaven,” First Stop on Blog Tour


Gatehaven by Molly Noble Bull is a Christian Gothic historical novel set in a haunting mansion in the north of England where Ian Colquhoun and Shannon Aimee battle a Frenchman with dark secrets—spiritual warfare vs. the occult. Will they learn enough about God’s words to defend themselves and others or will evil overcome them? 

Here is  short interview with Mary Noble Bull
QUESTION:  I understand that Gatehaven is a Christian Gothic historical novel. What exactly is that?  

:  A Gothic might be described as a novel or movie set in a castle or a scary mansion, and there is often a young woman in the story who is in great danger—a damsel in distress. Some older works which many consider secular Gothic novels are Jane Eyre, Rebecca and Withering Heights. Gatehavenis set in a scary mansion in the north of England in 1784, and it is Gothic novel in the true sense but with a strong Christian message. I call Gatehaven a Christian Gothic.

:  Interesting. Scary horror books and movies are very popular now, especially with the young, and some are set in scary mansions. Are the bad guys in Gatehaven otherworldly characters like vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, or monsters from outer space? 

 No. There are no monsters in Gatehaven. All the bad guys are human.

 The Bible says that whatever is lovely and of good report are topics we should think on. So why would a Christian write a scary novel like Gatehaven?

 Good question. I asked myself that same thing before, during, and after writing Gatehaven, and here is my answer. Everything will be lovely and of good report in the New Jerusalem, but it has not arrived from Heaven yet. Christians live in an evil world filled with people who don’t know Christ, and as you said above, scary books and movies are popular now. So what should Christians do? Should they be willing to go where non-believers live—even into bars—in order to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ? Or should they simply preach to the choir? Each Christian writer must answer those questions for themselves. My answer is found in the pages of my newest novel, Gatehaven.

:  The cover of the novel says that Gatehaven has a strong Christian message. What is that message? 

:  There are many Christian messages and themes within the pages of the book. Some are hidden while others are easy to find. Maybe the most important theme is Spiritual Warfare vs. the occult. The Bible has a lot to say about the danger of occult practices which I believe go hand in hand with Idolatry. It was my hope that all who found the cover and first pages of Gatehaven intriguing would pick up a copy and read it to the end, especially those who need to read it the most.
Occult beliefs and practices, also called the New Age, are found in books and movies everywhere, including cartoons for young children. If parents and teachers know nothing about these evil practices, how can they warn others about them, including their children? Spiritual Warfare vs. the New Age/Occult is the main theme of Gatehaven. However, there are others.

:  Molly Noble Bull is known for her sweet romance novels. Is Gatehaven a romance novel? 

 No. I would describe it as a Christian Suspense novel. But there is a romance woven into the plot.

 What about damsels in distress? 

:  Yes. Shannon, the main female character in the book, is in great danger, and she is not the only girl in peril. There are several.

Tell us about the bad guy or guys.

:  There are several bad guys in Gatehaven. But the main bad guy is a Frenchman with dark secrets and evil motives.

I saw a round symbol on the cover of the book. What is that all about? 

 Gatehaven won the 2014 Creation House Fiction Writing Contest while it was still a manuscript, and that was a national contest. Part of my prize for winning was the publication of Gatehaven in trade paperback and as an e-book. After several unavoidable delays, Gatehaven was published on March 4, 2014.
Enjoy an excerpt from Gatehaven by Molly Noble Bull.


 Chapter One
A country estate in Northern England
Early January 1784
Monsieur Etienne Gabeau wasn’t his real name. 

His name was Leon Picard. But Etienne Gabeau was the only name he’d answered to since making England his home.

He stood at a window in his sitting room, smiling inwardly as he looked out. “The haunting presence that surrounds your mansion always amazes me, my lord.”

The young earl made no reply.

“Christians who read the Bible might say the atmosphere at Gatehaven is quite the devil’s doing. We both know why.” Leon/Etienne’s laugh had mocking overtones. He pulled his dark cape closer to his thin, shriveled body. “It’s a bit chilly tonight. Surely you must have noticed.”

“Of course I noticed.” The earl laughed from across the room. “An icy rain was coming down when I arrived. You might have to put me in a spare bedroom for the night, Monsieur. And why did you mention the Bible? Who among our circle of friends pay any mind to it?”

“A point is well taken.” The Frenchman pushed back a curl from his eyes.      

His thick mass of dark curly hair had more white strands than black, making Leon look older than his forty-five years. But twenty years ago, he was called handsome.

“Still,” Leon continued, “to the local villagers your estate is quite mysterious. It reminds me of structures I saw in France, while growing up. And who can forget the red gate which gave Gatehaven its name?”

“When did you learn of the red gate, Monsieur Gabeau?”

“I learned the secret when your late father was the earl. You were but a boy then.”

Lightning cracked the night sky. Thunder boomed. 

“I saw it again, my lord.”

“Really?” The earl’s weak smile indicated that he was mildly interested. “What did you see?”

Gatehaven…during that flash of lightning.”

Someday I will have Rachel and own Gatehaven as well, Leon vowed mentally.

The earl cleared his throat. “I’ve decided not to go to Scotland after all, Monsieur.”

“Not go?” Leon turned around in order to face him. “You must go.” 

Leon Picard limped to his high-backed leather chair near the fireplace, tapping his cane on the pine floor as he went. “You will go.”

“I beg your pardon.”

“I said that you will go.” Leon hooked his cane on the arm of his chair. Then he sat down and reached for the portrait on the small table beside him. “I demand it.” Leon’s words, spoken with his usual French accent, hung heavy in the air.

The earl didn’t answer.

Leon thought that Edward Wellesley, the Earl of Northon, looked stiff—as if he’d suddenly turned to stone. At last, the earl gazed at Leon from a chair facing his.

“Demand?” The muscles around the young earl’s mouth slowly relaxed. “You have crossed the line, sir. Besides, I cannot go to Scotland. I have pressing business here. However, a French gentleman like you should enjoy such a journey.” His smile was edged in sarcasm. “Why not go yourself?”

“On these crippled legs? I think not. Besides, she would never receive me.”

“I am sorry. But it would be impossible for me to leave the country at this time.”

Leon turned, gazing at the fire flickering and popping in the hearth. 
“You want the money, do you not?” He looked back at the earl like a hungry cat that cornered a mouse.

“But of course. You know I need money to pay my gambling debts.”

“Precisely.” Leon didn’t miss the fleeting expression of fear that crossed the younger man’s face. “I recently bought all your debts. I will destroy them all, but only if you do exactly what I say. At dawn on the morrow, you will set out for Scotland. And do dress warmly, my young friend. It will be cold out.”

The earl’s forehead wrinkled. “You say her last name is Aimee, and she lives in the village of Luss. But how would an English earl meet a Frenchwoman living in Scotland?”

“I believe your family owns a hunting lodge near Luss, does it not?”

The earl shrugged. “Even if I saw her on the street or near the Loch, I would never recognize her. What is she called?”

Leon’s quick laugh held a trace of mockery. “In France, she was called Rachel. I see no reason why that would not be her name today.” Leon grabbed the pearl handle of his cane with his left hand, leaned forward, and handed the portrait to Edward. “Look at this portrait carefully. Burn it into your brain. When you have brought her to me, your debts will be paid in full—and not a moment sooner.”

“But how can I convince her to come to England? I don’t even know the woman.”

“You are a fine-looking young man with your gold-colored locks and blue eyes. I am sure you will find a way.” Leon rubbed his aching knee. “Romance her. That should meet with success. Tell her you love her and plan to marry her. Women like that. And my spies tell me that she is not wedded at the moment.”

“You have known me long enough to know, sir, that I am not the marrying kind.”

“Have you no wits about you?” Leon sent the earl a harsh glance. “I don’t want you to actually marry her—only promise that you will.”

“I cannot see how…”

“Tell her you want her to come to England to meet your family before the engagement is formally announced.” He smiled. “Yes, that would be the thing. She is a peasant woman, but well educated.
Apparently, at one time her father was a teacher and a historian of sorts; she will understand that you must have your mother and grandmother school her in the ways of the quality before she becomes a part of it. And do smile a lot, Lord Northon. Let her see those sparkling teeth of yours.”

“I will do as you say. But I doubt it can possibly work.”

“It will work. Or you could find yourself in debtor’s prison.” Leon sent the earl another smile—long and slow and filled with hidden meanings that only Leon and Lord Northon could know. “And on your way back to England, stop by the chapel near Edinburgh your grandmother told you about. Do you know the one I mean?”

“Of course.”

Book Length: 99,000 words
ISBN: 1621364003


Gatehaven, Molly Noble Bull’s Christian gothic set in Europe in 1784, won the 2013 Creation House Fiction Writing Contest while still a manuscript, and Gatehaven is the novel being featured today. However, Molly’ first two published novels were published by Zondervan. Her Zondervan novels were later reprinted and published as Promise Romances from Guideposts. Molly also sold novels to Love Inspired and Tsaba House. Westbow Press published The Overcomers: Christian Authors Who Conquered Learning Disabilities, a non-fiction book she wrote with four other Christian authors. Molly owns the rights to her Zondervan romance novels now, and she will soon self- publish The Rogue’s Daughter as an e-book. Rogue is a western set on a South Texas cattle ranch in 1890.



BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD: Devotional from “Am I Okay, God?” by Lorilyn Roberts

May his name endure forever; may his name increase as long as the sun shines; and let men bless themselves by him; let all nations call him blessed. Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, who alone works wonders.
—Psalm 72:17-18

God has existed since before the beginning of time. He created time. He created the universe. He created you, but he is not a created being.

From Seventh Dimension – the Door, a Young Adult Christian Fantasy:

Rachel stood and recited a Jewish prayer. “Blessed is the name of his glorious kingdom forever and ever.”
—Rachel Franco, chapter one


In Revelation 1:8, God says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, who is and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”

The God of the Bible goes by many names that describe his character. The Jews and the Christians share the same God—the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Christians believe God is three in one—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God is not Mohammad, Buddha, or Karma.

God is all-powerful and all-knowing. Cling to that when life seems out of control, before chaos takes over and leads to frayed nerves, discouragement, and even depression.

God has promised to give you a special name that only he knows when you get to heaven. Think about what name God might give you. Who are you when no one is looking?

God wants to bless you. He knows how to turn hardships into “blessings.” These “blessings” will help you to grow in your dependency on him and make you mature.

If everything were easy, you wouldn’t need God and you would remain untested. Then when hard times come—and hard times always come—you would fall.

Satan will call you all sorts of names. Don’t listen to him. Remember how much God loves you and the name he will someday give you. Honor God above all else and put him first. Experience his presence throughout the day. Read the Bible and pray unceasingly.

Thank you, Jesus, that through you I am blessed. If you were all I had, you would be sufficient. There is no one else like you. Thank you for loving me even when I am unlovable.
For beautiful music and photographs witnessing the glory of God, go to:

To purchase “Am I Okay, God” on Kindle at Amazon, go to:

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SEVENTH DIMENSION CONNECTION: Devotional from “Am I Okay, God?” by Lorilyn Roberts

… for you have been born again not of seed which is perishable but imperishable, that is, through the living and enduring word of God.
I Peter 1:23
When we meet the king face-to-face, we either become more like him or we walk away, unwilling to submit to his authority.
Remember when the king cast the demons out of the cemetery man and later drowned them in the lake? I shared this in the first devotional. The story in The Door comes from the Bible.
While The Door is a fantasy, the events that happened surrounding the king are true. If you accept God’s salvation through Jesus Christ, Satan and his demons will not be happy about your newfound faith.
From Seventh Dimension – the Door, a Young Adult Christian Fantasy:
Descending from the heavens were beautiful creatures, too numerous to count, decked out in white. They wore flowing robes of dazzling splendor. As they tended to the man Baruch called a king, I watched, too awed to speak and too stunned to know what to think.
A few minutes later, I regained my senses.
“Now you know what an underling is,” Baruch said.
“A coward, a bully, a demon.” I shook my head, still stunned. “Baruch, you did see all of that, right? I wasn’t imagining it.”
“Heehaw. Now you know the king.”
—Shale Snyder and Baruch, the donkey, chapter eighteen
While we can’t see spiritual beings, the Bible makes it clear they visit us in our homes, at work, and in the car—angels and demons alike. Who have you entertained lately? Angels in disguise? Or did you let down your guard? Satan and his demons know how to trip you up.
In Ephesians 2:2, Satan is referred to as the prince of the air. We don’t see him because we have physical bodies designed to inhabit this world. I call the realm that spiritual beings inhabit the seventh dimension.
Scientists agree there are many galaxies besides our own. Less understood is how many dimensions there might be. Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles, referred to being taken up into the third heaven. He didn’t know if he was in the body or out, but it changed his perspective of God and the future.
Here is something I want you to think about. If part of you changes in the physical dimension, then it’s going to affect the spiritual realm.
Planet Earth is the battleground for spiritual activity. While earthly kings go to war to conquer, demons fight for control or possession of unsuspecting people. The demons follow the will of Satan, and as they did to the demon-possessed man in Gadarene, they torture. Even with the demon-possessed man, however, the demons couldn’t prevent the man from seeking Jesus, who cast the demons out and later drowned them in the lake.
The only way to protect yourself from spiritual attack is through the armor of God (prayer and reading the Bible), and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
Without going too far into the metaphysical aspect, let’s examine it in psychological terms. If you respond in a certain way to someone, he will act one way. If you respond in a different way, his response will be different. That’s a tiny way of looking at it.
If you change on the inside because of the Holy Spirit’s work in your heart, the change will be perceived by others, even on a subconscious level. Remember Newton’s law from your science class? For every action, there’s always an equal and opposite reaction.
Your responses to the world around you will be different because you’re now different. The Bible says when you become saved, you’re “born again.” Unless you’re born again, you can’t enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ.
When Shale returned home, she had undergone a metamorphosis. Her responses to her environment were different, forcing those around her to respond differently.
When I was twelve and accepted Jesus into my heart, I felt different. My father remarked a few weeks later, “You have been acting differently. You seem different.”
I wish I had shared the reason why with him. I was afraid he wouldn’t understand, but I knew why. The Holy Spirit had made a difference in my life.
It’s very difficult to change yourself. Try to change one habit in your life and see how hard it is, but when you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, he helps you to change. Sometimes the changes are subtle and at other times they are profound.
Sanctification by the Holy Spirit is a life-long process. God wants you to grow and learn. It’s in the process that we learn how to live out our salvation. The change in you will affect the world around you in ways that you aren’t even aware.
Thank you, Jesus, for giving me a new life in you—that I am born again and alive in you. I am thankful the Holy Spirit is helping me to become more like you.

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