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BOOK AWARDS: “SEVENTH DIMENSION – THE PRESCIENCE: A Young Adult Fantasy” is a Finalist in Two Categories for the 2018 International Book Awards

LOS ANGELES – American Book Fest announced the winners and finalists of THE 2018 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS (IBA)on May 27, 2018. Over 400 winners and finalists were announced in over 90 categories. Awards were presented for titles published in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Jeffrey Keen, President and CEO of American Book Fest, said this year’s contest yielded over 2,000 entries from authors and publishers around the world, which were then narrowed down to the final results.

Keen says of the awards, “The 2018 results represent a phenomenal mix of books from a wide array of publishers throughout the world. With a full publicity and marketing campaign promoting the results of IBA, this year’s winners and finalists will gain additional media coverage for the summer season.”

Keen adds, “IBA’s success begins with the enthusiastic participation of authors and publishers and continues with our distinguished panel of industry judges who bring to the table their extensive editorial, PR, marketing, and design expertise.”

More information about the 10th Annual International Book Awards can be found at

American Book Fest covers books from all sections of the publishing industry—mainstream, independent, & self-published. More information can be found at

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Fiction: Visionary


Seventh Dimension: The Prescience, A Young Adult Fantasy, Book 5 by Lorilyn Roberts

Best Cover Design: Fiction

Seventh Dimension: The Prescience, A Young Adult Fantasy, Book 5 by Lorilyn Roberts

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BOOK AWARDS: “Seventh Dimension – The Prescience: A Young Adult Fantasy,” Honored as a Finalist in the 2018 Eric Hoffer Awards

Seventh Dimension – The Prescience, A Young Adult Fantasy, has been honored as a 2018 Eric Hoffer Finalist Award in the Da Vinci Eye category.

I give all the credit to my book cover designer, Lisa Vento. To learn more about Lisa, you can visit her website by clicking here.

To learn more or to order The Prescience, you can visit my website by clicking here.


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-Winner of the 2014 Literary Classics Book Awards for faith-based YA fiction 

-Finalist in the 2014 USA Book Awards for religious fiction

-Winner in the 9th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards for spirituality

-Finalist in the visionary category for the 2015 International Book Awards.

-Silver winner in the 2015 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards for YA

-Finalist (fifth) in the 2015 Best Indie Book Award for YA fiction

After a series of devastating events, a gifted seventeen-year-old Israeli boy becomes the focus of a wager between good and evil. Marked by one, he travels to first-century Israel and meets a doctor who becomes his mentor. When he unwittingly makes a pact with the devil and the girl he loves is betrothed to another, his life takes a different course – until his eyes are opened. Trapped in the seventh dimension, how far will God go to save him?

To learn more or see all the places it’s available for sale, click here.

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BOOK AWARDS: “SEVENTH DIMENSION – THE CITY: A Young Adult Fantasy” Wins the 2017 Book Excellence Award for Cover Design

To share the background of the cover for The City, Lisa Vento, my cover designer, sent me the book cover as a sample two or three years ago, before I knew I was going to write the book. I loved the cover so much I wrote the story to fit the cover. Of course, I think it was divinely-inspired. God knew the cover before I did and sent it to me through Lisa.

To see more of Lisa Vento’s book covers, you can visit her website: Lisa Vento

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BOOK AWARDS: “SEVENTH DIMENSION – THE CITY: A Young Adult Fantasy,” Wins Three More Awards

Seventh Dimension – The City, A Young Adult Fantasy, has been the recipient of three more awards.

I am excited to announce Seventh Dimension – The City is a finalist in the 2017 International Book Awards in the visionary category, won silver in Dan Poynter Global eBook Awards for religion/faith fiction, and won bronze in the Florida Authors & Publishers Association Awards for religion.



I will be releasing the next book in the Seventh Dimension Series soon, Seventh Dimension – The Prescience, and will be discounting Seventh Dimension – The City to $2.99 on Kindle for a limited time. 

If you are a homeschooling mom of teens, I hope you will download the first book in the series for free as an ebook Seventh Dimension – The Door.

I have combined contemporary issues with historical fact and woven in Christian fantasy to create a tale of truth based on Scripture. There is no sex, only mild violence, and no offensive language. But there is suspense and mystery. The Seventh Dimension Series so far as won twenty-five awards. 

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Winning awards has been a great validation of my passion, tenacity, and hard work in writing books, but I don’t take it for granted that every book will win anything. Like an athlete, I’m constantly striving to make each book better, spending months researching and thinking about the plot before I ever write the first word.


The next book in the Seventh Dimension Series will be book five. In the meantime, as I research and read books dealing with Islam – yes, a hint about book five – I felt led to share all the awards the series has won so far. Many friends and readers are unaware of how many I’ve accumulated.

Next month, I’m going to Las Vegas to receive an award for The City from Literary Classics. I’ve never been to any ceremonies for the awards I’ve won, so I’m looking forward to being a “celebrity” of sorts for an evening. Maybe I’ll have a photo snapped that I will post on my blog. I guess that means I need to buy some new clothes and get my hair done so, as my kids say, I’ll look presentable. Maybe that’s just what I needed, a good excuse to indulge myself and pull myself away from the computer. 
Seventh Dimension – The Door, Book 1
  • 2013 International Book Awards Finalist
  • 2013 Grace Awards Finalist
  • 2013 Selah Awards Finalist
  • 2013 Readers’ Favorite Finalist
  • 2014 Book Goodies Best CoverContest Winner, YA category

Seventh Dimension – the King, Book 2
  • Winner of the 2014 Literary Classics Book Awards for faith-based YA fiction 
  • Finalist in the 2014 USA Book Awards for religious fiction 
  • Winner in the 9th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards for spirituality 
  • Finalist in the visionary category for the 2015 International Book Awards. 
  • Silver winner in the 2015 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards for YA 
  • Finalist (fifth) in the 2015 Best Indie Book Award for YA fiction 

Seventh Dimension – The Castle, Book 3


  • Foreword Reviews’ 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards Finalist
  • 2015 Literary Classics Awards Winner for YA Faith-Based Fiction. 
  • 2015 USA Best Book Awards Finalist: Religious Fiction Category 
  • 2015 Winner – Young Adult Spirituality  
  • 2016 Great Southeast Book Festival Runner Up Winner for YA
  • 2016 New York Book Festival Honorable Mention.
  • 2016 Readers Favorite Award Winner, Historical Fiction  
  • 2016 Global eBook Awards Winner, Fantasy/Historical


Seventh Dimension – The City, Book 4

2016 Literary Classics Award Winner for Young Adult Faith-Based Fiction
(Since The City was just published, hopefully, it will win more awards in the future).

I thank God for allowing me to pursue my passion for blogging and writing books, and I pray that everything I write glorifies my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To God be the Glory!
Finalist in 2014 International Book Awards for Christian Inspirational and Book Cover Design and 2015 Readers’ Favorite Finalist in Young Adult Nonfiction





BOOK AWARDS: SEVENTH DIMENSION – THE KING: A Young Adult Fantasy: “The Series Appeals to Old and Young Alike”

Having enjoyed the first novel in this series I was enthusiastic to read this book, the second novel in the series. I adore young adult novels (despite being far older than a young adult!) and this novel did not disappoint. The novel is a wonderful, and intriguing, mix of historical, spiritual, and supernatural, all merged into an imaginative story. 

The story moves at a fast and engaging pace, and the plot is full of adventure, fantasy, history, and interesting settings and characters. For those who have not read the first in the series, this novel can be read as a standalone, as the reader will have no trouble understanding what is going on (some parts at the beginning may be a little confusing, but if you persevere the story comes together). 

If you love fantasy novels and enjoy elements of time travel, history, and spirituality mixed into a coming-of-age, creative plot then I am sure you will also enjoy this novel.~Amazon Reviewer

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