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HIGH PRAISE FOR LORILYN’S BOOKS: AM I OKAY, GOD? Five Stars from Readers’ Favorite Book Reviewer Kathryn Bennett

Last updated on September 21, 2023

Am I Okay, God? Devotionals from the Seventh Dimension by Lorilyn Roberts is geared for teens. It aims to answer any questions that come up, from self–esteem to dating, careers, forgiveness, and even abortion issues. Any issue you can think of for the younger set (and even some adults) can be found within these pages. It looks at what it means to be born again and offers a full range of 27 devotionals that come with links and other references to help continue education and enjoyment. It encourages discussion and should help to make you unafraid to speak about faith.

I have a friend with a preteen daughter who is starting to ask about these things. So when I got the chance to read Am I Okay, God?: Devotionals from the Seventh Dimension by Lorilyn Roberts and review it to see if it would help her, I did. I am glad I read this book. While it is laid out and geared in a way that is friendly for a younger audience, it is not light and fluffy in that sense. The topics covered are important, and each passage shows a way to look at it. To find the faith you need and to know what it means to be born again into the faith. I think it is a good and inspirational read that will help someone who wishes to walk the path.

The biggest thing I personally took away from this work is that it is okay to be a work in progress; it is okay to need to work on things because everyone has to work on things. I would recommend this one. 

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