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PRAISE FOR LORILYN’S BOOKS: Readers’ Favorite Reviewer E. Wairimu

Last updated on November 28, 2023


Book Review

Readers’ Favorite Book Review
Reviewed by:
Edith Wairimu

Review Rating:  5 Stars 

Reviewed by Edith Wairimu for Readers’ Favorite

God’s Good Works: Stories to Treasure and Tales to Ponder by Lorilyn Roberts is a heartfelt faith-based collection of anecdotes and insightful lessons drawn from everyday experiences. It also examines the current American and global political climates through the lens of biblical eschatology.

Roberts reflects on God’s omnipotence when exploring recent events including the COVID-19 pandemic. She explains that nothing takes God by surprise and encourages Christian believers to look to the future with biblical hope. Roberts emphasizes the value of learning and following God’s truth, especially in these last days. She explains believers risk deception if they minimize Satan’s influence and his ability to deceive. From her personal experiences, she draws insights about God’s power and goodness and implores believers to be grateful, discerning, and hopeful.

Roberts offers many eye-opening discussions on important topics. I appreciated her honesty when exploring her life experiences and learned essential lessons from the accounts she shared. I loved that the work carefully examines many aspects of life including daily, common events and life-altering global events.

Its thought-provoking reflections on God’s unchanging nature even during times of instability were encouraging. Roberts inspires hope in believers and encourages them to be watchful and prepared while putting their trust in Jesus Christ. God’s Good Works by Lorilyn Roberts is a powerful offering of essays, discussions, and personal accounts exploring current events and daily living. It is an uplifting, enlightening read for any reader who wishes to understand current events in an eschatological context and glean lessons from everyday events.

To learn more about God’s Good Works: Stories to Treasure and Tales to Ponder, click here.

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