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Last updated on January 19, 2023


Will the real Lorilyn Roberts please stand? I hope that’s me. My Facebook page was copied by an impostor who wanted to be me. It’s rather strange to see your picture and personal information being attributed to another person. Do I have a twin I don’t know about? Am I still alive? Or am I losing my mind?

I admit I have a wee bit of curiosity as to who this other Lorilyn Roberts is. I wonder if she wants to pay my bills. Maybe she could solve all of my problems. I have enough issues to keep her so busy she won’t have time to copy anybody else’s Facebook site. She can also feed my dogs and pamper my cats. Miss Impostor, if I weren’t a Christian, I would call you some other vile name that probably wouldn’t be found in a G-rated dictionary.

Facebook earns an “F” for their inability to deal with security issues. I wonder if they made any money off that recent movie. Maybe they could use the profits to invest in a phone line so victims like me can have a number to call and speak to a real person (not a fake). How about an email address? After all, it’s been five days since I filled out one of those help forms. In fact, I filled out multiple help forms.

Reminds me too much of the Washington bureaucrats’ healthcare plan. Did anybody ever read that thing? They probably took as little time to read that monstrosity as Facebook has taken to read my messages. Nilch!  Shoot, you give me access to that delete button and I will make that fake profile of Lorilyn Roberts disappear so fast you will think I am an alien with superpowers.

However, I do have the power of the written word at my disposal and I plan to use it to show the world how easy it is to be impersonated on Facebook; and did I use the word “inept” to describe Facebook’s quick response? Or how about lack of response? Good thing it’s just my reputation. Otherwise, I might hire a lawyer.

As a former court reporter, I have typed enough depositions that they fill my entire attic. Maybe I should dust off those old stenograph notes and find myself a good expensive attorney who will take Facebook to the cleaners and the fake Lorilyn Roberts to the brig. Maybe a few cents out of Facebook’s pocket might cause them to care about my time, my reputation, and my friends who have been harassed by this impostor.

And for those who happen upon my blog, don’t think you are immune. I am just an ordinary person living an ordinary life with an ordinary home doing an ordinary job. However, I do have extraordinary kids. But if someone would choose me to pick on, they could pick on you, too.

This scam artist used my picture, copied my profile, and contacted my friends representing herself (or him) to be me. This imposture duped eighty of my friends into becoming her friend. She sent messages to them on Facebook attempting to entice them to do something that nobody could figure out. Need a sampling? Here you go.

Agent Jean help deaf and hard of hearing in the state and I have get my money from them $50,000 real cash. They brought it down to my door step am really happy. wow!! thanks to Agent Jean deaf help, makes my life better. I saw your name on list of people getting money too, i saw it and i wonder if you get your money yet? 25 people get it here and i also see in deaf news paper too about your name. If you haven’t get your money better contact,”

I actually did contact her on a specially-created Yahoo account for this devilish purpose. I would like to know who this other Lorilyn Roberts is who claims to be me, and this was her response:

Hello Lorilyn,
My name is Agent Jean Jose We have been waiting here online to talk to you I work for Federal Agency,We remember your Screen name on our list here and your money is available for you to claim, Let us know if you ready to claim the money and we Explain to you how we got your Screen name, You listen and read carefully.Am a Special Agent From the Obama help Organization.We recover the sum of $200,000,000(Two Hundred Million Dollars) from online scammers in the last 12 months. The Federal Government under the leadership of president Obama and the Nigerian government is giving out $50,000.00( fifty Thousand Dollars)To all Yahoo and AIM Sn was found on the scammers computer. And its apart of measure to stop scamming and to compensate those that their screen name was found on the scammers computer. We want to be sure we are giving the money to the right person. we want you to be honest with us in giving us the right information. When you done reading let me know.Congratulations, When you are done reading let us know so that you can claim your money.Thanks

While bringing the money to you at your home and i will like to know if you want a check or a cash money … which one is preferable to you?

Alright, you will need to fill a form for security reason and where we will keep your info so we not going to send the money to Wrong person, are you ready to fill out the form now?

Postal or Home Address For Delivery *
Deaf or Hearing? *
Text Phone *
Occupation *
Gender *
Age *
Do you want cash package or check (Cheque)?
Mobile phone #

Sorry, you ain’t getting one bit of personal information from me, you fool! May God have mercy on you. You will need it.

Sarcasm aside, I want the public to be made aware of this issue. Maybe I should contact the FBI, except they don’t have an email address or phone number to call for complaints either. Does anybody care? I contacted two governmental watchdog groups for scams. I wonder if I will hear from them? Something tells me not to be optimistic.

In the meantime, I wage my public war with the pen. Perhaps the pen is mightier anyway. Who wants bad publicity, and if enough people complain somebody somewhere will do something. Justice usually prevails in the end. I am just impatient. I want it now, and I want this impostor caught and punished so she (or he) doesn’t do this to anyone else.

I believe Facebook owes it to those who use its network and services to protect people’s privacy and to respond in a prompt manner when security violations are reported.

Here is a screenshot of my impostor’s Facebook page.

It looks like my page, doesn’t it? Maybe she just liked my picture. Sorry, God made only one Lorilyn Roberts and that person happens to be me.

It’s been five days and Facebook has done nothing to remove this fake profile from their website, even after repeated notifications by myself and several of my friends.

If you want to help in a small way, leave a comment on my blog. Your comments will boost my placement on Google. Higher placement will increase the likelihood that someone who cares about these kinds of issues will see my blog. Hopefully, a Good Samaritan will help me to find justice in this preposterous situation.

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  1. Julie A Rucker Julie A Rucker

    Hey Lorilyn, I actually reported and blocked this impostors profile once you told me, yet, she pops up still when I put your name into a search on facebook! What in the world! I've blocked others, and if I would put their name in a search, it doesn't come up! Yet, this one still does!? Is it Facebook itself that's doing the it!? Good Gravy!
    I will keep reporting that profile for you. How crazy! I hope you get some resolve soon!
    Jewels Staiger

  2. Heather Doles Heather Doles

    I am so aggravated for you! It could happen to any of us. Makes me want to delete my fb account.

  3. Joseph J. Breunig 3rd Joseph J. Breunig 3rd

    Sorry to hear about your unnecessary troubles. I can appreciate your concern; I share my name with numerous people – some of whom are not directly related to me. Fortunately, none of them has felt the need to hijack my identity. I've even 'friended' one of them on Facebook.

    BTW, I wish you well on your book sales, seeing that you're positioned to be blessed by God according to His Word!

    –Joe Breunig
    Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

  4. Lorilyn Roberts Lorilyn Roberts

    I shall claim your blessing, Joe. I look forward to meeting you on the John 3:16 Network.

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