FOOD FOR THOUGHT Quick and Easy Recipies for Homeschooling Families

How do you combine Tim Tebow and Crockpot Chili or Pigs in a Blanket and JRR Tolkien? And what do these heroes of the Christian faith have in common with homeschooling, feeding the poor, or buying cows and chickens? Food for Thought: Quick and Easy Recipes for Homeschooling Families can stimulate thoughtful discussion while cooking. By creating delicious recipes to be eaten and shared with others, we bring glory to God, our Creator, to whom we give thanks in our blessings. Homeschooling does not have to be limited to sitting at a table pouring over books— that’s BORING.

As a homeschooling mother for fifteen years, I mixed things up a bit. Enjoy cooking while teaching math, philosophy, history, economics, geography, sociology, reading, and the Bible.

Food for Thought contains a spice of variety for the young and the young at heart. Take the drudgery out of cooking and make homeschooling fun. Your kids will love you as they “cook” Worms in Dirt or stir up Crazy Cupcakes. Food for Thought: Quick and Easy Recipes for Homeschooling Families contains delicious recipes, famous quotes, and homeschooling activities that will create warm memories for YOU AND YOUR FAMILY for years to come.

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“The best recipe of all is love from the heart wrapped in prayer.”

~Lorilyn Roberts


“Great recipe book for homeschool families and also for those on the run. We are a homeschool family-so this is perfect for us! Lorilyn Roberts has put together a winner! In this book you will find super easy and inexpensive recipes for the whole family. The recipes have lots of variety from recipes for the young cook to a Mom busy teaching kids at home who is excited because the crockpot is full of a delicious and nutritious dinner that does not need much tending.

“I enjoyed the inspirational quotes between recipes-gave one food for thought such as the quote from Mother Teresa.

“I loved seeing the pictures for each recipe-it gives me an idea if it is appetizing to me. Also enjoyed finding the extra links for things like World Vision, Clean Water for others, Food Storage for tough times, and Samaritan’s Purse which provides shoe boxes for children for Christmas–ideas for my child to participate in helping others so we are not self-centered and selfish.”

“Who doesn’t love reading a cookbook? From the time I was a little girl, I enjoyed looking at my mother’s cookbooks with all the colorful pictures of recipes. The afternoons spent turning the pages and reading recipes were magical. My love of cooking started with those early days.

“Food for Thought: Simple and Easy Recipes for Homeschooling Families by Lorilyn Roberts is a cookbook with tasty recipes. As the title indicates, the dishes are simple and easy to prepare. From the section, “Easy Meals for Young Cooks,” one of my favorites is Sweet and Sour Edamame Salad. I am a big fan of edamame (must be my Japanese upbringing). I also made the chocolate chip cupcakes and for an extra kick, added butterscotch morsels to the batter in addition to the chocolate chips.

“Each recipe comes with an encouraging quote or verse from the Bible and a photo of the prepared dish. As author Lorilyn says, “My hope is for homeschooling families to make fond memories in the kitchen that will be remembered long after the food is eaten. The best recipe of all is love from the heart wrapped in prayer.”