SEVENTH DIMENSION -AM I OKAY, GOD Devotionals from the Seventh Dimension

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“The biggest thing I personally took away from this work is that it is okay to be a work in progress; it is okay to need to work on things because everyone has to work on things. I would recommend this one.”
~KATHRYN BENNETT, Readers’ Favorite

“In Am I Okay, God? Devotionals from the Seventh Dimension, Lorilyn Roberts does an excellent job of drawing together the fictional work with the deeper meanings of scripture, much in the same way that the parables that Jesus told helped to illustrate profound points about the Kingdom of God. Through her experience as a mature Christian, the very sound advice that comes from more than 50 years of faith is spot-on and practical. The mixture, along with a work of fiction that reaches into a deeper level of understanding, makes this work shine. Creative, inspiring, and spiritually sound.”
~BILL HOWARD, Readers’ Favorite

“Though the title suggests a Christian theme, the topics covered will benefit readers from any religion and strata of society. The book can be used as a guide by therapists to overcome the problems they face in their day-to-day life. Each chapter has a positive affirmation at the end of it, which is inspirational. They also reaffirm the voice of the author on the topics she has discussed.”
~MAMTA MADHAVEN, Readers’ Favorite

“Am I Okay, God? is a cleverly designed and well-written topical devotional for teen girls and boys. Am I Okay, God? would be an excellent gift for any young teen with questions about life… which likely includes every teen on the planet.”
~LEE ASHFORD, Readers’ Favorite

“In addition to covering all the topics that confront young adults today, Lorilyn shares her deep love for Jesus Christ in her writing in a clear, inspiring, and personal way. As a follow up to the Seventh Dimension Series – The Door, the reader is given a solid foundation in Christian principles which will assist them to face issues of the day with confidence; they are provided with methods to face their problems in a courageous and overcoming way.”

“This devotional book Am I Ok, God? gives you greater insight into what it means to be a child of God and someone who is precious and loved by God. The topics of each devotional are so relevant for today’s teenagers/young adults. The author shares insights and her experiences as well as prayers and references from the companion book, Seventh Dimension – The Door. I highly recommend this devotional and also highly recommend the young adult fantasy companion book Seventh Dimension – The Door. Both incredible reads!”
~CHRIS, Amazon Reader

“The author pulled important concepts out of her novel and focused on them in this devotional. She uses scripture and narratives from the novel to engage the reader in looking at principles in their own life. I highly recommend.”
~JUDY LAIR, Amazon Reader

“Just finished this series this morning. Great Christian Reading.”
~GLENN DAWSON, Amazon Reader

“Am I Okay, God? Devotionals from the Seventh Dimension, is a book by Lorilyn Roberts. The devotionals are based on Roberts’ Young Adult Christian Fantasy book, Seventh Dimension-The Door (You don’t need to have read this book to understand what is shared in the devotionals).

“Am I Okay, God? contains snippets from the main book and shows which chapter(s) each devotional is based on. Though the devotionals draw from a fictional life, they are packed with Wisdom from the Word to empower and encourage both young and older people.

“I smiled, and felt like God was wrapping His loving arms around me as I read this book. This is not a religious book stuffed with concepts that would take you multiple reads to understand. It is a simple book focusing on the love of God for His children and how He wants to be closer to them.

“Roberts uses straight-forward language to tell readers how God can help them boost their self-esteem and confidence, enable them to forgive those who caused them unbearable heartaches and conquer the negative emotions like fear, hatred and guilt. She uses her own life experiences to show how God lifts people from the dens of misery to a life of freedom, peace and joy.

“We need to read this kind of books today in the age where people no longer use their moral compasses. It reveals how holiness and purity can be achieved through God’s help.

“Are you facing hard times? Do you feel rejected and alone? I have no doubt that this book would lend a helping hand. If it were possible, I would make every young person (Christian and Non-Christian) read this book.”
~EMELIA MOSIMA, Amazon Reviewer


Am I Okay, God? Devotionals from the Seventh Dimension answers many questions teens ask dealing with hot topics like self-esteem, dating, bullying, abortion, careers, forgiveness, salvation, and even deeper theological issues related to the end times and the Lord’s return. Woven into the devotionals are stories from the Seventh Dimension YA Christian Fantasy Series as well as from the author’s life that touch on themes that are important to Christianity and what it means to be born again.


What is the Seventh Dimension?  “A spiritual kingdom lies all about us, enclosing us, embracing us, altogether within reach of our inner selves, waiting for us to recognize it. God Himself is here waiting our response to His Presence. This eternal world will come alive to us the moment we begin to reckon upon its reality.” – A. W. Tozer, The Pursuit of God.