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LORILYN’S GUEST INTERVIEWS: Elaine Cooper and Her New Book, “The Road to Dear Run”

Last updated on July 21, 2023

I want to introduce a delightful author whom I met on Facebook, Elaine Cooper. She came to my aid when someone stole my identity on a social networking site before she even knew me. She later joined the John 3:16 Marketing Network and has been a tremendous encourager to me as well as many others. She has a servant’s heart in so many ways and a beautiful style of writing.

With great joy, I share this short interview with Elaine Cooper in anticipation of the launch of her new book, The Road to Deer Run, on Tuesday at Amazon.

Lorilyn: When did you develop your love of writing?

Elaine: I have loved writing since I was very young. My father encouraged me to write a story about my lost hamster when I was 11 and I have been hooked on creating stories ever since. My skills were honed in the 1980s when I did freelancing for two local newspapers. Talk about fast deadlines! But I loved writing at home so I could be there for my children.

I took a hiatus from the keyboard when I felt led to go to nursing school and become a Registered Nurse. This was definitely a God-inspired decision as several years after I graduated, my own daughter was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. At that time, I took a leave from my nursing job because Bethany needed care 24 hours a day. I resumed freelance writing, but this time for a magazine writing health-related topics. I occasionally toyed with the idea of writing a book.

Lorilyn: Tell us about your new book The Road to Deer Run; what it’s about and how you came to write it.

Elaine: It was the fourth anniversary of Bethany passing away when the idea for The Road to Deer Run was birthed. It was such a strong sense of knowing in my heart that this was what I was going to write but it’s difficult to describe. I just knew.

The Road to Deer Run is set in 1777 in the midst of the American Revolution. The story does not take place on the battlefield but rather in a small village in western Massachusetts where the residents are deeply affected by the war. The plot involves the discovery of a wounded British soldier by a young American farmwoman. He is dying and she is terrified. How will she handle the situation when her heart hates the Redcoats, while at the same time is filled with compassion for a dying soldier?

The ensuing days and weeks challenge everyone’s faith and fortitude, as well as their ability to forgive. Slowly, hearts and souls begin to heal. And in the midst of the hatred and discord, seeds of love take root among the weeds of bitterness. The Road to Deer Run is inspired by my own ancestors from the era of the American Revolution

Lorilyn: If you wanted to share one thing with the world that speaks to your passion, what would you say?

Elaine: My passion is to help others who are truly in need. My favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 31:8-9 “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

When you look at the world in need, it can be overwhelming. But I truly believe that, while no one person can meet everyone’s needs, God places opportunities in our path where we can make a difference in some way to help others. It may be as small as buying a meal for someone or it may be a much larger mission. But whatever that mission is, God will reveal it to us so that we will be useful vessels to come to the aid and defense of the poor and needy. We just need to be willing conduits of His love.

To read more about The Road to Deer Run or to purchase from Amazon, click here.

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  1. Elaine Marie Cooper Elaine Marie Cooper

    Lorilyn, thanks for your interview! I so appreciate being your guest here.

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