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Category: Devotionals

A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE: John 3: 16 Marketing Network Missionary 2014 Trip to Nepal to Donate Books: Photographs are Worth a Thousand Words: A Devotional by Lorilyn Roberts

The trip to Nepal was such an amazing trip, I wanted to share a few more photographs of the kids…

AUDIOBOOK SAMPLE: THE PASSION WEEK OF CHRIST PRESENTED IN AUDIOBOOK – Seventh Dimension – The Castle: A Young Adult Fantasy: A Devotional by Lorilyn Roberts

Seventh Dimension – The Castle, A Young Adult Fantasy, Book 3 in Seventh Dimension Series by User 641217954 via #soundcloud…

BOOK EXCERPT: SEVENTH DIMENSION – THE PRESCIENCE: “Shavuot and Coronavirus – Will God Heal Our Land Fifty Days After Passover?” A Devotional by Lorilyn Roberts

Will we see something amazing happen at Pentecost or Shavuot?  Will God heal our land? Will He send Covid-19 into…


Lorilyn Roberts