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A ROAD THAT LEADS TO…: A Devotional by Lorilyn Roberts

Last updated on January 18, 2023

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road to get documents signed toward China
Roads have always fascinated me. I often look at them in paintings and wonder where the artist intended for the road to end.
Back when I was married many years ago and worked long hours putting my husband through medical school, I had a painting I used to admire while I sat at my desk. On one side of the unpaved road was a fence; on the other were overhanging oak trees. The road disappeared over a mountain and faded into the background.
I used to wonder, where will we live when my husband finishes his education? What will he specialize in? And what will our lives be like? As I dictated my court reporting notes, I would stare at that painting, wishing I could be doing something else.
I am glad I didn’t know where that road went.  I wouldn’t have wanted to travel it. But hindsight knows better than foresight.  That road, my Via Dolorosa, was the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s the hard roads that mold us or break us; it is the journey that matters, not where we end up. That is already decided.
I thank God these many years later I am still here. Many of my friends and family aren’t. Their road was different from mine. But hopefully, when we arrive at the Pearl of Great Price, the journey will have been worth it, and the roads in that wonderful place won’t be paved in sorrow, as our Savior’s was, but paved in gold, a road that leads to…..what is your Via Dolorosa? Please share.
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