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2024 Calavida Book Festival – My Favorite Book Signing Event

Christian Author Lorilyn Roberts

Green Cove Springs is a beautiful site for the Calavida Art Festival. There was music, food, books, art. Even a wedding was in full swing. The highlight of the day for me was a young girl who bought my book, Book Love, two years ago and returned with her mom. This time she bought my book Seventh Dimension—The Door.

I remembered her and told her what she said to me verbatim: “This is the first book my mom ever bought me” (Book Love). The young girl and mom couldn’t believe I remembered them, let alone what her daughter said.

But those are the things that make writing for the Lord all worthwhile. I wish I had time to make more personal appearances and connect with more people. Maybe that’s in the future.

I want to share this with those who wonder if God is interested in the mundane things we think about or our internal struggles, which may not be earth-shattering but might be important at that moment.

I was driving back to Gainesville from Green Cove Springs, listening to Pastor Jack Hibbs on the radio. He was giving a message on how to better manage the resources that God gives us, like money. I began to ponder about stopping by Home Depot to pick up a flower to plant in a flower pot. Should I spend the money? I already have dirt in the pot.

I must have thought about it for ten minutes, and then out of the blue, Jack Hibbs said (this was taped, not live), “You want to plant a flower, go get the flower and put it in the pot.”

I couldn’t believe it. So guess what I did? When I returned to Gainesville, I stopped by Home Depot and put flowers in two pots! It was one of those “strange coincidences” I’ll never forget, but maybe those sorts of things aren’t “coincidences.” Maybe God really does answer us in “mysterious ways.”

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Green Cove Springs, Florida
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  1. John Cyrus John Cyrus

    Lorilyn, A sign of the child of God is to please or doing the will of God in everything he/she does. When we decid to do our Heavenly Father’s will, He is not hesitant to reveal His will even a small thing such as you mentioned above, i.e., buying a bunch of flowers. I have no doubt that your books will strengthen the faith of the believers to create the image of God in them!

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