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BOOK MARKETING: “Why Should Readers Read Books by Indie Authors?”

Last updated on September 2, 2023

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Did you know that indie authors are genuinely independent? That is, they do not have the backing of large (or small) publishing houses. For these determined writers, money or fame doesn’t motivate them. Their passion is to write. Indie authors who persevere keep writing even if they sell only a few books. Successful indie authors refuse to give up, sometimes overcoming incredible odds to succeed.

Did you know indie authors tend to discount their e-books more than traditional authors? This is in an effort to entice new readers. Often, indie books are available on Amazon for free through Kindle Unlimited. 

Did you know indie authors often write outside the box? By this I mean the plots of their books often cross multiple genres, and they may even invent an entirely new category. They can take risks because they aren’t constrained by the rules of traditional publishers.

Did you know many famous authors debuted as indie authors? For example, Beatrix Potter, who wrote the Peter Rabbit Series; Darcy Chan whose book, The Mill River Recluse, appeared on the USA Today and New York Times Best-Seller lists for twenty-eight straight weeks; and Amanda Hocking, who was an indie author before she clinched a contract with a traditional publisher for over $2 million.

Did you know readers discovered these extraordinary talents even when traditional publishing houses rejected their books, not once or twice, but dozens of times? Why not make a New Year’s resolution? Read more indie-published books in 2023. You might be surprised by the talent you discover.

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