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GUEST POST: Book Review by Author Martin Roth


A bitter divorce, the inability to have children, breast cancer, and a long-term job she hated. Lorilyn Roberts has much to be thankful for. “I’m thankful God didn’t give me all I wanted when I was young,” she writes in her inspiring collection of essays. “How could God use any of us with a self-seeking, worldly mindset?”

This excellent book is in two parts. The first section contains a series of devotional reflections based on Lorilyn’s own life, including my favorite, “A Grateful Heart in the Kingdom of God,” from which the above sentences are taken. Topics range from her love of animals and nature to an entertaining account of throwing up underwater during a scuba-diving expedition to Belize.

In the second part of the book, we encounter a range of provocative musings on current events, most notably a Christian response to the COVID-19 pandemic, along with reflections on Black Lives Matter, critical race theory, artificial intelligence, and more. We learn why Lorilyn bought a gun and took a course on how to use it.

These are powerful essays, written for times such as these. (As I write this review, Israel and Hamas are at war in Gaza. Chapter 42 of the book, “When They Cry, Peace and Safety,” helps me make sense of the conflict.) Highly recommended.

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