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BOOK REVIEW: “Seventh Dimension – The Castle: A Young Adult Fantasy,” Five Stars from Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Paula Tran

Seventh Dimension – The Castle: A Young Adult Fantasy by Lorilyn Roberts describes a Jewish man, Daniel, who has been sucked into a seventh dimension. Traveling between different time periods, he is a wanted man by the Roman soldiers. In order to escape persecution and live in peace, Daniel must flee to Jerusalem, but not without complications. He constantly has to look behind his back for Roman soldiers, and has lost God’s gifts and many of his possessions. Most of all, he is being tormented by a demon, who tries to make his life as miserable as possible.

This novel will definitely be a treasure for readers of all ages. While it has a bit of a fantasy element to it, time travel and dimension traveling is always a classic page turner. However, this book is written in a more serious tone, dealing with some adult issues, problems, and ideas. The Castle also puts a whole new spin on time travel and dimension travel, with religious and cultural aspects to make it more dramatic and emotional. This book has elements that children and adults will love equally. 

I also like the way the author portrays the setting, action, and characters throughout the novel. Even in the beginning of the novel, the details are enough to allow readers to paint a picture in their minds, but not too much to bog them down. The characters are also realistic, dealing with problems that readers are able to relate to. In addition, the amount of suspense in the writing is amazing, which keeps the reader interested and turning the pages.


Five Stars from Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Paula Tran

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BOOK REVIEW: “Seventh Dimension – The Castle: A Young Adult Fantasy,” Five Stars from an Amazon Top Fifty Reviewer Doug Erlandson

By Doug ErlandsonTOP 50 REVIEWERon December 17, 2015


Seventh Dimension – The Castle is the third book in the Seventh Dimension Series of young adult fantasy written by Lorilyn Roberts. The protagonist is a young man named Daniel, who is Jewish, and who was born in the late twentieth century, but who is stuck in the “seventh dimension,” where time is illusory and time travel is possible. The Castle takes place mostly during the time of the earthly ministry of Yeshua (Jesus), in particular from shortly before his crucifixion until shortly after his resurrection. However, Daniel also on occasion finds himself flashing back to the time of the Holocaust, which he has also experienced in the course of his time travels.

While living during the time of Yeshua’s earthly ministry, Daniel encounters many of the characters spoken of in the Gospels and the Book of Acts and interacts with them. However, the one who most fascinates him is the miracle-working rabbi, Yeshua. As a Jew from the turn of the twenty-first century, Daniel has been told that Yeshua is not the Messiah, but that the Messiah is yet to come. However, as he witnesses the ministry and teaching of Jesus, and finally sees the resurrected Christ, he becomes convinced that Yeshua is indeed who he claims to be.
2015 Literary Classics Award Winner – Gold in YA faith-based fiction.
Daniel is more than a passive observer of all these things. He is also wanted by the Roman authorities for a crime he did not commit. His own life is often in danger, and this subplot is woven into the story of Daniel’s encounter with Yeshua.

This is a fast-moving, gripping book. It is thoroughly grounded in the scriptural account of the events of Jesus’ life. Because of this, it is especially appropriate as a way of bringing young adults into a better understanding of who the Messiah is and what he has done in bringing his people to salvation through his death on the cross.
Award-Winning Finalist: Religious category 2015 USA Best Book Awards. 
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BOOK REVIEW: “Seventh Dimension – The Castle” Five Stars from Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Paul Johnson

In Seventh Dimension – The Castle: A Young Adult Fantasy by Lorilyn Roberts, Daniel, a young Jewish man from present-day Jerusalem, enters the seventh dimension where he learns that time is an illusion. In the seventh dimension, he finds himself in first-century Palestine where he becomes witness to events surrounding the arrest and trial of Yeshua (Jesus). At the same time, Daniel himself is in danger, wanted by the Roman authorities as a runaway slave, and has escaped from prison. 

The scenes rapidly change. One moment in a Roman prison, then at the temple in Jerusalem where he watches Yeshua argue with the merchants, then to the Garden of Gethsemane when the guards arrest Yeshua and where Daniel is almost arrested. Finally, he is at Golgotha where Yeshua dies on the cross. 

While everyone knows the story of Jesus, this is a new perspective. Even knowing Yeshua is going to be betrayed and convicted, there is a sense of anxiety and horror experienced by Daniel as he watches the events unfold. But, for Daniel the story doesn’t end there, there is a learning of things to come. 

Seventh Dimension – The Castle is a strong account chock full of historical significance. It is filled with action and drama. It contains a lot of historical detail, sci-fi, fantasy, and even time travel. The story is technically well written. The fictional characters are strongly developed and the plotting allowed the story to build up at a steady comfortable pace. The dialogue is sharp, well done, and period-specific. All in all, a good story very nicely done.

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BOOK REVIEW: “Seventh Dimension – The Castle: A Young Adult Fantasy,” Five Stars from Literary Classics Book Awards and Reviews


Seventh Dimension – The Castle: A Young Adult Fantasy in the Seventh Dimension Series, by Lorilyn Roberts, is a fascinating book that immerses the reader into life during the time of Christ. Daniel has been trapped in the seventh dimension for years now. When he first found himself trapped in time, living in 1st century Israel he was just seventeen years old. Now he’s a man and he has gotten himself into serious trouble. Accused of being a runaway slave, a thief and a murderer, the Romans are on the lookout for him. It doesn’t help that he’s easily recognized for being the greatest Jewish charioteer in the world.

Author Lorilyn Roberts portrays the characters and scenes in this book with such depth and clarity that one can nearly feel the dust on their feet as they travel along the streets of Jerusalem alongside Daniel. Seeing this world through Daniel’s eyes is an enlightening way to experience life from a Jewish perspective during one of the most pivotal times in the history of mankind. Seventh Dimension – The Castle is highly recommended and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.

LITERARY CLASSICS Book Awards & Reviews International Book Awards • Top Honors Youth Book Awards • Seal of Approval and Gold Winner

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BOOK REVIEW: “Seventh Dimension – The King: A Young Adult Fantasy,” Five Stars from Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Emily-Jane Hills Orford

Book Review
Readers' Favorite Book Contest Award Winner

Reviewed by  for Readers’ Favorite

Daniel is a teenager with an unusual talent: he can read people’s thoughts. He’s also a young Jewish boy living in 2015, one with a troubled past that is marred by disappearances and deaths of loved ones that ultimately sent him to a psychiatric facility for rehabilitation. He quickly learns that rehabilitation isn’t something that science can fix and he leaves in frustration, only to return home and have his world literally disintegrate around him. That’s when he travels back in time to the first century, to an Israel that is totally foreign and a life that challenges not only his well being, but also his shattered beliefs, his shattered faith. Daniel crosses paths with Jesus of Nazareth. 

He meets others from this time period, good people and not-so-good people, and he chooses diverse paths in the misconception that money will solve his problems. In the end, he loses all that he earns in this first century world, justifying a need to find a purpose, to reclaim his Jewish faith and heritage, and to come to understand this person – this rabbi, this teacher, this healer – that people are claiming is the Son of God. 

Lorilyn Roberts has written a thrilling time travel story that will inspire young readers to look into themselves to discover their beliefs and their faith, and to strengthen their passion to follow their God. This is a page-turning thriller, a coming-of-age time travel fantasy that challenges a young man’s faith and belief in God.

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PRESS RELEASE: Reader’s Favorite Recognizes “Seventh Dimension – The King” in Its 2015 International Book Award Contest.

For Immediate Release:  September 28, 2015
Readers’ Favorite recognizes Seventh Dimension – The King in its 2015 International Book Award Contest.
The 2015 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest featured thousands of contestants from over a dozen countries.
Gainesville, FL.  Readers’ Favorite has become the fastest-growing book review and award contest site on the Internet. They have earned the respect of renowned publishers like Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins, and have received the “Best Websites for Authors” and “Honoring Excellence” awards from the Association of Independent Authors. They are also very proud to be fully accredited by the BBB (A+ rating), which is a rarity among Book Review and Book Award Contest companies.
In addition to reviewing for some of the biggest names in the literary industry, as well as the first-time independent author, they host a respected award contest that features entries from new authors to NYT best-sellers, as well as celebrities like Jim Carrey and Henry Winkler.
“Readers’ Favorite is proud to announce that Seventh Dimension – The King by Lorilyn Roberts is a Silver Medal Winner in the Young Adult – Coming of Age category in our 2015 International Book Award Contest.”
Amazon best-selling author Lorilyn Roberts combines Christian, Jewish, fantasy, and historical elements into a coming-of-age religious thriller.
In Seventh Dimension — The King, Book 2, a seventeen-year-old gifted Israeli boy becomes the focus of a wager between good and evil.  After an earthquake strikes the Temple Mount, a series of cataclysmic events propel the teen back to the first century.
Lorilyn Roberts was in Israel at the beginning of the Gulf War in 1991 and received her Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Perelandra College. You can visit Roberts at her website:
In addition, “Seventh Dimension – The King, Book 2,” received a gold medal in the 2014 Literary Classics Book Awards for faith-based YA fiction, was a finalist in the 2014 USA Book Awards for religious fiction, was a winner in the 9th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards for spirituality, was a finalist in the 2015 Best Indie Book Award for YA fiction, and was a finalist in the visionary category for the 2015 International Book Awards.
Lorilyn Roberts
Seventh Dimension – The King

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Gripping New Supernatural Thriller

By Martin Roth on August 1, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I am a fan of the Seventh Dimension Series of Christian supernatural thrillers from Lorilyn Roberts, and her latest, The Castle, is the best.

Like its predecessor, The King, it relates the story of Daniel, a young Jewish man from present-day Jerusalem who enters the seventh dimension, where, as a friend tells him, “time is an illusion.” He finds himself in first-century Palestine and a witness to events surrounding the arrest and trial of Yeshua (Jesus).

These scenes occupy roughly the first half of the book, and in many respects, they are the most gripping part of the whole drama. Though we know of course that Yeshua is going to be betrayed and convicted, we still share the profound sense of apprehension and horror experienced by Daniel as he watches the events unfold right before him.

At the same time, extra tension is injected into the proceedings because we are aware that Daniel himself is in danger, as he is wanted by the Roman authorities and has escaped from prison.

And in this superbly written multi-layered book there is even more. For overshadowing everything is our knowledge that present-day Daniel is searching for his father, who disappeared while on a business trip. It seems that perhaps he is being held in a mysterious castle, somewhere far away.

I enjoy historical fiction and was impressed by the skillful way in which the author brings Palestine to life. One moment we are in a Roman prison, then we are in the temple in Jerusalem, watching Yeshua argue with the merchants. We are in the Garden of Gethsemane when the guards arrest Yeshua (and almost arrest Daniel). We are at Golgotha as Yeshua dies on the cross.

I was happy that the author resisted the temptation to hurry the action along. So we have time to look around, hear the sounds, and smell the fragrances. We feel we are there.

The book becomes darker towards the end, and without giving too much away, there are further encounters with Yeshua that are straight from the Book of Revelation. And here Daniel learns something about his father and understands that he has been chosen for a special mission. It is a dramatic ending that sets us up for the next book in the series.

Highly recommended.

Link to Amazon to purchase:

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BOOK REVIEW: “Seventh Dimension – The Castle: A Young Adult Fantasy,” Five Stars from Amazon Reviewer/Author Jim Edwards: “A Fast Paced, Powerful and Insightful Novel – Excellent Read”





By Jim Edwards on July 29, 2015


Format: Kindle Edition

Once again, Lorilyn Roberts has given us a powerfully crafted sequel to her Seventh Dimension series. This is so much more than a YA Fantasy novel. I am well past her intended age group. This is a 21st Century re-telling of the greatest story ever told. In a fast-paced tale with many unexpected twists and turns, she draws out the depths of the human condition and the deceitfulness of the tempter, while illustrating the power and selfless love of Yeshua the Rabbi from Nazareth.


Daniel, now a young man, but born towards the end of the 20th century is stuck in the Seventh Dimension, in which time is an illusion until God’s appointed times. In ‘The Castle’ he becomes an eyewitness to the trials, crucifixion and resurrection of Yeshua, passionately described with great attention to detail and accuracy. 


Daniel has to decide for himself whether or not this healer and rabbi really is the long-promised Jewish Messiah, and whether his death was a murder or a sacrifice. What he cannot deny is witnessing Yeshua’s resurrection.

To acknowledge Yeshua as his Messiah, will be hugely costly and difficult against a hostile culture, and will Yeshua be able to help him find and free his missing father from his castle prison? For this we eagerly await the final book in the series.
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BOOK REVIEW OF SEVENTH DIMENSION – THE KING: A YOUNG ADULT FANTASY “Journey to Jesus,” Five Stars from Amazon Reviewer Eishinas


By Eishinason July 10, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionAll readers who pick up Author Lorilyn Roberts’ Seventh Dimension- The King are sure to take an interestingly engaging life journey of Daniel – a seventeen-year-old Jewish boy who doesn’t keep faith in God and Jewish beliefs. After witnessing the war and its suffering victims, one fine day Daniel’s life gets a new dimension when he finds himself transported through time from Israel to the Roman ruling era.

The King unfolds itself into a captivating read with the perfect blend of fantasy, religion, and drama to be explored by Daniel in a whole new Seventh Dimension.

Author Lorilyn Roberts has done a wonderful job of depicting a realistic picture of times in the book be it the war struck Israel or be it the times of the Roman rule and their lifestyle making it easy for her readers to have a perfect imaginary visual of the adventures of Daniel’s life.

I would highly recommend this absolutely interesting book to people of all ages and esp. to those with an interest in religion or historic reading. For sure this book is to keep its readers engaged till the very last page, providing them with a whole new and strong storyline in the genre of fantasy. It’s a must-read!!


Get your copy from Amazon by clicking here.

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BOOK REVIEW: “Seventh Dimension – The King: A Young Adult Fantasy,” Five Stars from Readers’ Favorite Book Reviewer Jennifer Hansen

Seventh Dimension – The King is simply put, one of the best, most creative books I have ever read in any genre of literature. I read from cover to cover in one sitting..that is how spectacular and all-encompassing this book is!! I simply could not put it down!

There are so many elements of the story that I loved that I am not sure where to begin! The character development was extraordinary! I felt like I knew both Shale and Daniel and I saw myself in their struggles and their achievements! I LOVED the animals as well and how intertwined they became throughout the story.

I also was so impressed by the vivid imagery that Roberts created! I could see everything so clearly as I read through the story which just added another layer of excellence and depth to the tale. 

While I loved all of the aforementioned aspects of The King, what was most important to me was the development of their individual spiritual journeys. This is what makes this so much more than a great story…there is something that everyone will find that they can relate to in their own relationship with God. 

I am sure I am not the only one who would like to have met Jesus 2000 years ago…the mastery and God-given talent that has been written in these pages has allowed me to do that….I absolutely loved this book and I hope that everyone who reads it will be blessed by the story as I have been! This is not just a story ….it’s an adventure and experience I won’t soon forget!


The next book in the Seventh Dimension Series will be published on July 24. Here is the back cover blurb: 

The Seventh Dimension Award-Winning Series continues in Seventh Dimension – The Castle. Daniel is haunted by a recurring dream of his missing father in a mysterious castle. When he is captured by the Romans and finds asylum in the Temple, he discovers a sealed scroll that reveals his future concerning a wager between good and evil. But the stakes are raised when the 17-year-old witnesses the trial and crucifixion of Yeshua. The convergence of time with supernatural events creates a suspenseful ending and the prelude to the fourth book in the Seventh Dimension Series, The City

 You can order your copy and have it automatically delivered to your Kindle 

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BOOK REVIEW: Seventh Dimension – The King: A Young Adult Fantasy: Four Stars from Amazon Reviewer Hannah

I (an Amazon reviewer) received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Seventh Dimension The King: A Young Adult Fantasy is the second book in Lorilyn Roberts’ Seventh Dimension series. Though this is a series, I feel that the books could be read out of order and be enjoyed just as much. At least the first two can.

Daniel is a Jew, albeit one who doesn’t practice his Jewish heritage. He lives in Israel, and during the time we start the book they are in a middle of a war. To summarize these events, he opens a door and is transported to the Seventh Dimension.

If you don’t know exactly what the Seventh Dimension is, you may be a little confused until the character figures it out as well.

The Seventh Dimension is an alternate reality, during the rule of Rome and the life of Jesus of Nazareth. The Seventh Dimension is just like your reality, complete with your family and possibly other acquaintances. The only difference is the time period, not to mention the fact that residents of the Seventh Dimension don‘t understand that you aren’t from the same dimension as they are.

Characters are transported here to … sort themselves out. To find who they are and figure out their relationship with God.

This book is similar to the story of the first book in the series in the way that it contains the same events, except told from a different character’s point of view. From what I remember of the first book, the author did a great job of meshing the stories together; I didn’t notice any inconsistencies between them.

I found the first part of Seventh Dimension – The King to be a bit somber, but it seemed to more or less ease up after you got a few pages into it.

It was a believable and realistic story, and well-written.

I know this has nothing to do with the story itself, but I enjoyed the fact that most of the chapters were short; it made it easy to read while on a break.

While in the Seventh Dimension, Daniel experiences many miracles, all the while wrestling with his own emotions and opinions. I find that during the course of the book, Lorilyn Roberts does an accurate job portraying what it must have been like to live at that time and the wonderings and opinions that people may have had in response to the events taking place.

As we follow Daniel through his journey we see him change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse, but in the end, he makes the right decision and finds both who he is and who he wants to be.

Even if you aren’t a particularly religious person, there are still elements of this book that you can enjoy. Especially if you like chariot racing, told from the point of view of the racer. I found that part of the book to be particularly interesting.

In the first book, I didn’t particularly like the relationship between Daniel and Shale (the protagonist of the first book in the series). I felt that it developed too quickly and that the characters should have been focusing more on their spiritual lives, especially if they wanted to leave the Seventh Dimension. However, in the second book, you find that it wasn’t pointless and that it is conducive to the plot.

Overall I found this to be a well-written and believable book, slightly Narnia-esque in its concept, and enjoyable for young adults as well as adults.

By Amazon Reviewer, Hannah

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BOOK REVIEW: AM I OKAY, GOD? Five Stars from Readers’ Favorite Book Reviewer Kathryn Bennett

Am I Okay, God? Devotionals from the Seventh Dimension by Lorilyn Roberts is geared for teens. It aims to answer any questions that come up, from self–esteem to dating, careers, forgiveness, and even abortion issues. Any issue you can think of for the younger set (and even some adults) can be found within these pages. It looks at what it means to be born again and offers a full range of 27 devotionals that come with links and other references to help continue education and enjoyment. It encourages discussion and should help to make you unafraid to speak about faith.

I have a friend with a preteen daughter who is starting to ask about these things. So when I got the chance to read Am I Okay, God?: Devotionals from the Seventh Dimension by Lorilyn Roberts and review it to see if it would help her, I did. I am glad I read this book. While it is laid out and geared in a way that is friendly for a younger audience, it is not light and fluffy in that sense. The topics covered are important and each passage shows a way to look at it. To find the faith you need and to know what it means to be born again into the faith. I think it is a good and inspirational read that will help someone who wishes to walk the path.

The biggest thing I personally took away from this work is that it is okay to be a work in progress; it is okay to need to work on things because everyone has to work on things. I would recommend this one.


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BOOK REVIEW OF CHILDREN OF DREAMS, by Amazon Reviewer/Author Steve Corley

A beautiful review by Steve Corley of my memoir of adoption for Mother’s Day.

Children of Dreams by Lorilyn Roberts 

 Adoption has always been important to Lorilyn Roberts. She herself has been adopted twice. The first time was by her earthly parents and then by God. Ms. Roberts is the mother of two adopted daughters. Her book, Children of Dreams is the story of all those adoptions, but mostly about the adoption of her daughters. She begins the gripping story at about the time she was thirty years old.

 At the age of thirty, Ms. Roberts’ world was torn apart by an unfaithful husband and the subsequent divorce. Her dream of being a mom seemed to be on the burn pile. With no husband, how could she ever hope to have children of her own? Then, the idea for adoption. And, while that sounds simple enough, she chose to move forward with international adoption. The story takes us to Nepal where she encountered life in a third-world country. Her writing style is warm and personal, so the reader experiences in some small measure the fear, doubts, and other emotions she went through. The international adoption process is full of reasons to generate a multitude of emotions. She recounts her relationship with God during this turbulent ordeal. Ms. Roberts never holds herself out to be some “super Christian.” In fact, I thought she was rather forthcoming in expressing her spiritual doubts.

After some years, life seemed to be at a point where she could consider adopting a second child. Then her daughter developed some serious health problems. If you’ve ever wondered if its possible for an adoptive parent to feel the same love for their child as biological parents do, read about the terror Ms. Roberts went through. Read how God prevailed and made it possible for her to go to Vietnam to adopt her youngest daughter. Vietnam was another place where the reader gets to take a white-knuckle ride. 

Through all her “adventures,” Ms. Roberts comes to parallel the story to God’s adoption process. She finds her faith at the critical moments, but not before the reader either wants to give her a comforting hug or shake her and say “get a grip on yourself.” In the end, God prevails and the reader is uplifted. I think you will enjoy getting to know Lorilyn’s heart and those of her two “children of dreams.”

Visit Steve’s Website: 

Steve Corley’s Thoughts – A Sometimes Weekly Blog: Children of Dreams by Lorilyn Roberts – A Review


BOOK REVIEW: “Seventh Dimension – The Door: A Young Adult Fantasy” Five Stars from Readers’ Favorite Reviewer Maria Beltran

Reviewed by Maria Beltran for Readers’ Favorite
Five Stars



Seventh Dimension – The Door: A Young Adult Fantasy by Lorilyn Roberts is a young adult fantasy novel about the adventures of Shale Snyder. Bullied at school and a product of a broken family, she finds herself in an unusual situation when she is transported to a garden paradise. She meets a donkey and a rabbit there who inform her that she is in the garden of the king himself. There is trouble in the garden, however, and Shale escapes to the seventh dimension together with a dog. More adventures await her in the amazing place where she finds herself. And in facing them, she is forced to look inside her heart. Hungry for love, will she finally find it here?
What is surprising about this young adult fantasy book is that although it is a fantasy story, it manages to deal with the issues that confront our young people today. Shale Snyder, the main character in the story, personifies many of the problematic young people in our present society. This makes her a real person to me. Because of her background, she longs for real love and she looks for it subconsciously. The talking animals make this story a fable and I can imagine that it will be an entertaining read for young people. 
In Seventh Dimension – The Door, I think the author Lorilyn Roberts intends to give young and rejected kids some hope that they will find what they are looking for someday and hints where to find it. And the reader also gets the extra bonus of going through a very entertaining book that will surely tickle their imagination. There is no doubt that this book is a must-read for people of all ages.
FREE on Amazon Kindle and across the web.
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BOOK REVIEW OF SEVENTH DIMENSION – THE DOOR: A Young Adult Fantasy: Amazon Reviewer/Author Melissa Main: “Good Literature Combats Crippling Bullying”

Jasmine McClain, a 10-year-old student, couldn’t bear the bullying from her fellow students at Chadbourne Elementary anymore. She hung herself in her bedroom. Unfortunately, her mom did not find her in time to save her. Bryan Oliver, a 16-year-old student at Taft Union High School, escaped his torment by using a different method. He brought a shotgun to school and wounded one of the bullies and targeted another before being taken down by a teacher.

The effects of bullying plague our society. Death, violence, and depression destroy the fabric of our society and bullying destroys the self-esteem of individuals. How can people, especially teenagers, learn about the dangers of bullying? How can we prevent bullying in our society? How do we help bullied teens so that they do not commit suicide or murder?

One way to change society and address the issue of bullying is through literature. Literature changes the way people see problems and helps them to become more sensitive to social issues. A famous example of a book changing society’s views on an issue is Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. It changed attitudes towards slavery and fueled the abolitionist movement.

In today’s climate of bullying, our society needs books for teens and adults that help them become more sensitive toward this vital social issue. Seventh Dimension – The Door, by Lorilyn Roberts, is a book that takes readers into the mind and thoughts of a bullied teen. They see her torment and her anguish. They experience her loneliness, and they see how she struggles to cope with the taunts of her classmates.

Seventh Dimension – The Door: A Young Adult Fantasy is a coming-of-age story about a bright, but sensitive, fourteen-year-old girl named Shale who feels misunderstood and isolated from the other students at her school and in her neighborhood. Judd, a boy at her school, ruthlessly picks on her and attempts to get her in trouble with the school authorities. At home, she feels out of place because her mom has remarried and her dad does not have regular contact with her.

Feeling alone and confused, she wanders into the woods and finds a seventh dimension. This fascinating land parallels her life at home but takes place in the first century during the days of Jesus Christ, a key character in the story. This beautiful, yet violent land forces Shale to face her inner fears and choose a new direction for her life, including making choices about her relationship with a handsome young man.

Facing dramatic action and spiritual warfare, Shale completes her time in the seventh dimension and becomes a stronger woman. She learns how to face bullying and how to find inner peace during difficult times.


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The Reviewer is Stefan Vucak (3 stars). Here is her unedited review:

“With her mother divorced, foster father away and after a series of troubled experiences at school, Shale Snyder encounters a strange white dog who leads her through a portal into another dimension. In a strange kaleidoscopic world, she meets a talking donkey and a rabbit. Descending into a village, Shale is told that her real father is a powerful Roman official and she is transported 2000 years into the past. Always busy, her father doesn’t have much time for her, working to suppress an uprising in Jerusalem. Her foster mother is jealous of her, banishing a boy Shale was friends with, but ends up getting her comeuppance. Shale joins with the king, discovers God and returns to her own reality.

I liked the start to “Seventh Dimension”. Lorilyn Roberts portrays Shale as a real person with real problems, and I was waiting to see how her life would develop. When she slips into another dimension and encounters talking animals with which she can converse, the story loses much of its appeal as the discourse with them often doesn’t have much relevance to anything. Shale is searching for something and I thought it was family and fatherly love. When she observes the ‘king’ being tempted by the devil with its allegorical reference to Christ’s life, the book turns into a twisted bible story and everything becomes predictable. Lorilyn Roberts has allowed her imagination to soar with the “Seventh Dimension”, invoking haunting images of magic and childish delight. Her writing is evocative and the dialogue crisp, making it a pleasure to read. As a religious fairytale with magic thrown in, the book will have a big audience, especially young readers.”

Here are my comments from Ms. Vucak’s review which I hope readers will find evocative. I welcome the opportunity to expound on some of the issues this reviewer raises. Be aware, that if you have not read Seventh Dimension – The Door, you might find this a spoiler.

Thank you for reviewing my book Seventh Dimension – The Door.


First, there are some important factual errors that are important in understanding the theme of Seventh Dimension – The Door.


Shale’s foster father was not away. In fact, there was no foster father at all. Shale was “abandoned” by her birth father when she was young. He left Shale’s mother penniless. Shale and her mother were forced to live with strangers for years and the young girl Shale lived with when the story begins was a bully and hated her.


Two years later, after the “accident,” Shale’s mother remarried. The man she married became her stepfather, though he had not adopted her.


This is important, and crucial to the story because the theme of the book is: You are a daughter of the king.


I bring this up also because Shale’s family was not “fixable” until something significant happened – mainly until Shale changed. This happened when she went back in time into the Seventh Dimension where she was forced to confront her own demons, her dysfunctional family, the father who left her, the boy who molested her, her wicked stepmother, her brother who needed healing, as well as meeting a young man from her future, and a powerful king.


You missed another very important point. Here is a quote from your review: “When she slips into another dimension and encounters talking animals with which she can converse, the story loses much of its appeal as the discourse with them often doesn’t have much relevance to anything.”


The animals are important. First, they represent parts of Shale’s personality – fearful, insecure, bossy, and yet pristine with a kind heart. Can you identify which animals these were? Worldly Crow was the betrayer – how you could think the animals have no relevance is strange to me.


The animals move the plot forward: The dog, in the beginning, spelled backward is symbolic of God reaching down and drawing her into His world. When we have a spiritual encounter, we enter into another world. I called it the seventh dimension. The animals introduced her to the King – her eternal heavenly father. The animals accepted her unconditionally and had faith in her. Shale gained strength from them and grew in maturity as she cared for them. She learned to put their needs ahead of her own. In the beginning, Shale was really very selfish and self-absorbed, as are all young adults who have been abused. It’s a matter of self-preservation.


I could say more about this. There is a lot of symbolism – the bird in the garden was the first to tell her she was a daughter of the king – like a prophetic foreshadowing. In the end, the king set the bird free, allegorical of Shale being set free.


Shale learned obedience through suffering, through imprisonment in her private quarters. You will remember toward the end, she locked herself in the room willingly. Obedience is part of the Christian life.


You made this statement in your review: “Shale is searching for something and I thought it was family and fatherly love. When she observes the ‘king’ being tempted by the devil with its allegorical reference to Christ’s life, the book turns into a twisted bible story and everything becomes predictable.”


Sadly, many kids will never receive love from their families. They will receive judgment and conditional love. Conditional love comes in many forms.


To be honest, I would be hard-pressed to believe you could have known what would happen from the temptation in the wilderness until the end of the book. If you did know, you are a genius and you should be able to make some big bucks with that kind of intelligence. My utmost respect for you if that is true.


The biggest issue for Shale was she had to learn forgiveness to be able to receive the king’s unconditional love. When she returned home, she brought the rock into the house and took it up to her room, even though her mother didn’t understand. Shale at that point had enough self-worth to overcome her mother’s lack of understanding and begin anew. She was no longer bound by other people’s opinion of her. The word Ebenezer means “new beginnings.”


I get the impression, though I may be wrong, that you are not a Christian and do not understand the power of this story in Biblical terms. The message here for kids is one of hope – that you can rise above your circumstances and your difficult family situation and succeed in life, but you don’t have to do it all on your own. In fact, you can’t in human terms do it all on your own. The king of kings will help you. Shale entered into a search for answers and she found a Savior. She realized who her father was—a king who would never leave her or forsake her.


I hope my extensive comments here will help you to see this is more than just a story – it’s my life told in fable and allegory. I was Shale Snyder, and this is my testimony with lots of creative storytelling. And I will leave it to the reader to wonder which is true and which is fiction.



BOOK REVIEW: “Seventh Dimension – The Door: A Young Adult Fantasy,” by Allbooks Reviewer Cecilia Lee


Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Author: Lorilyn Roberts
Title: Seventh Dimension – The Door


This book is about our need for ultimate love and understanding. Set in today’s society where self-doubt, bullying, broken homes and brokenness is rampant, this book is a must-read.

Seventh Dimension – The Door is a touching story about a hurt young girl who finds the ultimate love of the king.     
Meet Shale Snyder. She is an emotionally and psychologically injured girl – after many years of torment at school and abandonment at home, she is left empty and hollow inside. She feels misunderstood. She has an internal longing, but for what she doesn’t know!
One day, she is transported to a happy, peaceful garden. She meets up with two talking animals: a fat, apple-loving donkey and a cute, sweet rabbit, who tell her she is in the “king’s garden”. However, a hint of evil disrupts the serenity of the garden, and while trying to escape from the menacing presence, they, she and a dog whom she has known before get transported to another world in the 7th dimension through a door, hence the title of this book, Seven Dimension – The Door.
Our heroine has several adventures in the 7thdimension. There are many weird things there – like a boy who is also from her world, except 3 years into her future! She learns the king of the garden is there. She wants to find out more about him and wants to meet him. However, she has to deal with issues within herself as they stand in the way of her ability to receive the king’s love. Finally, the story builds to an ending climax where she is given the ultimate test.
You have to read this book to find out who the giver of this amazing love is; who can mend a broken heart, love unconditionally, understand unceasingly, and fill the void in our hearts. You will be surprised to find out what our heroine has been longing for all along. Also, read about all the curious circumstances in the 7thDimension.
You won’t be able to put this book down until you reach the end. The author, Lorilyn Roberts, has this incredible ability to build suspense until the climax in the end. Don’t cheat and read the ending first because the journey into the 7thDimension is just, if not, more compelling and spellbinding. Bon voyage!
Cecilia Lee, Reviewer, Allbooks Review International



Title: Seventh Dimension – The Door
Author: Lorilyn Roberts
Publisher: Rear Guard Publishing
Dec. 2012
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BOOK REVIEW OF SEVENTH DIMENSION – THE DOOR: A Young Adult Fantasy, by Amazon Reviewer/Author Sandra McLeod Humphrey

What a great mix of ingredients inherent in this Christian allegorical novel for young adults! There’s plenty of drama and conflict inherent in the ongoing battle between good and evil with a sprinkling of romance and even a dash of political commentary. 

The animal characters are charming and the human characters are equally interesting. We immediately identify with the young protagonist Shale as she deals with her feelings of rejection, abandonment, and social isolation, and we can also empathize with Daniel and his conflicted feelings about just who the teacher really is–whether He is actually who Shale believes Him to be. 

I love the concept of “multiple realities” depending on the choices one makes, and I think this is really a novel for all ages. It’s a journey of self-discovery but so much more!

To listen to a free audio sample, click here

To purchase, click here

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BOOK REVIEW: “Children of Dreams,” Five Stars from Amazon Review/Author Katherine Harms: “Finding Fulfillment”

Here is a review that Katherine Harms posted last week that I loved. Yes, some reviews impact authors more than others; when they hit that nerve within us that speaks to the heart of what we have written. 


I think everyone I know has asked at some time, “Why am I here?” Lorilyn Roberts asks that question, too, and she answers it in Children of Dreams. Acting on her faith that God never abandons someone who is following his call, Lorilyn wades through, works around, or climbs over obstacles spread over half a world. Having traveled in a few third-world countries myself, I recognized some of the bureaucratic nightmares that stalked her effort to adopt two little girls and fulfill her dream and calling to be a mother. 

Many people would have been stopped in their tracks by the initial processes and endless forms required for an international adoption. Many, many people would have wilted in Nepal as soon as they discovered they should have brought a carton of toilet paper with them. Not many single women would have braved what passes for a mountain highway in Nepal on a tiny scooter navigating past barricades and stone-throwing rebels for love of a baby. Many people would have given up on the whole thing as promise after promise was broken in Viet Nam before Lorilyn finally held her new baby in her arms.

A chronicle of faith in action, Lorilyn’s path was as convoluted and full of tears as the path of the Israelites to the promised land. She, too, discovered that God has his own way of shining light into dark days and ultimately giving his children more than they even hope for. This book is worth much more than the time you will spend reading it. Don’t miss Children of Dreams.

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