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Month: October 2015

BOOK REVIEW: “Seventh Dimension – The Castle” Five Stars from Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Paul Johnson

In Seventh Dimension – The Castle: A Young Adult Fantasy by Lorilyn Roberts, Daniel, a young Jewish man from present-day Jerusalem, enters the seventh dimension where he learns that time is an illusion. In the seventh dimension, he finds himself in first-century Palestine where he becomes witness to events surrounding the arrest and trial of Yeshua (Jesus). At the same time, Daniel himself is in danger, wanted by the Roman authorities as a runaway slave, and has escaped from prison. 

The scenes rapidly change. One moment in a Roman prison, then at the temple in Jerusalem where he watches Yeshua argue with the merchants, then to the Garden of Gethsemane when the guards arrest Yeshua and where Daniel is almost arrested. Finally, he is at Golgotha where Yeshua dies on the cross. 

While everyone knows the story of Jesus, this is a new perspective. Even knowing Yeshua is going to be betrayed and convicted, there is a sense of anxiety and horror experienced by Daniel as he watches the events unfold. But, for Daniel the story doesn’t end there, there is a learning of things to come. 

Seventh Dimension – The Castle is a strong account chock full of historical significance. It is filled with action and drama. It contains a lot of historical detail, sci-fi, fantasy, and even time travel. The story is technically well written. The fictional characters are strongly developed and the plotting allowed the story to build up at a steady comfortable pace. The dialogue is sharp, well done, and period-specific. All in all, a good story very nicely done.

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BOOK REVIEW: “Seventh Dimension – The Castle: A Young Adult Fantasy,” Five Stars from Literary Classics Book Awards and Reviews


Seventh Dimension – The Castle: A Young Adult Fantasy in the Seventh Dimension Series, by Lorilyn Roberts, is a fascinating book that immerses the reader into life during the time of Christ. Daniel has been trapped in the seventh dimension for years now. When he first found himself trapped in time, living in 1st century Israel he was just seventeen years old. Now he’s a man and he has gotten himself into serious trouble. Accused of being a runaway slave, a thief and a murderer, the Romans are on the lookout for him. It doesn’t help that he’s easily recognized for being the greatest Jewish charioteer in the world.

Author Lorilyn Roberts portrays the characters and scenes in this book with such depth and clarity that one can nearly feel the dust on their feet as they travel along the streets of Jerusalem alongside Daniel. Seeing this world through Daniel’s eyes is an enlightening way to experience life from a Jewish perspective during one of the most pivotal times in the history of mankind. Seventh Dimension – The Castle is highly recommended and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.

LITERARY CLASSICS Book Awards & Reviews International Book Awards • Top Honors Youth Book Awards • Seal of Approval and Gold Winner

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