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A SHORT STORY: No Fear by Lorilyn Roberts



The cemetery beckoned Deborah’s mother every year about this time, but Deborah didn’t know why. She suspected, but her mother wouldn’t tell her.

“It’s enough that you know your nanny rests in peace here,” is all she would say, “until the right time comes to tell you.”

Deborah reminisced. Her beloved grandmother was so intelligent, so beautiful, and so kind. She wouldn’t have hurt a fly.

The weather was cold even in the noonday sun, and Deborah wondered why they couldn’t come to the cemetery in the summer when it was warmer. Her mother placed some flowers beside the headstone, and as she leaned over, Deborah could see tears in her reddened eyes.

Deborah’s memories of her grandmother were dreamlike because she was so young when her grandmother disappeared, but she remembered vividly the last time she saw her Nanny. It was her favorite memory from childhood.

“Mother, what happened to Grandma?”

The older woman remained silent. She wanted to tell her daughter, but she couldn’t. Every time she tried, she choked up, and the words wouldn’t come out.

Deborah propped up the red flowers and ran her fingers over the dates on the stone marker. She longed for one last conversation with Nanny. Death was so final, especially for one so young. The date on the tombstone was only a few weeks after that special event in Washington, D.C. Deborah remembered her grandma that day as healthy and vibrant, laughing and singing as she pushed Deborah in the stroller.

Now fourteen and a young woman, she believed she could handle the secret her mother hid in her heart. She was old enough to think about serious things and determined not to let another year pass without knowing the truth.

She turned to her mother sitting beside her, but at that moment, the stricken woman bent over and turned away. The young girl lovingly touched her mother’s shoulder. “The last time I remember seeing Nanny was when we went to Washington, D.C.

Her mother’s face turned to Deborah, and she held her pointed index finger up to her lips. “You mustn’t talk about that day. The drones hide in secret places,” and she sternly admonished her a second time, her words clipped with fear.

But Deborah didn’t care who heard. She wanted to speak her heart. “That day was my favorite day as a child. You, grandma, and I were together. I don’t know where pappa was, but the three of us were there, and I remember the music, the beautiful singing, and everybody praying.”

Deborah stopped speaking as if a new revelation gripped her. “Mother, we never hear beautiful music anymore.”

Resignation crossed her mother’s face. “You mustn’t ever talk about that day again, you hear me, Honey?”

The fragileness of the moment beguiled Deborah. Discouraged but unwilling to admit she had been cheated of the truth once more, she would try again later. The two returned to their tiny one-room house that looked like every other house on the street. The houses were so close together everyone knew everybody else’s business. Several times each day, drones scoured the sky looking into windows for something, although nobody knew what. Sameness was important. Nobody wanted to stand out. Nobody wanted to be noticed. Nobody wanted to be seen or heard.

Deborah remembered her grandmother loved to read. She remembered the books that lined the walls of her living room and bedroom. Nanny was the most intelligent person she ever knew, yet somebody took her away. How could someone so amazing just disappear? Nanny never did anything wrong. Why wouldn’t her mother tell her? Deborah had even scoured the Internet, hoping to find her grandmother’s name. But it was like she never existed.

January 6, 2021, was only nine years ago, yet there were only a few articles about that day on the Internet. How could there be so few references when Deborah remembered the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people walking beside her in the stroller?

Deborah knew what the government said—many people had died that day, all at the hands of “Trump supporters and right-wing religious fanatics” who took over the Capitol. Because of the widespread destruction and damage, the government hauled many off to jail.

Was her beloved Nanny one of those eyewitnesses arrested? How could that be when Nanny wouldn’t even kill a spider?

Besides, they wouldn’t have gone to the event if there was any danger. Nanny was an American patriot and wanted to be there that day. How could Deborah learn what happened? Did her mother even know? Or had she been brainwashed to forget? Deborah knew those things happened routinely. It was called re-education.

As Deborah watched her mother twist and turn in bed, uttering groanings too deep to understand, the young girl went through everything in her mind she could remember starting with January 6, 2021, and the days and weeks that followed.

It wasn’t long after that that her dad went off to war. According to government reports, he was a hero, but Deborah didn’t believe those reports. Why didn’t he ever come home? The government said America was winning the war, but how could anyone know? No one knew what happened outside the country. She hadn’t seen her father in years, but occasionally, her mother would receive a letter declaring he had won another medal for his heroism.

Deborah didn’t care about medals. Her mother would scold her, “You have food to eat, a roof over your head, and clothes to wear. What more do you want?” And then, emotionally spent, her mother would stomp off.

Deborah felt sorry for her mother. At least Deborah was honest with her feelings; her mother just believed her own lies. But she could never come up with a good answer to her mother’s questions. Yes, they had food, clothes, and a roof, but Deborah felt like a person with no past and no future. Is this how she wanted to live the rest of her life?

The two-week winter break would end soon, and Deborah would have to return to school. But the nightmares were unrelenting and made it difficult for her to focus in school. She would see herself in the stroller among the thousands of people on that wide roadway, swept up in the music, the celebration, and the wonder of the events that took place on that special day. And then everything would go dark. Two of the dearest people in her life suddenly disappeared.

What happened? None of what the state-run media said was as she remembered. But, she was only a young child that day; maybe she was too young to remember.

Deborah walked over to her mother as she rested on their small bed. Mother probably wished she would turn out the lights so she could sleep. But Deborah was determined to find out what happened.

“Mother,” Deborah asked, “do we have any of the books from Nanny’s old house?”

Mother sighed. “Even if I had any, I wouldn’t show them to you. You know books have been banned unless they are state-approved.”

“So her books are not state-approved?”

“I didn’t say that,” her mother snapped.

“Why can’t I know what happened to my grandmother? Why?”

Her mother sat up in bed and glared at Deborah. “Your grandmother was a domestic terrorist. She was sent off to prison and died. What more do you want to know?”

Deborah didn’t like her mother’s rebuff. “Don’t you care about my feelings? I loved Grandma, domestic terrorist or not.”

“I don’t want to talk about it anymore,” her mother scoffed.

Deborah glared at her. “You don’t really believe that, do you? Nanny was so smart, compassionate, and—she loved Jesus.”

Mother’s eyes moistened. “Don’t say that name, or they will come and take you to a re-education camp.”

Deborah retorted. “Some things are more important. You’ve allowed the government to take your soul. Fear is your constant companion. Nanny would never let that happen.”

Mother leaned into Deborah and whispered. “And that’s why they hauled her off to a re-education camp.” Mother’s countenance fell. “I’ve lost everyone important to me. I’d die if something happened to you.”

“Please, Mother,” Deborah insisted, “just show me one book of hers. Just one. I can hold the book to my chest and feel Nanny’s presence in my heart.”

Her mother glanced around the small house and whispered, “Unplug everything, the computer, TV—better yet, cover them up with towels. Close the blinds. And we must do it quickly before the nightly drone stops by and hovers in front of the window.

Quickly they concealed anything that could send or receive information, and Deborah followed her mother as she walked over to a small closet in the corner of the room. The older woman slid the door aside, knelt down to move some boxes, and then stacked them on top of each other. Where the boxes had been, several loose tiles appeared.

A small hole emerged. Deborah gasped. “I never knew there was anything underneath the tiles.”

Her mother retrieved two books—a family album and a Bible. “At least I have these. Our social score would drop to zero if they discovered these in my possession. You wouldn’t be able to go to college. They would force us to live on starvation rations.”

She handed Deborah the book with photographs.

Deborah opened the photo album and saw pictures of when she was little, along with her pappa and mom. Her mother was so beautiful, and her grandmother was stunning. Deborah sat back and cherished the family memories. She gently touched a photograph of her father and grandmother. She whispered under her breath, “What happened to them?”

Deborah continued to pore over more photos, noticing something she didn’t expect to see—wealth. Grandma’s house was very large.

Unexpectedly, Deborah remembered things she had forgotten. Like her grandmother playing the piano, the rides they took in Nanny’s car to the park, and the ice cream store they would visit when they left the park. What happened to that world? When had she last tasted ice cream?

Sadness overcame Deborah. She set the family album aside. What had started as an exciting adventure into the past became an overwhelming lump of sorrow in Deborah’s throat.

“Can I see Nanny’s Bible?” Deborah asked.

Her mother handed the old book to her, and Deborah ran her fingers along the frayed edges of the cover. Had she seen one of these before? Deborah closed her eyes—and remembered. “Where is that book you used to read to me that had Bible stories?”

Mother shook her head. These are my only two books—your Nanny’s Bible and these family photos.” Her voice quivered. “Deborah, only a tiny bit longer. It’s getting late, and the drone will be coming by at any moment.”

Deborah blurted out, “What good is it if you don’t read the Bible? Or even look at these photographs? You can’t enjoy them if they’re hidden in a dark closet.”

“They are so precious, Deborah. I don’t want to risk losing them. They would take these from me if they knew I had them. Or worse.”

Deborah opened the Bible and found a note inside.

“Oh, the note,” Mother exclaimed, “I forgot about the note. Please read it.”

Deborah whispered the words to her mother. “Dear Deborah. God told me someday you would find this Bible. The demons will flee if you call on the name of Jesus. Seek the truth, and never give up. Love, Nanny.”

Deborah swallowed hard and handed the note to her mother. “Mother, something supernatural happened on January 6, 2021, which changed America. Why didn’t the people who were there speak up? Why didn’t they tell the truth? Why did they let the news media spread lies?”

Deborah’s mother lowered her eyes. “Because if they did, they would have been arrested, like your dear grandmother. She spoke up. She spoke the truth. She knew what the CCP had done in China. That’s why she took extra pamphlets to share with others. Nobody thought the CCP would take over America, except perhaps a few conspiracy lunatics.”

Deborah thought about the CCP pamphlets her mother and grandmother handed her that day. She remembered circling the letters “CCP” etched in bold letters on the covers. Of course, as a child, they were just letters—nothing significant or earth-shattering. But because Nanny had handed them to her to hold, she felt important. Never could she have imagined the dire warnings in those words. If only somebody had taken those warnings seriously.

Deborah grabbed her mother’s hand. “They were warning the people, weren’t they? They knew what was coming, those people in the booths.”

Mother nodded. “We must put these books back and open the blinds,” Mother said. “We can’t wait any longer. It’s late.”

Deborah wrapped her arms around the Bible and imagined she could smell the faint scent of her dear Nanny. She breathed in deeply. “I want to sleep with Nanny’s Bible.”

“If they see you with that …” her mother’s voice trailed off.

“It’s the Bible, Mother. They will not see it. God will protect us.”

Mother bit her lip and hesitated, and for the first time in years, Deborah saw hope in her eyes.

“I believe you,” her mother said. “I want to trust God. If only I had more faith.”

Deborah and her mother clasped each other tightly. Then Deborah released her hold and said, “I remember something Nanny once said, ‘Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.’”

Her mother nodded.

“No fear,” Deborah said. “No fear.”




Psalms 30:5:  “…weeping may endure for a nightbut joy cometh in the morning.”


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A SHORT STORY: Enemy of the Soul by Lorilyn Roberts


The aging woman drew the window blinds even tighter. “No light,” she declared. “Light hurts my eyes. I mustn’t let in the light.”

She stuffed towels between the blinds and the glass window and taped the blinds to the windowsill. She lived alone, locked in self-imposed solitary confinement with little human contact. She wanted nothing—not love, not pity, not even comfort. Those emotions were for humans who still felt human, but she had become a fragment of humanness long ago. She didn’t want to feel. She only lived to conquer the terror that welled up in her heart during the day and the predator that invaded her room at night.

“Why did they construct windows in this room?” she lamented. “I could keep ‘it’ out if it weren’t for the windows.”

Tap-tap-tap. The knocking on the door alerted her that her meal had arrived. She grabbed some cash from her cash jar and opened the door for the delivery man.

“Keep the change,” she said, which was hardly a tip, but enough to keep him coming back the next day.

She wasn’t going to eat right away, but the smell of chicken and rice soon filled the room. She relented. Pulling up a chair, she sat beside the covered window—an obsession that filled her with dread, but her weak-willed spirit held her in bondage.

“I will conquer ‘it’ tonight,” she mumbled. “I won’t let ‘it’ into the room.”

Night came earlier in the winter months, and soon shadows filled the room, etching strange patterns on the walls. She heard whispers through the window, the rattling of the blinds, and the lisping tree branches scraping the window. The screen had long ago been mutilated by “it.”

“No,” she cried out. “You can’t come in.” She tried to hold “it” back, the monster that wanted her. All night she fought it—with every ounce of physical and emotional strength she possessed. But “it” always won. She would fall asleep exhausted when “it” left at the first ray of sunlight. “It” hated the light—more than “it” hated her.

“If only I could be set free of my misery,” she wrote on a piece of paper. “I don’t want anything except to get rid of ‘it.’”

Her husband had abandoned her, and her children had cut her off long ago. Somewhere on those streets below the window, they lived. “I must tame the window. I must keep ‘it’ out. I must conquer the enemy of my soul.”

She didn’t need love. She didn’t need anything; she was quite capable of taking care of herself. If only she could destroy “it.”

Then one day, she heard a different kind of knock. “Who could that be?” she muttered. Months had passed since anyone had come to see her. She timidly approached the door.

“Who is it?” she asked.

“I have a package for you, Ma’am,” the voice said.

“A package?” she asked.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

The woman unbolted the door, and a postman who held a small brown envelope greeted her. “Can you sign here, Ma’am?”

The woman initialed the package receipt and closed the door. As she strolled toward the unkempt bed, she read the name, “U.C. Little.” Her heart skipped. She hadn’t read that name in years—her ex-husband. Why would anyone be sending his package to her? She tore open the envelope to discover government papers inside.

Her ex-husband would need these papers, but she wouldn’t send them to him. He should have taken care of this a long time ago. “Am I my ex-husband’s keeper,” she smirked.

She took great delight in tossing the papers aside. “Another chance for me to get back at him. He took away my dreams. He doesn’t deserve anything from me.”

That night, the darkness grew fiercer, and nightmares invaded her mind. The intensity of the spiritual attack made it difficult to tell the natural world from the unseen realm.

The next morning, feeling tired and disheartened, she fixated her eyes on the covered window. “I can’t keep ‘it’ out. I’m lost,” and her defeatism brought her to her knees.

“It” is winning,” she admitted. “I’m dying.”

“If only…I could do things all over again.” She turned to the table where the government documents lay discarded.

Weeks passed as she lamented her inability to defeat “it.” With her strength diminishing, she was ready to give up. Living only to beat “it” was futile. She wanted to die, but that would mean “it” had conquered her. Never!

One morning, she heard a knock on the door. She recognized it as the knock she’d heard once before. “Another package?” she mused. “Surely not.”

She went to the door, and indeed, the same postman stood there with another brown envelope.

“Can you sign here, Ma’am?”

The woman complied and shut the door. But this time, she didn’t tear the package open and dump the contents on the table. Instead, she sat by the covered window with the envelope on her lap. Did she want to spend the rest of her life cut off from the world, from her children, from everything?

“What a waste,” she heard a voice say. Startled, she glanced around the room, but no one was there.

She stood and walked to the dresser, pulling out a pen and envelope. Where did her ex-husband live? She returned to the window chair and peeled back some tape from the window blind. Eclipsed sunshine peeked through the open crack. Dull from darkness, her eyes flinched at the intense brightness.

What would U.C. Little think about the package when he received it? She attached a note—unthinkable a few weeks earlier.

She smiled, delighted that she could see the light—bright, unrelenting light. It didn’t matter what U.C. Little thought—she could see the light.

Jeremiah 9:21 (KJV):  “For death is come up into our windows, [and] is entered into our palaces…”


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The Art of Conflict in Writing Conflict


I should be an expert in writing conflict. After all, I was on the debate team in high school, and a seventh-grade boy wrote in my yearbook, “You would argue with a signpost if you could.” I’ve had my share of personal conflict—family problems, ex-husband, relationship disappointments, and yes, my own report card of failures.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve had a first-class seat to some of the most spectacular conflicts on the planet. I worked for twenty years as a court reporter. The adversarial nature of the job left me exhausted. I would sit at my stenograph machine for long hours each day, between attorneys and hostile witnesses, recording the barrage of questions about lost reputations, cheating husbands, financial ruin, and hearts broken–high-powered lawyers bent on winning at all cost.

The conflict raged within me as I hated being at the center of it all. The louder they argued, the more nervous I became. Please don’t ask me to read this back. It’s hard to write well when everyone is yelling at each other. If I could count the number of strokes hit on my stenograph machine, the amount would not be measurable. Conflict abounds and sometimes borders on murder in a courtroom, where truth isn’t always the ultimate goal. Because experience and memories shape our worldview, to this day I cringe at the thought of going back to that life–please God, never again. I don’t want that conflict.

Today I work as a broadcast captioner for television and write as little news as possible. Very few upbeat stories get reported and I have grown weary of captioning sensational beats about kidnapped children, victims of abuse, Washington bureaucracy, and a world at war–at the gas pump, in the Middle East, and a host of ideologies that scare me. I cherish my freedom and don’t want it taken from me. (Yes, I do feel much of what I love about my country is eroding). But most of all, I hate captioning tragedies that could have been avoided. Life can be very depressing and steeped in conflict.

As much as I hate conflict, as an author, how do I use it in fiction? Or do I even want to create a painful conflict for my protagonist? Do I shy away from building a story that needs high-stakes conflict to create a fabulous, climatic ending? Or can I use conflict to remind me of a nobler purpose in God’s eternal plan?

Put into the context of life, is there a reason behind the conflict which we encounter every single waking moment of our lives? Is it not the result of the stinking sin in myself and others? How do I resolve this paradox in my writing?

Fortunately, as writers, we have the freedom to go where our heart and art takes us. Unless I write poetry, however, I won’t have a story without conflict. Acknowledging that the dénouement is what makes a story remarkable, I can set the scene for redemption before I begin the first page.

In the 1990s, Hollywood released a lot of box-office films that had downer endings; the bad guy won, the problem wasn’t resolved the way I wanted, or the main character died. I quit going to the movies.

My mantra now is I refuse to write, read, or see movies where there is no redemption. If I feel stuck without a good moral choice in life, I will search for it. God can bring redemption out of the worst possible circumstance. There is good in the world if we look for it.

In writing a great book, there should be something in the dénouement that causes the reader to grapple with the story’s action-idea. The unraveling of the conflict must result in a satisfying conclusion.  I don’t want the reader to feel as though he has been cheated by mediocre creativity or immorality that wins.

While our stories imitate life, the climax needs to reach a higher level of “being.” When I read a story, give me more. Give me excitement worth remembering, knowledge extraordinaire, and thought-provoking ideas. I want to relate to a protagonist that overcomes incredible odds and wins. Beauty, love, peace–we are not sufficiently redeemed to appreciate this trilogy of goodness in all its meaning, but because writing imitates life, we can catch glimpses of it in a redemptive ending.

As an author, my passion is to bring a “taste of heaven” to this earthly kingdom inhabited by kings and peasants, and all of us in between. That means what I write must linger. I must create meaningful connections in the reader’s mind after his eyes have read the last page. I wield incredible power–to bless or curse. As a Christian, I want to captivate the reader with words that are uplifting, powerful, thought-provoking, and life-changing. That might seem impossible, but the greatest stories ever written have those qualities; unique characters engaged in mortal conflict, either internal, physical, or both.

I write where my heart takes me, digging into my past, and seeing what God stirs up from within. I write for myself first and then for others. It’s up to each of us to decide how we use the “rules of writing,” acknowledging that those words will live on long after we are gone–for good or evil. History is replete with both.

I can’t dilute the plot to avoid conflict. I want redemption to reign supreme in the last chapter. I must weave the nature of fallen man into the story through conflict, knowing that I have the answers that a sinful world craves. I can do it subtly or not so subtly, but if I compromise on either, I will weaken the story that God has given me. Great conflict deserves great redemption.

How does conflict work in writing? The conflict must propel the story forward and relate in some way to the protagonist’s nearly unreachable goal. There must be clear turning points (three-act structure works well), and there should be the main goal and at least one minor goal. Often the minor goal relates to character development (so the protagonist can reach his main goal).

With “up” endings, the protagonist wildly succeeds and goes through a metamorphosis in the process. He is not the same at the end as he was in the beginning. Despite his character flaws and numerous obstacles, he overcomes the odds and achieves his dream or even something better. Surprise endings are always the best

I have wondered if there is a higher standard for writing novels than the Aristotle tradition of dealing with conflict, but for a different reason. I want to write great stories in heaven, and in heaven, there is no conflict. What shall I write? Maybe I will become a poet. If you are one of those saints, pursue your calling with passion; keep writing those beautiful sonnets and songs. When my world becomes steeped in shadows, I turn to the Psalms and relish those soothing words of comfort and security.

In the Bible, Jesus knew the evil tentacles of life would strangle his listeners if they succumbed to their base nature, so he told amazing, redemptive stories, steeped in conflict, to reveal profound truths. If I follow that example, perhaps I can conquer my inner conflict of wanting to avoid conflict and write a great redemptive story–which must abound in conflict to end in perfect redemption

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A LOOK BACK: Seventh Dimension – The King: A Young Adult Fantasy, Wins Gold


Literary Classics is pleased to announce that Seventh Dimension – The King has been selected to receive the Literary Classics Seal of Approval. The CLC Seal of Approval is a designation reserved for those books which uphold the rigorous criteria set forth by the Literary Classics review committee, a team comprised of individuals with backgrounds in publishing, editing, writing, illustration, and graphic design.

Seventh Dimension – The King, by Lorilyn Roberts, is the highly engaging story of Daniel, a young boy who aspires to become a doctor. His family is Jewish, but they do not practice their faith. In fact, Daniel is not sure if he even believes in God. When he unexpectedly finds himself transported in time to the days of Jesus, he is granted a front-row seat to events that actually took place in the Bible. He meets John the Baptist, Pontius Pilate, and is witness to the spectacle of a mute whose speech is miraculously restored.

As a result of this wildly adventurous experience, Daniel seeks discernment to unravel the mysteries of Jesus and his relevance to the Jewish faith as it applies to himself and to others.

Author Lorilyn Roberts has skillfully incorporated fantasy, time travel, history, and religion into a book that is entertaining, educational, and inspirational.

The King is the second book in the series but reads well as a stand-alone. The religious components are such that they are not likely to be off-putting to those who might not otherwise appreciate that element. But history and religion buffs are sure to appreciate the depth provided in this book which makes it all the more engaging to read.

Literary Classics, an organization dedicated to furthering excellence in literature, takes great pride in its role to help promote classic literature which appeals to youth while encouraging positive values in the impressionable minds of future generations. To learn more about Literary Classics, you may visit their website at or


Share with your friends, family, church, and cohorts.

To learn more about Seventh Dimension – The King: A Young Adult Fantasy, book 2, click here.


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Members of the Alachua County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) will participate in the national “Amateur Radio Field Day” exercise from June 25, through June 26, 2022. The Field Day exercise will take place at the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office (2621 S.E. Hawthorne Road, Gainesville). This event is open to the public, and all are encouraged to attend.

The best chance to see radio operations are from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. on Saturday, June 25, and from 10 a.m. until noon on Sunday, June 26.

ARES provides a critical link in public safety communications. The location for this event showcases the support of Alachua County’s Emergency Management Department and first responders throughout the community.

“The Emergency Communications Volunteers are a committed group who are granted a wide range of unique capabilities by the Federal Communications Commission,” said Alachua County Emergency Management Program Coordinator Dalton Herding. “They leverage these unique capabilities to support public safety efforts across Alachua County.”



Since 1933, ham radio operators across North America have established temporary ham radio stations in public locations during Field Day to showcase the science and skill of Amateur Radio. The event is a showcase for how Amateur Radio works reliably under any conditions from almost any location to create an independent communications network. Ham radio functions completely independent of the Internet or cell phone infrastructure, can interface with laptops or smartphones, and can be set up almost anywhere in minutes.


Anyone may become a licensed amateur radio operator, and there are more than 725,000 licensed hams in the United States (as young as 9 and as old as 100). It is easy for anybody to get involved in Alachua County.

Learn more about Amateur Radio at the National Association of Amateur Radio website.

For more information about the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office event, contact Dr. Gordon Gibby at 352-246-6183 or


To learn about Lorilyn’s journey to becoming a ham radio operator, click here. If I can do it (knowing zilch when I began just a little over a year ago), anybody can do it!

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SEVENTH DIMENSION – THE CASTLE: A Young Adult Fantasy: Book Review by Steve Miller




Children grow up hearing and reading Bible stories, but when they become teens, the stories probably lose some of their luster. Sure, there’s always a new insight or a fresh way to apply a familiar passage. But you no longer read the parable of the prodigal son and wonder how the story will end. As a result, we lose a bit of the wonder of it all, failing to grasp what it would have been like to hear it in the first century, as a bystander enraptured by the Teacher’s story.

Enter the power of the historical novel that dares to allow its characters to mingle with Jesus’ followers and see Him in person. Somehow, it gives us an angle that breathes new life into old, familiar stories. At least, that’s what The Castle did for me.

The author certainly made it easy for me to care about her characters and kept me turning pages to see what would happen next (being a sci-fi kind of guy, I loved the bending of space-time elements). But beneath the fast-paced action/adventure was the psychological struggle of worldviews in conflict. A young Jewish man encounters Yeshua, but struggles to believe, particularly in light of the holocaust. It’s as if Yeshua was in some sense a precursor or an earlier form of an individual holocaust.

But whatever readers take away, I think they’ll remember it for more than just an action/adventure with likable characters. Somehow it affected me more deeply. Perhaps it will touch your heart as well.

To purchase (including from Audible) click here

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Seventh Dimension – The Door, a YA Fantasy, Book 1

Book Review by Dana Rongione

I can honestly say that The Door is unlike any book I’ve ever read before ​though it is vaguely reminiscent of The Chronicles of Narnia. Speaking as one who is easily confused by time travel in any form, I am pleased to say that I had no trouble at all understanding what (and when) events were taking place. On the contrary, I truly enjoyed the style of the tale.

In the beginning, I found myself shadowing a teenage girl who had far more problems than she had friends. In the depths of my heart, I could identify with her loneliness and her struggle to find her place in the world. As the reader, I ached to hold her and assure her that she wasn’t alone, but fortunately, the author did much more.

Through an accident, the young girl is transported back to Jerusalem in the time of Christ. After hearing multiple stories about “The King,” Shale decides to risk everything and expose the dirty secret she’d been holding back her entire life. During her journey to meet the King, Shale encounters many Biblical characters such as the maniac of Gadara and even takes place in some of the miracles of the New Testament. This walkthrough of the Biblical past was so refreshing and eye-opening. By mixing the present with the past, the truths of the Bible came alive in entirely new ways, urging me to drink in more of what the Scriptures have to offer.


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SOCIALISM AND THE TEN VIRGINS: A Devotional by Lorilyn Roberts

“An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had failed an entire class.

That class had insisted that Obama’s socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich; a great equalizer.

The professor then said, ’Okay. We will have an experiment in this class on Obama’s plan. All grades would be averaged and everyone would receive the same grade, so no one would fail, and no one would receive an A.”

After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy.

As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride, too, so they studied little.

The second test average was a D!

No one was happy.

When the third test rolled around, the average was an F.

The scores never increased as bickering, blame, and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings, and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else.

All failed, to their great surprise, and the professor told them, “Socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great, but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed.

It cannot be any simpler than that.”


The above story, quoted from several sources on the Internet, may be spurious but it’s an interesting analogy of the mechanics of socialism. None of us are so Godly and self-sacrificing that we are willing to work our behinds off for the welfare of the State without regard to our own personal sacrifice and what the cost is to ourselves.

Socialism takes away the hard-work ethic that Americans historically have been known for and equalizes available resources for,  “the good of all.”

Socialism runs counter to my Christian beliefs because my freedom and ability to choose have been taken from me and what’s “good for all” has been forced on me by a godless government. The government is not wise enough to make the choice about what is best for me or my family, and when they rob me to give what is rightfully mine to someone else, most of the surplus ends up in the pockets of those who least deserve it.

In the Parable of the Ten Virgins, found in Matthew 25:1-13, the five young women who brought extra containers of oil for their lamps were not “forced” to share with those who didn’t. Why? Because there would not have been enough “capital” or oil available to take care of everyone who came to meet the bridegroom.

The five virgins without sufficient oil were not disabled—they could talk, walk, think, and reason, and it is implied by the context they could take care of themselves. Jesus called them “unwise.” The wise virgins instructed them to “go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourselves.”

Implicit in the story is a free market economy where there are resources available to be bought, showing that the foolish virgins could have bought some earlier but didn’t.

The foolish maidens preferred to depend on handouts from the wise who had planned ahead, much like many today are looking for the government to take care of them in the form of bailouts for fiscal mismanagement; free money for cars, houses, and education; entitlements for government welfare; funding social issues like abortion, and now free health insurance that could bankrupt our country.

Jesus admonished us to help the poor, saying they would always be with us, the thought being, that no matter what a nation does to equalize wealth, it goes counter to God’s natural law.

Everyone is not guaranteed the ability to own a home, have health insurance, or whatever else our government decides should be funded by those who have more. The government will end up robbing its citizens to pay for what is not affordable.

Socialism is not sustainable because fewer and fewer will be able to survive economically at a high enough level to provide for those who are unwilling. Many will be duped into thinking they can’t survive to validate our government’s desire for ultimate control. The whole system will collapse under its own waste of misallocated resources and broken dreams.

Too many of our young people have been hoodwinked into believing they are entitled to “more.” Someone insisted in response to my arguments on Facebook, “the government is going to take care of me.”

Good luck with that thought. The problem is somebody has to pay. In the end, we all pay because we all suffer when the truly poor suffer, and there will be more who are truly poor.

When limited resources are squandered by propping up those who deserve to fail and the available capital is used by the government to equalize all there is, everyone suffers. We see this now and will see more of it because we are now using capital that doesn’t exist.

The future earnings of our children, borrowed money from other countries, fiat money created by our government, our Social Security, and probably, eventually, our retirement accounts, will be used to fund our fiscal irresponsibility. There will be a continued shrinking of the private sector as the government takes over more and more of the economy. A day of reckoning is coming. God’s law is a natural law. Those who have been deceived will receive their just reward.

As in the parable of the Ten Virgins, the wise virgins had enough oil, and those who were foolish didn’t. Those who seek the truth will be prepared.

God said in the end times He would send a strong delusion. I see a lack of discernment everywhere; sadly, most of all in our young people. Too many of them have bought into the lies fed to them by the educational system and powerful bureaucrats in Washington. I blame both the Democrats and Republicans. In many ways, I hardly even see a difference between them except when it comes to the issue of abortion.

I wonder if they do not know our history or if it’s just easier to believe the delusion rather than to seek the truth. Even Pontius Pilate, who represented the powerful Roman government, asked “What is Truth?” as the Author of Truth, Jesus Christ, stood before him. The question is, do you know?

I implore you to seek the truth while it can still be found. Who knows when the last bastion of freedom of information will be taken from us.

In China, much of their news is filtered by the government. The Google search engines remove “propaganda” the government doesn’t want the masses to know.

In Russia, South Korea, and Vietnam, Christians are imprisoned and martyred for speaking the truth; and now in Europe, Islam is the fastest-growing ethnic minority and Sharia law is becoming the norm. Muslims make it no secret what their agenda is by their attacks on our country, our faith, and our way of life.

Now the CCP is making inroads and will do just about anything to jeopardize our sovereignty. The WHO wants all the countries in the world to cede authority to them. It‘s not about freedom. It‘s about power. How long are we going to be in denial of the truth for the sake of political correctness?

While the government back in 2008 might have thought Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, AIG, and others were “too big to fail,” perhaps today nobody realizes a free United States in 2022 is not too big to fail. It is not even in question. Oil and food are already in short supply.

Don’t blink or you might miss the bridegroom. He is coming soon. Anoint yourself with Holy Spirit Oil and ready yourself with the gifts He’s given you. Spread the Good News in the midst of all the bad. And pray for wisdom. Remember, God is with us if we have His oil.


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This blog post was originally published in 2010. Sometimes looking back on what we’ve been through and arriving on the other side is a reminder that God was and is always with us. The complete story of my daughter’s illness can be read in my memoir Children of Dreams

My family just finished one of the most exciting and unique (but stressful) events we’ve shared as a family. A few weeks ago, we were contacted by the producers of “Monsters Inside Me” on Animal Planet to film Manisha’s story.

One of the producers found my article, “Monster Inside My Daughter,” where I wrote about Manisha’s parasitic infection. The producer contacted me through my website. We went back and forth for a while, and then Animal Planet emailed that they wanted to try to squeeze in Manisha’s story to finish out this season’s shooting. We had one week to make it happen. I didn’t believe it would be possible considering how many people were involved and the logistics of doctors’ schedules, et cetera.

But I started contacting everyone—Manisha’s doctors, Shands, and a family in Nepal who have a little girl the same age as Manisha was when she got sick. Animal Planet wanted a little Nepali girl to do some reenactments. Through whirlwind emails, we got it approved by the Shands’ legal and public relations departments. Dr. Carney set aside all day Friday to be involved, and the family with the Nepali daughter drove in from Tallahassee and stayed both days to do the reenactments. Animal Planet is planning to film Dr. Hostetter at Yale next week.

I have a new appreciation for how difficult it is to produce shows—

making sure the lighting is right, the sound is perfect, what to film, what not to film, reshooting scenes several times from different angles to see what works the best, dealing with outside noise like barking dogs, helicopters, and my stomach that wouldn’t quit growling (I hope they make sure that doesn’t hit the airwaves all over the world).

Four people came down from New York and a freelancer that drove over from Jacksonville. They were young, talented, and processed great people skills. Their backgrounds were interesting—not what you would expect. One lady had a degree in anthropology and culinary arts, another lady had a degree in biomechanical engineering, and a third one, a young man, had a degree in comparative literature. The fourth guy was “a jack of all trades.”

Joy called the whole event a “breathtaking experience.” She was very excited to have them conduct Manisha’s interview in her bedroom (it was her contribution to the show).

Manisha felt satisfied that by being interviewed, she could help someone else and raise awareness about neurocysticercosis. It felt surreal to relive some of what Manisha and I went through–the emergency room, seeing the MRI machine again, and reenacting many scenes. It was a little more fun this time, although it was more stressful than I thought it would be.

The public relations director at Shands said it was very rare to give this much access to a filming crew (we were all over the hospital), but Manisha’s case was so unusual that they wanted the public to hear the story for its educational value.

There were many reenactments at the house as well as at the hospital, interviews of Manisha and me, as well as “portrait” shots that took about five minutes. As a homeschooling mom, it was a fascinating learning experience.

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THE STORY BEHIND THE AUDIOBOOK PRODUCTION: Seventh Dimension – The Prescience: A Young Adult Fantasy



I am excited to announce the fifth book in the Seventh Dimension Series, Seventh Dimension – The Prescience, is now available on Amazon and Audible as an audiobook. 

Sometimes people enjoy hearing the backstory of significant works of art. The Seventh Dimension Series is a major work, having taken seven years to write and nine years to produce as six audiobooks

In 2021, I hired a new audiobook narrator to perform The Prescience. She had the perfect voice for the protagonist, Shale Snyder—young, vibrant, and an easy voice on the listener’s ears. 

Even though she had limited experience, I was willing to work with her. But after three months and only thirteen chapters completed, I concluded this book was too difficult for her. Not that she couldn’t narrate a “normal” book, but the Seventh Dimension Series is not a standard book series.

Some animals talka crow cackles, a pig stutters, a rabbit speaks like a wondrous babe, and a donkey cries. The two teen protagonists mature into young adults taking on the responsibilities of a vocal young child. Demons taunt and angels praise. There is singing, Middle-Eastern accents, and Asian accents—should I go on?

I needed a woman to narrate it because Seventh Dimension – The Prescience is written from Shale’s first-person POV. I paid the voice actress one-third of what she would have made had she been able to complete the project. While ACX did not require me to pay her anything because she did not meet the project’s requirements by the deadline, I wanted her to see that Christians operate on a higher standard than business contracts. 

My kindness blessed the young voice actress, and I wished her well in her voice-acting career. Hopefully, she will continue and not give up because she has a perfect voice for some types of books. We just weren’t a good match on this project.

Why do I share this? Because I believe the good works we do God will return to us. Disappointed and not knowing what to do, I pushed the project aside. I remembered my amateurish efforts to narrate Seventh Dimension – The Door and what a disaster that was. 

At the beginning of my writing career, I thought anybody could narrate a book. I dove in and did it without much forethought. I narrated some of it in my daughter’s gym in a back room. I didn’t know how to rewind the recorder when I made a mistake. Talk about how frustrating that was because even the best narrators make mistakes. I thought about how I couldn’t keep the animal voices straight—was the rabbit the high voice or the low voice? I thought about how I sucked at Daniel’s voice, but ACX accepted the narration and published it on Audible and Amazon even with all of those issues.

Then, to my delight, audiobook listeners started buying Seventh Dimension – The Door in audiobook. However, there was a problem. Remember the famous phrase, “Houston, we have a problem.”  Mine came in the form of a scathing review. 

A reviewer spelled out all the problems and gave it a one-star rating. You only have to imagine what she said based on my summary above. I cringed—was I a professional narrator? Did I have the right tools? Was that fair to the listener to charge them for something that I so unprofessionally produced?

Sometimes the hard lessons God gives us are the best. I hired a professional narrator, Rebecca Roberts (no relation), to redo Seventh Dimension – The Door. She subsequently narrated Seventh Dimension – The City, Am I Okay God, and Children of Dreams. But that was several years ago. Her prices for book narration had quadrupled and I couldn’t afford her rates now.

In the meantime, I had found an outstanding male voice actor, Matt Newbold. I had sent out a call for auditions for Seventh Dimension – The Castle. Thirty prospective male voice actors responded. 

I listened to each one, roughly five minutes each, and felt there were three that could do it, but none of them were perfect until I heard Matt Newbold. He was the very last audition. Five minutes of perfection, nothing to fix, with a pleasant voice, able to narrate different voices easily, and didn’t mispronounce any of the Biblical words. I found out later he was a Christian and that we even listened to the same personalities on YouTube.

Matt narrated Seventh Dimension – The Castle and Seventh Dimension – The Howling, books 3 and 6 in the Seventh Dimension Series. I wondered if it was professional to have a man narrate a first-person POV woman’s voice? If only I could find a woman in my price range that could do it. Matt suggested I do it, but I was reluctant to consider it after my fiasco with Seventh Dimension – The Door.

After some conversation, however, and his assurance if I did Shale’s voice, he could do the other voices and insert them where they belonged, I reconsidered. That didn’t sound easy, but if I could get the technical part of the narration figured out, maybe it might work.

I remembered my dear friend, Roger Hunt, who had recently passed away. He was a musician of incredible talent, and he used the studio of someone I knew from a distance. What if I rented Dan’s studio, and he did all the technical stuff? That way, I could focus on the narration. 

I contacted Dan, and we set up a test run. Later I gave the file to Matt to see if he could mesh my audio files with his—a little more complex than it sounds, and produce the audiobook for Seventh Dimension – The Prescience for me.

The project took about seven months to complete. Many hours of work went into it, and I am thankful for Matt’s graciousness in doing most of the hard “stuff.” I did not have the technical know-how to do it well. Matt is not only a voice actor but a professional musician, so—did God return the little grace that I extended to that struggling voice actress with Matt’s abundant grace?

Romans 8:28 (NLT) states, “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

Our belief in God’s good work is conditional in this verse on our love for Him, allowing us to be used by Him for His good purpose. Even though I am not a professional narrator, God provided what I needed. I didn’t have kids screaming in the background or cars honking as I sat in my car using a handheld recorder that I could barely operate. I had others who were professionals that helped me to do as good a job as possible so that the listeners of the story would enjoy the audiobook as much as if they were reading it.

All six books in the Seventh Dimension Series are now available as audiobooks. See below.


Seventh Dimension – The Door Audiobook, book 1

Seventh Dimension – The King Audiobook, book 2

Seventh Dimension – The Castle Audiobook, book 3

Seventh Dimension – The City Audiobook, book 4

Seventh Dimension – The Prescience Audiobook, book 5

Seventh Dimension – The Howling Audiobook, book 6



Am I Okay, God? Devotionals from the Seventh Dimension is a nonfiction companion book (also an audiobook) to Seventh Dimension – The Door. Am I Okay, God? explores the spiritual meanings presented in The Door to those who want to understand the evangelistic aspect of the first book in the series. I plan to write companion books for the rest of the books soon.

I highly recommend the series be read or listened to in order. However, you can enjoy the books individually as stand-alone books. Where necessary, I included the backstory to characters or situations so that the reader wouldn’t feel “lost.” I always appreciate it when the author reminds me or clues me in on something that I might have forgotten that’s important.

If you haven’t already, I hope you will check out the multi-award-winning Seventh Dimension Series. While I wrote the books to reach a younger audience for Yeshua (Jesus Christ), older people have also enjoyed the series.

Purchase the Seventh Dimension Series on Audible by clicking here.

You can reach Matthew W. Newbold through ACX by clicking here.

Here is a link to a free sample of Seventh Dimension – The Prescience: A Young Adult Fantasy, Book 5.

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I FEEL LIKE A STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND: Christian Blogger Lorilyn Roberts



Someone sent me the video below by award-winning author Andrew Claven. His words so encouraged me I wanted to share them and add some of my own insights.

While hard to admit, recently, I’ve found it difficult to blog. The world is so upside-down; where do you even start? And when your own “creative works for the Lord” become the target of removal from the web, you begin to wonder, what difference can I make?

YouTube struck down my video of my trip to Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, claiming copyright infringement. Of course, we know that was a cover-up for the real reason—censorship. My video didn’t comport with what the Washington bureaucracy wanted the public to believe happened on that day. 

Almost a year and a half later, the only acceptable narrative is that Trump supporters caused an insurrection on Capitol Hill.

I shot the raw footage myself, except for a tiny clip my friend who accompanied me gave me. I edited nothing. I made no narration and used one Bible quote from Isaiah 5:20 (NIV): “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

I’ve included the link to that video from the social platform Rumble for anybody who wishes to watch it. 

CLICK ON THIS LINK: Lorilyn Roberts’ video from January 6, 2021, Capitol Hill


I wrote a reply to YouTube (they never responded), explaining that I created the video as a first-hand account of what I saw and witnessed that day for historical purposes. I’ve never made a cent from any videos I’ve uploaded to YouTube, and my subscribers, the last time I checked, are less than a hundred. But YouTube felt the need to take it down. Why?

There are days I struggle not to be down about the world’s affairs. I used to love to caption news as I felt that my skills to write the spoken word glorified God. I could help the deaf or hard of hearing know what was happening in real-time as if they could hear it being spoken. I spent decades developing and perfecting the skill. Thousands of briefs live in my head to help me write at the extraordinary speed necessary to caption live words said by reporters in as little time as possible.

Then Covid hit. I’ll spare you the details. But the news changed. No longer was it news—it was one narrative from every news station—almost verbatim, whether I was captioning local news out of California, Connecticut, or New Mexico.

That was disturbing because that meant every local news outlet was getting their information from the same source. I questioned—is this free press? What about those people who disagree?

In the middle of that, the election and suppression of information questioning the outcome took the nation by storm. The absolute “word” on the news beat was Biden had won, and anything to the contrary was an inaccurate conspiracy theory, or Trump supporters suffering from derangement syndrome.

Then the vaccine became available, and the push was to get every living human vaccinated. They probably would have advocated vaccinating dead people if they thought they could get money. Seriously, I’ve never seen such over-the-top, in-your-face propaganda in my long life (and I can say that now). I’d say it’s unprecedented in American history. I’ll just say one thing about that: It was never about vaccines.


The turning point in all of this for me was personal. One evening I was captioning a segment about vaccines, and the reporter said more than once that the vaccine was safe for pregnant women. As I was writing these words being read by hundreds of thousands of people in real-time, I knew what I was writing was a lie.

Whether the vaccine is safe for anybody is open to question. But the vaccine was never tested on pregnant women. So how can you even make such a statement?

I thought about the six million Jews and the two hundred million others whom Adolph Hitler murdered in concentration camps and gas chambers. Hitler didn’t personally kill all those people. He had followers who did it for him—who carried out his orders without question, forced the Jews into the gas chambers, took their belongings, and killed them. Where was their conscience? 

They must have known what they were doing was wrong. How can you kill someone who has committed no crime and not have that guilt convict you?

Romans 1:28 (NASB) states: “God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper.”

God pricked my conscience, “You are writing words that you know aren’t true. You are spreading lies, using the gift of writing that I’ve given you in a way that does not glorify Me.”

I never understood the power of evil—until now. How easy it is to say, “I was just doing my job.” You fill in the blank. My job of providing closed captioning was now requiring me to write lies. Was I going to keep doing this? If so, how was I any different from a Nazi?

Once God convicted me, I couldn’t do it anymore. I quit writing local news. Someday I will stand before God and account for every word I’ve uttered and every word I’ve written. I asked God to forgive me.

However, I thought it would be okay to write conservative national news. So, I volunteered for several hours of Fox News—Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, shows of that ilk. I captioned one hour of Tucker Carlson, and my modem broke. Then programming mysteriously disappeared from my schedule. I questioned the schedulers, and no one knew where those shows went or why they removed them.

Shortly after that, I was reminded of something that I’d forgotten. On election night, I was captioning election results for a California local station, and I had Fox News on to monitor the national front. If you’ve forgotten, Fox News was the first station to call several key states for Biden when it made no sense. They led the way in announcing the shutdown of counting returns. I knew this had never happened before because this was the fourth presidential election I had captioned. I sensed something nefarious in the works.

After that strange set of events, I concluded God didn’t want me to caption news. The truth is all the traditional American news outlets are different “legs” or “arms” of the same corrupt news organization(s).

There is a burden that goes with knowing the truth. I am reminded of the passage from Matthew 11:30 where Jesus said: “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Jesus does not give us burdens we can’t bear. But I feel like a stranger now in this world where truth is so elusive and where many who I thought were Christians might be tares and not wheat.

We are living in the last days. What did we think these days would look like? A walk in the park? Anyone who says we can bring in the millennium without Jesus might as well believe in the New World Order. What’s the difference? 

I’m pointing this out because the subtlety of error in interpretation is demonic. 

Looking at eschatology in the Bible only through the lens of symbolism requires one to throw out most of the book of Isaiah (many chapters are devoted to the Millennial Kingdom with Jesus Christ reigning from Jerusalem) and the book of Revelation (prophetic).

What does God require of us? Micah 6:8 (NIV) states: “He has shown you, O Mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

God knows we are but mortals. We are blessed to see the beginning of the birth pangs harkening His return. If we do the things He has gifted us to do, we need to occupy until His return.

What has God called you to do? You are here for a purpose. Do that purpose.

Despite social media attempting to silence me, I will keep writing. I will keep speaking the truth. Even though the world’s burdens are immense, God has called me to carry His light burden. I will share the Gospel when it’s easy and when it isn’t.

God needs all of us to be a light, no matter how big or small. In the unity of Christ, we can shine brightly among a world of lost souls (John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”).

I hope you will take the time to listen to Andrew Claven’s words in the video. Inspiration can go a long way toward reviving a weary soul, encouraging those circumcised hearts in Christ to keep on keeping on.

Be blessed.



















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TRUTH AND DECEPTION IN THE LATTER DAYS: Christian Blogger Lorilyn Roberts


I could not have imagined on January 6, 2021, that we would be living as we are fourteen months later. That this country would suppress the results of the election seemed unfathomable. Didn’t people want to know who had won? What about the censorship of other facts—not only connected with the election but also with the vaccine? How can we know the truth about anything if we can’t have open discourse?  

 I could never have imagined what our government would do to our children—the indoctrination of Critical Race Theory, the focus on sexual dysphoria, and the insistence on vaccination for a virus that rarely injured them.

I couldn’t have imagined the censorship of people like me, ordinary, hard-working middle-class Americans who love this country. I could never have envisioned our freedoms being trampled upon—like the freedom to make decisions for ourselves.

Who gave Washington the authority to vilify me and others because we don’t want a vaccine that is ineffective and dangerous? Of course, because of censorship, most people don’t know that. Most people aren’t aware of the thousands who have been injured by the Covid-19  vaccine. Or the thousands who were denied treatment with safe drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and given Remdesivir. In prior studies, it was shown to damage the kidneys. Many hospitalized patients were killed by Remdesivir, the treatment that was supposed to help them.

As if that wasn’t enough, the continued false narrative of climate change borders on religious fanaticism.

One of my favorite Bible passages is when Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” (John 18:38 NIV). 

Whether Pilate’s question was in jest or genuine, the question is important because Jesus said deception would mark the latter days. The governor’s only comment after questioning Jesus is when he spoke to the raucous crowd (incited by the Jewish leaders): “I find no basis for a charge against him [Jesus]” (John 18:38).

When Jesus’ disciples asked him in private about the end of days, “Tell us, when will this happen and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age (Matt 24:3 NIV)?” Jesus replied, “Take heed that no one deceives you” (Matt 24:4 NKJV).

I believe Jesus spoke of the time in which we now live. We see the very things Jesus described to His disciples. Many things must take place before Jesus’ return, and yet, of all the things He could have said, His first warning was, “Take heed that no one deceives you.”

If the Christian church today (referred to in Revelation as the Laodicean Church) is as deceived as it seems to be in 2022, what can we expect when the many signs that Jesus listed happen in the next few years? For example, what about when Christians in the West face persecution? We’ve never had Christian or Jewish persecution in the United States.

When I was in Washington on January 6, I watched as Trump supporters physically manhandled men dressed in black, pulling them down to the ground after they attempted to break the U.S. Capitol windows. What followed that day was not an affirmation of those brave souls who saved that side of the Capitol building from being destroyed. Instead, an attack was launched on the people who were there, many of whom, like me, were Christians. The media called the event an insurrection.

There was no insurrection. A few people entered the Capitol building and caused a disturbance, but they were unarmed, and, in my opinion, those who were disorderly might have been planted there by operatives on the inside.

The distortion of what really happened on January 6 is an example of what Christians can expect in the future. I anticipate Christians will be targeted, maligned, tracked down, and imprisoned by government officials. For what? Whatever fits the narrative at that time. Truth is now relative in the eyes of those in power. We will become targeted like the Jews were in Germany. How do I know this? Because Jesus said this would happen.

He told His disciples in Matthew 25:9-10 (NKJV), “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake. And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another.”

In the Bible, the first example of a Jew disobeying the government is when Moses’ mother hid her baby in the reeds of the Nile River. Even back at that time, rulers were “hell-bent” on killing babies, the most vulnerable members of any society. Ecclesiastes 1:9 (NKJV): “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

Did Jesus advocate socialism in His teachings? If you read the parables, you will see Jesus often referred to work. After God created Adam, one of God’s first commands after putting him in the garden was to work it and keep it (Genesis 2:15).

Jesus also modeled a work ethic that would put most of us to shame. Even when He was only twelve, He said to his parents when they found Him in the Temple, “Why did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business? (Luke 2:45)”

2 Thess 3:10 (NKJV):  “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.”  

Jesus said to his disciples in John 9:4 (Tree of Live Version), “We must do the work of the One who sent Me, so long as it is day! Night is coming when no one can work.”

How many people during Covid weren’t able to work? I have no doubt that a deep night of darkness is coming when it will be impossible to work. Specifically, in the words of Jesus, Christians will not be able to witness, speak about God, quote Scripture, or worship.

More broadly, Proverbs 16:27 states: “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece.” If you force people to be unproductive and feed them a carrot with government handouts, you create an environment that is rife with discontent, complacency, and laziness.

Socialism goes a long way toward giving people a sense of entitlement. Hard work is what we are commanded to embrace, and through our diligence, we can tithe for the Kingdom and even have some left over to share with those who are truly in need. That is not socialism; that’s Biblical truth.

“What is truth?” Pontius Pilate asked. Is there not a small voice inside of you that tells you what truth is? Or is your conscience so seared with lies that you can no longer hear the truth? Or is your comfort more important than knowing the truth? 

Romans 1:18 (NKJV) states: “The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”

As the confirmation hearings wrap up for the next Supreme Court Justice, where does Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first black woman nominee to the highest court, stand on gender issues? Was she able to define what a woman is?

What Ms. Jackson said is on record in Washington, but what you say about this topic is recorded in heaven’s book of remembrance. When Jesus returns, those books will be opened. Every act and thought, to the minutest detail, is recorded in those books, and they are far more accurate than I could write as a court reporter, even with my top credentials.

It might be tempting to think that today’s problems aren’t mentioned in the Bible. For example, does the Bible talk about Israel in the last days? Is the root word for Covid, crown, mentioned anywhere in the end-time Scriptures?

Check out the book of Revelation for answers. Revelation is the only book in the Bible that if you read it, you are promised a blessing: “Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take it to heart what is written in it, because the time is near” (Revelation 1:3 NKJV).

The Bible is more relevant than people think. Acts 17:28 (NKJV):  “…for in Him [Jesus Christ] we live and move and have our being, as also some of your own poets have said, ‘For we are also His offspring.’”

And Colossians 1:17 (ESV): “And he [Jesus Christ] is before all things, and in him [Jesus Christ] all things hold together.”

If you haven’t thought about these questions, now is the time. Each of us should be a Berean and search the Scriptures. That is the only way to know what is true and what is false. God has given us a template to live by, and His Truth is as pertinent today as when written thousands of years ago.

If the Bible isn’t relevant, why did countries throughout history seek to ban it? Do you know why the Dark Ages are called the Dark Ages? From 500 AD to 1500 AD, people were forbidden to own a Bible, and the Apostate Church burned Bibles.[1]  

History repeats itself. The New World Order will implement a reset, and the Globalists will seek to destroy true Christianity. In the name of a fake religion (climate change), they will martyr Christians to reduce the population. Spurned by Satan, they will seek to end the lives of whom the Word of Life indwells.

Why does the New World Order want to reduce the population? I hope it is evident to those who love the Lord that God, in the beginning, provided adequate land and resources to support all the human beings for which He would give His life. It is a lie to say the earth can’t sustain the people that God created.

The truth is, Satan hates human beings. Depopulation in the form of abortion, plagues, war, and starvation—among others, serves the evil one’s agenda. 

Anyone he can deceive is a likely target. If Satan had his way, no human would survive. Jesus stated in Matthew 24:22 (NKJV): “And unless those days were shortened no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.”

Another critical point is this: The Word of Life (the Holy Spirit) cannot indwell a person who is not fully human. Suppose the devil’s goal is to corrupt the human genetic genome? As stated above, in Ecclesiastes 1:9, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” 

 At the time of Noah, the bloodline of humanity was corrupted by the fallen angels: “That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose (Genesis 6:2 NKJV).

While the mRNA vaccine is NOT the mark of the beast, there is no doubt in my mind that it is a precursor to what is coming. The Bible clearly states that those who receive the mark cannot be saved.

“Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, ‘If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name’” (Rev 14:9 NKJV).

Revelation 16:9-11 (NKJV) also states: “They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him…and cursed the God heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.”

Is the Holy Spirit unable to “woo” some earth-dwellers to repentance? Perhaps it’s not possible. Jesus died for humankind, not Chimera, not Nephilim, not transhumans, not robots, or any combination of the above.

As the elitists become more emboldened, deception will reach a tipping point. Some Christians (and non-Christian conservatives) who have been “sleeping” will wake up and realize they have been duped. They will recognize the evil lies and start to push back.

I see signs of that happening now. Truth always wins in the end because God always wins. I believe this is when Christians will become the targets of not just censorship but horrible persecution.

When the globalists realize they can no longer operate with the power they gifted themselves during Covid-19, they will have to develop other ways to take away our freedoms. The Constitution is blocking the globalists’ agenda. America is the only country that has a Bill of Rights.

The Internet most likely will be sabotaged and rebuilt with Christian websites/links removed. The only information available on the worldwide web will be what the Globalists want people to know. The church will go underground, like in China. An excellent book to read on this topic of Christian persecution is Live Not by Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents,

by Rod Dreher, Adam Verner, et al.


What happens at that time will be evident to those who have swallowed the red pill (The Matrix), but those who take the blue will live in the matrix of deception. The truth is, the Great Tribulation is coming, and it will last seven long, horrific years. On a broad scale, everyone in the world will be affected, but in a biblical sense, the Day of Jacob’s Trouble is to bring the Jewish people back to Israel and God. When it’s over, Jesus will take His rightful place on the throne in Jerusalem.

How soon until our Lord’s return? No one knows, but God has given us His Word that provides a startling account of these last days. Almost one-third of the Bible is devoted to prophecy. God has not left us without the ability to know the future.



The number one sign of Jesus’ imminent return is the reconstitution of the Jewish state in Israel. While Israel was born in a day—


Isaiah 66:8


Who has heard such a thing?

Who has seen such things?

Shall the earth be made to give birth in one day?

Or shall a nation be born at once?

For as soon as Zion was in labor

She gave birth to her children.


—the birth pangs are increasing, heralding the return of Jesus as King. The ultimate rebirth of Israel will be when Jesus reigns from Jerusalem.

However, before Jesus’ return, those here referred to as earth-dwellers in the book of Revelation, will endure seven years of unimaginable suffering. Some will repent and accept Jesus as the Messiah. They will occupy this evil world for the glory of God, standing in the gap between the falling away and Jesus’ return. Millions will be martyred.


The truth is, however, many will fall away. According to I Timothy 4:1 (ESV): “Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons.”  

Amos 8:12 states: “They shall wander from sea to sea, And from the north to the east, they shall run to and fro, seeking the word of the Lord, and shall not find it.”  

That tells me Bibles, Christian books, writings, magazines, blog posts, articles, signs, pamphlets, and anything Christian worldwide will be almost impossible to find. Because the Word indwells us in the form of the Holy Spirit, I wonder if that means Christians will also be rare.

In my opinion, that points to the rapture taking place before the Great Tribulation begins. However, that doesn’t mean that Christians will not endure tribulation. Suffering refines faith, separating the wheat from the chaff, revealing true faith from comfortable Christianity. But Christians will be spared God’s wrath.

Next time you listen to a news broadcast or someone pontificating about something important, ask yourself, is that person speaking the truth? Question everything you hear so as not to be deceived.

If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, don’t wait. Do it now. Don’t let the hour pass without committing your life to Him and making Him Lord of your life. God loves you and sent His Son to die on the cross so you could have eternal life.

While the world will get darker and darker, as prophesized in the Bible, allow God’s light to shine through you and be a witness to the truth of God’s sacrificial love. In the upcoming days, God will help you to survive and even thrive. He is coming again to claim His own. If you aren’t ready, now is the time to receive Him into your heart. Don’t be deceived. Jesus Christ is Who He said He was. Read the Bible so you will be able to see the truth despite the rampant deception. 

Satan’s number one goal is to separate you from God. If you don’t receive Jesus Christ as Lord of your life, you will be deceived. Separated from God, you will succumb to lies, deception, and powers that will terrify you. Fear will be your constant companion.

Governments come and go. Hollywood stars rise and fall. Countries conquer and others disappear from maps. Money is skin deep and gone tomorrow.

Again, I plead with you, if you have not accepted Jesus Christ into your heart, do so now. Repent of your sins, and start living for Christ as if you have no tomorrow.


I Peter 1:25: “But the word of the Lord remains forever.” And that word is the Good News that was preached to you.”

Tweet: I Peter 1:25: “But the word of the Lord remains forever.” And that word is the Good News that was preached to you.”

You can read more of Lorilyn Roberts’ blogpostings at

HITLER AND COVID-19 – THE PARALLELS ARE STARTLING: Christian Blogger Lorilyn Roberts


Mel K & Dr. Bryan Ardis on the Global Medical Killing Fields and Crimes Against Humanity

Complete Story of Hitler and the Nazis

When I was in high school and learned about the holocaust, I asked myself, how could someone as evil as Hitler rise to power and do what he did, and how could the masses let him do it? 

Last weekend, I went to visit my family in Atlanta. My sister’s husband had the T.V. on, and it was airing the above show, The Complete Story of Hitler and the Nazis. I was drawn into the docudrama and couldn’t believe the parallels to what’s happened over the last two years from the onslaught of Covid-19. 

Some of the parallels include the following: 

1. How quickly Germany changed once Hitler came to power. Look at how almost overnight our world changed with Covid-19. 

2. Eugenics. Hitler wanted to make the German race completely pure by eliminating those who were frail, of “inferior” lineage, Jewish, old and infirmed and physically/mentally/emotionally challenged. That is what we’ve seen with Covid-19. Watch the video up above with Mel K and Dr. Ardis if you don’t believe me.

3. The hypnotic power Hitler had over the nation. Trusting people were deceived by his charisma, authoritative persona, and sweeping agenda. In America, everything Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and NIH recommended was followed without question, without discussion, and without exception. 

Not just ordinary people (who may have had justification if their only source of information was the biased media), but so did doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospitals, and almost every medical establishment in America. Whatever Fauci said was what everyone believed to be true. Few people spoke out against the medical tyranny, and if they did, they were censored and annihilated in one form or another. 

4. Hitler took away the rights of the people. During Covid, governments worldwide seized control over their citizens, forcing them to live subhuman lives—wearing masks, limiting travel, living in isolation, and in some instances tracking those exposed to Covid.

5. Hitler shut down churches and dismantled Christian institutions, encouraging the worship of him and his Nazi party. Heil Hitler was a form of worship and idolatry. During Covid, all over the world, churches were shuttered. Some have still not opened. 

6. Hitler abolished freedom of speech. Today, if you criticize the U.S. government, you are branded a domestic terrorist.

7. Millions died because of Hitler’s actions. In America, almost one million people have died from Covid, mainly due to the actions of those in the medical complex; i.e., doctors prescribing Remdesivir, a killer drug, and denying inexpensive, safe drugs like hydrochlorothiazide and Ivermectin. If you don’t believe me, watch the video above with Mel K and Dr. Ardis.

8. Hitler divided the masses between the Aryan race and the “deplorables.”  Does that remind you of Hillary Clinton calling Trump supporters “deplorables”?

Division is the name of the game—black versus white, vaxxed versus unvaxxed, compliant versus non-compliant, red states versus blue states, Democrats versus Republicans, liberal versus conservative. And gender dysphoria. People want to be something they aren’t. 

9. Hitler wanted power. We have global elitists in Washington and all over the world who want to take away people’s ability to be free, including homeownership, and make them subservient to a few. Remember the motto from the World Economic Forum: “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

10. Hitler’s maniacal vision led to World War II, causing the deaths of almost eighty million people. If history is cyclical, which we know that it is, chances are we will be facing World War III within the next three years.

11. Because there was so much occultism behind Hitler’s rise to power, I will end on number 11 here to make the point. There is a hidden agenda behind this Covid “plandemic.” The word for “pharma” in the Bible is sorcery. The second half of Revelation 18:23 states: For thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all the nations deceived (KJV). 

I would encourage everyone reading this blog post to please watch the video with Mel K and Dr. Ardis up above, as well as the videos I’ve linked to on Amazon Prime. Jesus said in Matthew 24:4: Take heed that no man deceive you (KJV). 

The only way not to be deceived is to know the Bible, pray, and be aware of what’s happening in the world in light of Biblical prophecy. Perhaps if the German people had done these things, they would have had the power of the Holy Spirit within them to rise up against Hitler and stop his madness. 

What can you do in your corner of the world to make a difference? Ask God. And He will show you. 

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DOOR NUMBER ONE – A Short Story from Seventh Dimension The Howling,” by Lorilyn Roberts



Door Number 1


I stood in the foyer and stared at Door Number 1. The only choice I was given was the order of the doors. So I could know the future to warn others—wasn’t that what the voice said?

I turned the handle. The door opened to a room of mirrors. However, these weren’t regular mirrors; they were mirrored doorways. “Which one should I enter, Lord?”

I heard nothing. I waited a little longer, but God’s voice was silent. He left the choice to me. I wanted to choose wisely. I stepped around several and came to a tall mirror. I stuck my hand in and pulled it out. I passed up that one and several others until I came to a mirror with moving images. I entered that one.

I was in a world of moving sidewalks. They went to the north, south, east, and west, crisscrossing each other, intersecting, and moving at very high speeds.

I looked down at my feet, and I was standing on the word “Go” in a multi-dimensional space. As I studied the moving tele-transports, I noticed travelers. Some of the people were anxious. Others seemed to enjoy the journey. Some disappeared and reappeared farther down the road. Others popped up and stayed.

I watched, mesmerized. I tried to see people’s faces. Who was happy and who was sad? That wasn’t made clear to me.

There were more than a dozen sidewalks. The longer I mulled over which one to choose, the more uncertain I became. After a while, I grew weary. I threw up my hands. Choices carry eternal consequences, and I wanted to make the right one.

“You choose,” I heard a voice say. “Free will is a wonderful thing in the hands of an awesome God.”

The sidewalk whisked me alongside dozens of other travelers. As the moving sidewalk carried me, I saw foods that whet my appetite. Cinnamon rolls, chocolate croissants, and other pastries called my name. I passed a brewery with a sign advertising free samples of beer. Farther along I caught a whiff of delightful scents—perfumes, essential oils, and soaps—so many choices, so much opportunity.

The exchange of money increased. Soon I saw people buying things they couldn’t afford. They pulled out credits cards, signed bank loans, borrowed from friends, and more.

“I’ve maxed out my credit cards,” someone said.

“No problem,” a merchant replied. “Just sign here.”

I left that conversation, and I continued along the widening sidewalk of debt.

“This car will be the best car you’ve ever owned,” a car salesman exhorted. “It’s the number one rated sports car in the world.”

I looked at the price tag—a hundred thousand dollars.

Soon I came to a crosswalk. Until now, I didn’t know the sidewalks were named. To my surprise, I was traveling on the Sidewalk of Necessities. I came to a store where a merchant was selling animals. The buyer offered the seller money, which was no small amount. 

The merchant shook his head. “That’s not enough. These animals are extinct. You can breed them and create a new Garden of Eden. Imagine the people who will flock to your attraction—people who love Mother Earth, conservationists, animal lovers, and bird enthusiasts. You’ll be the richest man in the world. Who wouldn’t want to visit the rebirth of the Garden of Eden?”

The bartering continued. What would be a fair price to buy extinct animals and create another Garden of Eden?

As I walked, I came to a merchant who was selling futures. “Hear ye,” he shouted as he waved his hand. “Step right up. We’ll release your heart-felt dream. It’s reasonably priced, and you deserve it. Come and see a demonstration of the only dream reaper in the world.”

A woman walked up. “What’s the price?”

The wiry man whipped out his hand and pointed with a dramatic flair. “Have a seat. If you qualify after this demonstration, you’ll be given a special seat in the real dream reaper.” I looked behind the salesman at a most unusual contraption.

The woman was in her late twenties or early thirties and appeared to be in good health. Youth was leaving her, as it does for all of us, but she was too immature to have attained wisdom.

The woman poured out her heart to the stranger in extraordinary detail, expounding on all the unfair and unjust things that had happened to her, leading to a life in the gutter of despair. Always the victim, she wallowed in self-pity and rejection.

The merchant smiled. “You’re just the right person for the dream reaper. You deserve better. Don’t worry about the cost. You can pay it off in the next thirty years before your date with death.”

“What do you mean, my date with death?”

The merchant replied, “Well, I can’t tell you any more than that. You’ll need to talk to the dream reaper. He can answer that question.”

She looked around. “Where is he?”

The merchant pointed. “Step right up to the dream reaper building.”

The woman hesitated.

“You want to release your dream, right?”

The woman nodded, but her enthusiasm dissipated when she realized she couldn’t have it—another unjust and unfair thing to add to her trophy list of unhappiness.

I continued walking. A merchant stood out front waving a strange-looking banner—Soul Extractor. No one was at his stand, so I left the Sidewalk of Necessities and strolled up to the merchant.

“Tell me about your soul extractor business.”

His eyes lit up, and he greeted me with such exuberance I felt indebted to make a purchase.

“Would you like your soul extracted?” the man asked me.

“What do you do with the soul once you extract it?”

“Oh,” the merchant said, “I give it to the devil.”

“What do you mean?”

“Have you ever met a person without a soul?”

“Wait a minute,” I interrupted. “If I sell my soul to you, then I no longer have a soul.”

“That’s right,” the merchant said. “But for some people, other things are more important than their soul.”

I stared at the merchant.

The man leaned over and looked into my eyes. “Think about it,” he whispered.

“You mean people would sell their soul?”

He laughed. “Absolutely.”

“What do you give them for their soul?”

The man cocked his head as if surprised by my question. “The devil sets the price.”

So what do you do with the soul you extract?”

The man laughed. “As I said, I give it to the devil.”

“You can’t do that,” I protested.

The smile left his face. “Look, I’m not discussing the moral issue of it. All I care about is selling the soul, and all the devil cares about is receiving the soul. So we have the soul extractor. Everyone is happy. The person has what he wanted, I’ve made the transaction, and the devil has the soul.”

I shook my head. “How can you do that?”

He leaned over and whispered, “Because I sold my soul to the devil and now I do his bidding. I have no choice. He owns me.”




Isaiah 45:7 (KJV): I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things. 

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For anyone who is interested in the latest uncensored Covid-19 information, below are links I’ve compiled. 

I don’t know how long the links will work, but I’ve watched all these videos and can vouch for the fact that they are NOT hatched from conspiracy theories. I wish they were. I will say a couple of quick things here.

1. We will never go back to before Covid-19.

2. We will continue to lose our freedoms because governments never return the power that they have taken from the people back to the people.

3. This is an orchestrated effort by the leading nations in the world to begin the formation of global control through medical passports. 

4. The hour is later than people think. 

5. Be prepared for food shortages, internet takedown, and economic collapse.

6. Don’t believe the mainstream media. Don’t believe anything Fauci says, question everything you hear, and use the brain that God gave you TO THINK. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t believe it.  

6. Do not fear. God is in control.


Here are links to information related specifically to COVID-19.


1. Graphene Oxide Found In All Four Vaccines and Other Disturbing Ingredients

2. Deadly Vax Batches Identified

3. Former Phizer VP & Chief Science Officer Blows the Whistle!

4. Evidence: No Vials Are Safe

5. Dr. Peter McCullough on the Alex Jones Show

6. Mel K & Dr. Bryan Ardis on the Global Medical Killing Fields and Crimes Against Humanity

7. Dr. Robert W. Malone Podcasts

8. Most Important Video You’ll See/Watch/Listen/Share With Loved Ones

9. Joe Rogan Interviews Dr. Robert Malone

10. PART 1: Dr. Peter McCullough The Inexplicable Suppression of Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and Other C0vid-19 Treatments

11. PART 2: Dr. Peter McCullough on Omicron Realties and VAERS Reports on Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

12. The Stew Peters Show- Evidence That No Vials Are Safe! Full Stop! Terminate Covid Injection Program Now!!!

13. Susan Pierce (from the CDC) Telling Everybody Not to Take the Poison Jab

14. Orwell City: Identification of Graphene, Self-Assemblies and Macro-Techology

15. Dr. Peter McCullough Interview by Meet Me for Coffee Podcast

16.  Shedding, Vaccines, and Graphene Machines – Dr. Sam Bailey


My blog post, “Are Doctors, Professors, and ‘Smart People’ Hearing From God About Covid-19” caused me to be suspended from Twitter. 

If Twitter is worried about somebody like me posting something about Covid, you have to ask, why? What is really going on here? This isn’t about medicine. It’s about something else far more sinister. I’ll let you, the reader, think about it. If you care to read that blog post, click on this link.






Recently, a good author friend of mine in Melbourne, Australia, asked, “Why are people here giving up their freedoms and receiving the jab without question?”

His question is one that few are asking. The most severely locked-down state in the world, Victoria, Australia, is reminiscent of Nazi, Germany. Anyone who hasn’t received the jab cannot participate in everyday life.

My friend said (and a pastor friend in Melbourne said the same thing to me), that Australians take the jab without question, without thought, without concern about the totalitarian nature of enforcement, even for those who don’t want it.

The truth is, maybe God IS speaking to those people, but they aren’t listening.

When you read through the Old Testament, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, for example, the people did not listen to the prophets. Despite all the warnings, the people didn’t heed the dire predictions from God and chose to go their own way.

If you remember the movie, The Matrix, those who swallowed the red pill knew the truth. Those who took the blue pill lived in virtual reality without an awareness of the evil matrix. If The Matrix’s victims had known their reality wasn’t real, would they have chosen to continue in the matrix or would they have chosen to live in the real world, no matter how difficult or painful?

These types of movies are often predictive of future events. I wonder if God gives us a foreshadowing through media of our future to warn us, in much the same way as the Old Testament prophets exhorted the wayward Israelites. Of course, we know Hollywood is full of occultists, and while Satan is not omniscient, he knows enough to infiltrate people’s thoughts to believe he’s as wise as God.

Fast forward to today. Many people have turned off the news. Some have awakened to realize that much of what they have been told isn’t true. Despite knowing they have been lied to, many would still prefer just to live their lives in ignorance. Never mind the truth; never mind morality; never mind the ultimate purpose of the globalists, or whoever is in power.

The absolute truth is that Lucifer only knows what God allows him to know, and God has given him his “prince-of-the-air powers” to deceive those who “think” they know the truth from those in Jesus Christ. 

But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh (Galatians 5:16). 

I have often said that God is gracious in that He doesn’t give us all the truth because if we were all-knowing, that knowledge would destroy us. Remember the sin of Adam and Eve in the garden, wanting to be like God with the knowledge of good and evil? If we have a moral compass rooted in our Savior, the evil part is what we can’t handle. Only Jesus Christ could endure the cross and become sin so that someday we will know God perfectly and there will be no sin.

The depravity of man is so absolute—the evilness within our hearts and the wickedness of the world—that perfect knowledge of evil would destroy us. I see an animal get abused, and it devastates me. To see a child suffer or be a pawn for an ignoble purpose is unconscionable. To even think about abortion makes me sick to my stomach if I dwell on it.

I remember what Jesus said about those who hurt a child: 

But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be thrown into the sea (Mark 9:42).

As the country falls prey to increasing evilness, few people are willing to stand for truth. Look at what the media did to General Flynn, President Trump, and Sidney Powell in the last election. Now they are going after Florida Governor, Ron Desantis, and anyone else who opposes the globalists’ agenda.

When it comes to the Covid-19 vaccine, the pharmaceutical companies, the CDC, the FDA, the NIH, and the WHO are in cahoots with one of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates. Many people don’t realize if a vaccine or so-called vaccine injures a person, the drug company has no liability. Liability ensures accountability. We don’t have that anymore (we once did), even though big pharma has made millions off vaccines.

However, the pharmaceutical giants pay millions to the news media to advertise their drugs. What commercials do you see on T.V. all the time? The networks push big pharma because those commercials pay their salaries.

The Bible says the anti-Christ will be involved in three spheres of influence: The government, religion, and commercial enterprise; and I think his method of enforcement will rely heavily on the media—including the World Wide Web, 5-G, A.I., social networks, and surveillance.

Recently, I’ve come to realize we will soon be like China. If a person doesn’t follow the government’s rules, somebody will turn him in. Why—to raise the tattler’s social score. Remember what the Bible says in Luke 12:53 (NIV):

Father will be divided against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.

To address Covid-19 specifically, the push for a mandatory vaccine is NOT about a vaccine. The mRNA is NOT a vaccine. It’s a tool. It’s laying the foundation for implementing the Mark of the Beast. This whole system must be in place BEFORE the anti-Christ makes his appearance.

I will add a little levity to this dire topic. When I went through breast cancer treatment, I had a double mastectomy. I opted to have a plastic surgeon do reconstruction in conjunction with the surgery. 

Anyone who has had a surgical procedure knows the physician visits the patient the morning of the surgery to talk to the patient about the procedure. My plastic surgeon came in per the usual protocol, and I asked him how long his part of the procedure would take.

He said, “A couple of hours.” I was surprised. “That long?” I asked. He replied, “Well, we can’t just shove it up there.”

The truth is, there are many dots to connect and threads to thread and technological innovations (that need patents) that must be in place to facilitate the work of the anti-Christ and his partner in crime. The evil one can’t just “shove things into place.” Satan has been working on this project ever since the Garden of Eden, but we are close to the culmination of this epic battle between good and evil.

Most Christians don’t know this stuff because they DON’T WANT to know it. Almost one-third of the Bible is prophetic, and yet, how many Christians have read the book of Revelation or studied the Old Testament prophets?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that things are not as they appear. Or perhaps it’s the biased nature of the media, highly skilled at editorializing facts, that spins the news to fit their version of the truth. However, any thinking individual can see right through the deception—if they want to.



Historical documents reveal how Hitler used the media to push his Nazi agenda and indoctrinate the youth. His propaganda was imbued in the educational system, and his youth camps tapped into idyllic dreams of nirvana. Germans longed to see a renewed vision of their country’s future after Germany’s humiliating defeat in World War I (article from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum).

I said years ago that the media would be part of the beast system. If you agree with their agenda, the media gives you a platform to speak, and they put a mic in front of your mouth.

A mouth was given to him speaking arrogant words and blasphemies, and authority to act for forty-two months was given to him (Revelation 13:5).

I don’t believe the unbiased mainstream media will ever come back because THEY DON’T WANT to come back. Why should they? Is there an economic incentive to tell people the truth? Do the media conglomerates (90% of the American news is controlled by six companies) have enough moral chutzpah to question the pharmaceutical companies’ data who pay their bills and keep them on the air?

It’s not just the news media held hostage. The unfortunate victims trickle all the way down to YOUR physician. Most doctors have chosen to accept the status quo. If they speak out against the vaccine, or question the data, or just want an open dialogue, they risk losing their medical license. 

Some have faced threats to themselves and their family. At the very least, they receive verbal reprimands that can be escalated all the way to the licensing boards.

Besides that, how many doctors really want to take on the medical establishment? Perhaps they are too comfortable living in virtual reality. They make their big money, live in their expensive houses, and have kids to educate.

Instead, they go along with the narrative, and after a while, they start to believe the narrative. Physicians and nurses have to believe it because how would they live with themselves if they didn’t? What about that Hippocratic oath (complete oath found here)?  

What about the thousands of doctors who have denied Ivermectin to hospitalized patients who might have been saved if they had received early treatment? What about the man in my church who died from Covid? The hospital refused to offer him Ivermectin despite his wife’s pleas.

Again, why would they deny possible life-saving treatment? The fact is, the NIH could not issue an Emergency Use Authorization of a new vaccine if other treatments were available. The EUA enabled pharmaceutical companies to skip some of the vaccine protocols that have been followed for decades.

That’s why they shut down Trump when he started talking about hydrochlorothiazide. A year later, the narrative continues across America. Hospitals are not allowed to give Ivermectin to patients for Covid because they say it’s an off-label use. 

In reality, doctors use drugs in off-label ways all the time. But if hospitals or doctors prescribe it for Covid, they are in trouble.

For a loved one to receive Ivermectin in the hospital, the only option is for the family to go to court and get a court order, and even with that, the road is treacherous. Hospitals continue to put up roadblocks. Why? 

If Ivermectin works (like so many doctors worldwide have documented), how can the medical community in America justify the thousands of patients they have denied treatment to with this Nobel prize-winning drug? That would be akin to saying they allowed them to die. Do your own research on this topic, preferably with a different search engine than Google. Be prepared to swallow the red pill. You won’t like what you see.

I replied to my Australian friend, who asked, “Why are doctors not hearing from God like you and me?” My answer still is, “Because they don’t want to.” They have justified the means, making people take the jab, to achieve their end goal. It runs roughshod over individual freedoms, particularly here in America.

A few people are fighting back. But is it too little too late? Governments rarely give power back to their people once they have seized it. Will my daughters know the freedoms I’ve enjoyed throughout my life? I don’t know, but as my mother says, “They won’t know any different.”

Socialism in Cuba

Sadly, our young people have been indoctrinated into socialism so that they don’t know what’s at stake; but I’ll keep fighting as long as I’m here.

When the FBI came to my house, they asked if they could talk with me about what happened at the Capitol Building on January 6. I replied, “I’ll be glad to talk to you if you let me talk about my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

They said, “We know you are a Christian.”

As I watched Trump supporters with their bare hands tackle the “insurrectionists,” who held long rods (deadly weapons) and were attempting to break the windows, the Spirit within me said, “Christians must be willing to fight.”

I didn’t know what God meant at the time. Looking back, I believe what the voice was admonishing me is that we must be willing to stand up and defend the truth, fight for the unborn, push back against critical race theory, question everything, and not bow to government mandates that we must take the jab even if we don’t want to. We’ve got to be willing to “occupy” until the Lord’s return, and increasingly, that’s going to get more and more difficult.

My way of fighting back is to stay in the Word, pray unceasingly, encourage my friends, and witness when I have the opportunity. I acknowledge that most of what I hear and see through the media isn’t true. And I know that things will continue down this slippery slope until the Tribulation. If we pray and ask God for mercy, perhaps we can slow things down.

But I have to ask, do I want to? I’m ready for Jesus to return now. I can’t wait for Him to execute justice on this fallen world. I can’t wait to see my Savior, who died for me (and you) on the cross over two thousand years ago.

I don’t know if we can delay events. But I know God wants us to be busy witnessing and bringing people into the kingdom. That’s THE most important thing. There isn’t anything more important than where we will spend eternity.

Getting back to the conversation with my Australian friend, again, I have asked myself this question hundreds of times: Why do I see this stuff and other people don’t?

If you look at the gifts of the Spirit, one of them relates to knowledge. To one person the Spirit gives the ability to give wise advice; to another, the same Spirit gives a message of special knowledge (I Cor 12:8).

I am not a prophet and would never want to be, but I do believe God, on a few occasions, has given me a “Word of Knowledge” about things or insights that were beyond my natural ability to perceive.

I also think, and this is just me speaking, creative people have a sensate spirit. In other words, they “feel” things that the average person doesn’t perceive. They feel it in their soul.

History is replete with examples. People write books, paint paintings, and write songs that capture the essence of reality long before the typical person trying to “survive” is even aware of what’s happening. 


Perhaps the creativity of these gifted people is even part of the movement, inching society forward because that’s how change happens. An emotional catharsis arises. Sometimes it leads to war; at other times, it leads to social revolution.

We are experiencing that now. Christian authors who have been writing for the glory of God can’t help but be aware of the increasing evilness everywhere. God mysteriously gives us insights that we can use to glorify Him that would probably be squandered by others who are happy to swallow the blue pill (The Matrix).

Now, I’ve probably put the reader to sleep with all my ramblings, but my Australian friend asked a great question: Why do some people see what’s happening and others don’t? There isn’t a simple answer—yet. But we need to keep asking the question.

Here are a couple of links I will pass along to the reader. There is also an ap for your phone that you can download from J.D. Farag’s website.

J.D. Farag website:

Here is one I liked in particular, but all his Bible prophecy updates are good:

Excellent sermon by Jack Hibbs:

If you watch this video, you will NOT want to get the second jab:

Might I end with the most important question—where will you, the reader, spend eternity? This world is passing away, but the glory of the Lord is forever. 

Don’t leave Earth without accepting Jesus Christ into your heart. He longs to have a PERSONAL relationship with you. Give your life to Him, turn from your sin, and don’t look back. The Lord’s return is very, very soon. Don’t wait. Today is the day of salvation.







Many years ago, I sat with my dad on the front porch one summer night in Marietta, Georgia. The stars shone brightly overhead, and the chirping of nightlife filled the air. We got into a discussion about whether we would live to see the turn of the century. I was a young teen at the time, but my dad was in his 40’s.

He shook his head. “I don’t think I’ll live that long. I’d be in my 70’s. Well, maybe.”

Both his parents died when he was young, so his words hung in the air, pressing in on me that I would probably outlive him and my mom, although my mother’s side of the family is long-lived—typically into their 90’s. My mom is approaching that age in 2021. Sadly, my dad didn’t make it to 2000. He passed away in 1994 from a brain tumor, but he was close.

My dad used to say that even though his body had aged, his mind was still the same as when he was young. I never understood what he meant when I was young. I suppose if you get Alzheimer’s, that’s not the case, but the thought that your mind doesn’t age like your body does is intriguing. How can that be? 

As I continue to stretch myself doing things I never imagined, I hope it will help keep my mind spry. I am learning Morse Code and pondering what my first sentence will be when I go on the airwaves. The biggest adjustment will be instead of sending out captions at 260 plus words per minute, I’ll be “competent” if I can send out ten words per minute using C.W. 

I just applied for Social Security and will be retiring at the end of the year. Where does the time go? I remember a poem I wrote by that title when I was around fifteen. Because my mother loved it so much, I even turned it into a song.

It’s so easy to lose track of years as they come and go and not even realize decades have passed in what seems like the blink of an eye. Since August, I’ve been an empty nester. Both my daughters have moved out. I even needed to replace the 20-year-old van that I bought when Joy was still an infant.

While I might be sounding a little melancholy, I’m thankful to be alive. And this Thanksgiving, I wanted to focus on how grateful I am for all the blessings God has given me.

I asked myself, what is my favorite Thanksgiving? At sixty-six, I’ve lived through quite a few. And the answer came almost as quickly as I asked the question. I want to share an extraordinary Thanksgiving story from when I was seven.

My mom and adoptive father married on November 3, 1962. Three weeks later, that Thanksgiving holiday, my life changed forever. The arrival of my childhood pet is a story made for Hollywood. But God wrote it for me before the foundations of the world.

At a tenuous time when my mother had just remarried, because we moved to a different area of Atlanta, I had to switch schools. I was a lonely, confused kid. Being forced to repeat first grade didn’t help. But God had His eyes on me. He knew I needed a special friend. Our loving, heavenly Father sent me a stray dog that taught me more about God and the meaning of love than most seven-year-olds could ever understand. That is—unless it was someone like me, someone who needed the kind of love only a dog can give.

Here is an excerpt from my recently published book, Tails and Purrs for the Heart and Soul.


Seven Years Old


One morning I awoke from a fantasy world more thrilling than Disney could ever create. I felt a wet, warm kiss on my cheek. When I opened my eyes and saw a dog, I wrapped my arms around her.

“Who are you?” I asked. As my dreamy eyes focused, I saw she was white, and somehow, she had walked into the house, run up the stairs, and found me in bed.

My mother stood across from me with a smile etched across her face.

I patted the dog’s head. “Where did she come from?”

“This is Gypsy. We’re going to keep her,” she said.

I blinked to make sure I hadn’t died and gone to heaven. Not that I even knew where that was, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t starring in a Hollywood movie. Surely this was just make-believe.

A prominent movie director in New York once tried to convince my mother to let him take me to Hollywood. My mother said no, and I lost my only bid for Hollywood stardom. Instead, Hollywood discovered Hayley Mills. Everybody, when I was young, compared me to her. I’ve heard it said everybody has a twin. Hayley Mills was mine.

Everything faded into the bedroom walls as I focused on the bouncy white, playful pearl. While some might argue we saved her from a wretched life on the streets, I’d say she saved me from a very challenging, lonely childhood. Is dog not God spelled backward?

Mother told me how the night before, Gypsy snuck into the apartment through the door with my stepfather—who I call Dad for the remainder of the book—when he returned from the store to buy milk.

Soon Gypsy became my faithful companion and playmate. When I came home from school, she would be waiting for me at the door. I invented games to play with her. I would place my hand underneath the blanket and move it around, and Gypsy would “fetch” it with her mouth. I soon learned how much dogs love to chew on shoes, slippers, and record covers.

When I came home from school, I could hardly wait to walk her. When we returned after each walk, I would announce how many times Gypsy had used the bathroom, both number one and number two, to validate I was the best dog walker in the world. I cleaned up after her when she made a mess so nobody would know. I always had a deep-seated fear I might lose her.

One afternoon I arrived home from school, and I knew something was wrong. Gypsy didn’t greet me at the door, and I ran through the house looking for her.

“She’s gone,” my mother told me. “The apartment manager said we couldn’t keep her, and your father took her to a protected area. Don’t worry. She’ll be fine.”

“Where did he take her?”

My mother paused before continuing. “You know the apartment complex doesn’t allow dogs. We had no choice.”

My heart broke. I knew it might come to this. I’d overheard the whispers. I ran out of the room and up the stairs to my bedroom. Burying my face in the pillow, I cried. Gypsy was gone. I didn’t want to believe I would never see her again. Even at eight, I believed in miracles.

That night thunderbolts crashed outside my bedroom, and lightning pierced through the window shades. I imagined Gypsy in the darkness. I could feel her fur against my skin and see her dark, brown eyes pleading for me. I twisted and turned in bed as peals of thunder bounced off the walls. If Gypsy ever found her way back, I vowed to run away with her. I would never let anybody take her from me again.

The next day came and went. She didn’t return. I went to school, hoping she would find her way back.

After another stormy night, Wednesday arrived, the day before Thanksgiving. We were packing things to visit my new father’s family in North Carolina. My mother had recently remarried. We had yet to meet the extended family of her new husband—a brother and three sisters.

I kept looking up the hill in front of the apartment, imagining that I would see my dog come flying over the rise in the road. I knew it was almost impossible, but I hoped. I made one last trip to my bedroom. The car was loaded, and we were ready to leave. I picked up my pillow and remembered the first morning Gypsy awoke me and licked me on the face.

“God, please help Gypsy to find her way back.”

I walked out the door to get into the car. Glancing one last time up the hill, I saw something white. Was it, could it be—I dropped my pillow and started to run. My mind raced, and I ran as fast as my legs would move. It couldn’t be—but it was.

Tattered and dirty and barking excitedly, Gypsy ran toward me, flashing her tail in the wind. She had survived two nights of bad weather and found her way home through a raging storm. If she had arrived two minutes later, we would have been on the road.

I crouched down and held her as she whimpered and licked my face. I didn’t know I could laugh and cry at the same time, but one thing I did know—God brought Gypsy back to me.



“I will never let go of you,” I promised.

Gypsy squealed. For the first time, I believed in God.





All these years later, my faith in God remains steadfast. And as I wrote in my book Tails and Purrs for the Heart and Soul, I know I will see Gypsy again. My younger daughter Joy and her roommates recently adopted a dog from the local humane society. I’m smiling on the inside. The Roberts’ tradition lives on with my children, and that brings me great joy this Thanksgiving.

To learn more about my memoir, Tails and Purrs for the Heart and Soul, click on this link.  



It was in 2016 that I heard the trumpet sounds. The first time I was walking Sirius, my border collie; and the second time I was inside the house. I had heard them previously on YouTube, so I was shocked when I heard them with my own ears. Whatever the sounds were, it wasn’t a hoax. 


A couple of weeks after that, I thought I heard them again, but when I went outside to listen, I didn’t hear anything. I went back inside and again thought I heard something. This time I had my phone to record it, but I didn’t hear anything when I stepped outside.
Later that night, my daughter came home from a special event for a high school classmate who had just finished treatment for Hodgin’s lymphoma. The class celebrated the girl’s healing from cancer by hosting a party outside the high school on the football field. 
My daughter said, “When I was there, we kept hearing sounds coming from the sky that sounded strange, but there was nothing there.”
I provide closed captioning for television, and one night when captioning a baseball game, I heard the trumpet-like sounds. The game announcers commented, “What is that strange noise?”
If you go on Youtube, you will find that these noises that sound like trumpets have been heard all over the world. What does it mean? I truly believe it’s the Lord’s trumpet, signifying His soon return. The trumpet is recognized in the Bible as the battle cry. 
Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep but we will all be changed–in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet [emphasis mine]. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. For the perishable must be clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality. (1 Cor 15:51-53, Berean Study Bible)
Since we don’t know when the last trumpet is, I would encourage you to turn to Jesus Christ, believe in Him, repent of your sins, and be born again. We don’t know how much more time we have. His return is completely unknown to everyone except God.
Today is the day of salvation. Call on Yeshua’s name. Be ready! Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, loves you.
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16 NKJV)


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HAVE PINK SUITCASE – WILL TRAVEL: Short Story by Lorilyn Roberts



Hailey Becker was all of 79 years old. She lived with her doting, younger husband for the better part of her life, and they had two wonderful grown daughters who lived nearby. They were one of those families you couldn’t help but like. Hailey was the best cook this side of paradise, and Charlie could be anybody’s uncle—even the mothers-in-law who gossip too much. Charlie knew how to be polite and caring, and a pot of coffee was always brewing whenever I stopped by.

So when we heard about an upcoming surprise trip, everybody wanted to know the details. However, Charlie could keep a secret like no one, and Hailey—well, I’m not sure she knew all the details. 

A few weeks later, Hailey called me. “You must come by and see my new suitcase,” she said. “When we went to Cuba, our suitcases were too small for all the stuff we bought. We had to ship the vases back, and I worried for weeks when they didn’t arrive.”

I stopped in to see her bright pink new suitcase. What did her hubby think about the pink luggage? Knowing Charlie, he would say it was perfect.

“I wanted to be able to find my suitcase amongst the hundreds of others. You know, they all look the same when they pull them off the boat.”

I remembered when I went on a cruise and came home with somebody else’s luggage. And I didn’t even notice it wasn’t my bag until I opened it and found high heels stashed inside.

I laughed. “Sounds like a good strategy,” although I couldn’t imagine Hailey being like me and coming home with anybody else’s luggage. 

Several months went by, and Hailey talked about the upcoming trip on several occasions. I heard through the grapevine that her suitcase was packed. One day she said to me, “You know, I keep telling Charlie he needs to pack his bag. Mine is ready, but he hasn’t even started packing his. We sure don’t want to miss the boat. What can I do to get him to pack his clothes?”

“You know how men are,” I said. “They can pack in three minutes.” 

Hailey’s eyes twinkled. “Not me. I like to be ready at a moment’s notice. Unexpected things can come up, and it would be dreadful to miss the boat because I packed too late.” 

I smiled. “Charlie won’t let you down. He’ll be at your side when you are ready to board that ship. I promise you.”

Soon signs revealed the trip was imminent. I heard that the suitcase was right beside Hailey’s bed, where she now spent most of her days. She was ready whenever the moment arrived.

Then I received word that they were on the way to the departure gate. Charlie reassured me he had her ticket in hand and her belongings were in the pink suitcase. He would make sure she was comfortable as she stood at the gate. I couldn’t wait to say goodbye to my friend.

When I arrived, Hailey’s bubbly personality enveloped me. She pointed to her bags, “I’m ready,” she exclaimed, “but I still don’t understand why Charlie hasn’t packed very much.” After a few minutes, she added, “I’m not going to worry about him. If he wants to wear the same clothes every day, that’s his choice.”

“He’ll be fine,” I assured my friend.

“When are we leaving?” Hailey asked Charlie several times as I sat beside her. “I don’t want to miss the trip.”

Charlie took her hand in his and locked onto her pleading eyes. “I promise, you won’t miss it.” 

I stopped by the departure gate several times until she made the trip to Glory. I heard her leaving was peaceful. And I also heard that she didn’t need the suitcase she had meticulously packed. 

I thought about all the things I’ve packed away, not only in my house but in my heart. Then I remind myself, it’s an all-expense paid, one-way trip, and we don’t need anything except our passport.

“She wasn’t one minute late,” Charlie reassured me, “and the smile on her face lifted my sorrowful heart.”

Who greeted her when she arrived? I’m sure it was a glorious reunion of friends, family, and Bible heroes. When it’s my turn, I know Hailey will be there to meet me.

Hailey Becker is not just my friend. She’s everybody’s friend. She is all those we’ve loved and said goodbye to too soon. And even though I know I won’t need a suitcase, like Hailey, I want to be ready at a moment’s notice. I find comfort knowing that my bag is packed—a bag filled by my Savior with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. I must remember to refill it from God’s Holy Book each day, so I’m always ready should my name be called. 

I imagine Hailey received so many gifts upon arrival that she was glad she didn’t bring that earthly pink suitcase. While we try to fill our lives with worldly wealth, the wealth in Glory will far surpass anything we could conjure up here. Indeed, I suppose all the pink suitcases in the world could not contain the treasures awaiting when we arrive.

I’ve also heard that I won’t need a winter coat or even any clothes. By all accounts, the weather is perfect, the land exquisite, the joy unspeakable, the citizens glorious, and the price exceptional—by that, I mean, it’s free to pass holders—bought and paid for a long time ago by Jesus Christ. Every day I make sure I’ve packed my pass. The truth is, it’s so big, so heavy, and so heavenly, no pink suitcase could ever contain it. And only Jesus Christ could carry it.


                              Second Place Flash Fiction/Short Story                                        

 Florida Christian Writers Conference 2021

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