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AM I OKAY, GOD? “Guilt”

Last updated on August 3, 2023



Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.
—Romans 12:2
Guilt is feeling responsible for a wrong, real or imagined. If we have committed an offense against someone, the Bible tells us we need to go to that person and ask for forgiveness.
From Seventh Dimension – The Door, a Young Adult Christian Fantasy

After the accident, the closet became my friend. I wanted to avoid Judd, who came over to visit Chumana. She was not my sister, but we lived together.

Guilt overwhelmed me.

—Shale Snyder, Chapter 1

Guilt will keep us from experiencing a close relationship with God. Sometimes it’s difficult to know if our feeling of guilt is justified. Satan wants us to feel guilty—all the time. As long as we feel guilty, we’re self-absorbed.

First, determine if the feelings are from God. Ask God, did I commit an offense against you or another person? Ask God to forgive you and/or help you to go to the person you offended and seek forgiveness.

In Shale’s case, she did something wrong. While she made a partial confession to Rachel, she never apologized to Judd.

The guilt grew and became like cancer, allowing hate to fester until God miraculously healed her—when she confessed.

But suppose you are stricken with false guilt? Someone or something is making you feel guilty when you shouldn’t feel that way.

Guilt can draw you towards a loving God or drive you away. How does guilt affect you? If it’s making you feel distant, go to God.

Sometimes our pain is so great we can’t get past it without counseling. Find someone you can trust and talk to him or her. Have someone pray with you. God never intended for you to walk the Christian life alone. You have a whole body of believers who are the discerning eyes, the patient ears, the loving arms, and the caring souls who want to help you.

Remember, you have an enemy who wants to destroy. He is real and powerful, but God is more powerful than he is. Allow Jesus to take control of your life. Don’t give the devil a foothold, lest the small foothold on the side of the mountain becomes the whole mountain. Allow God to set you free from guilt. No sin is so great that God can’t heal you from its effects—and even use your story of redemption to glorify him.

Only you, God, can set me free from guilt. Please help me to accept your freedom, and to let go of those things that are not from you.

Help me to let go of false guilt and be set free to accept your forgiveness. Help me to be renewed and filled with your perfect peace.

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