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LORILYN ROBERTS BOOK REVIEW: “Getting Out of the Bed in the Morning,” by Alice J. Wisler

Last updated on January 14, 2023

For those who’d rather stay in bed, put this book on your nightstand and read it. As a Christian sojourner, I have walked my own Via Dolorosa. I couldn’t imagine during my lowest moments that anyone would understand my pain or sorrow. I would cry myself to bed at night poring over the Psalms, the only book of the Bible that I had the strength to read.

Getting Out of Bed in the Morning: Reflections of Comfort in Heartache will help anyone who loves deeply and grieves deeply. If your pain is so overwhelming that you are having difficulty coping, get this book. God won’t abandon you, but having resources to help you through your sorrow can be healing and comforting. I wish I’d had this book to read. I found myself remembering – memories I had actually forgotten, which is a good thing, but without God’s healing on my heart, I could have been stuck without experiencing God’s power to overcome that pain.

Getting out of Bed in the Morning will help anyone who is struggling to get beyond the pain – anyone who wants to give up, or sees no reason to go on living. There can be nothing more painful than losing a child, and while I haven’t experienced that, I have come close, walking a road where I wasn’t sure of the outcome, and I have lost others in my life through death and divorce. Grief has no preferences for status, race, or gender – it visits all of us at some point. Getting Out of Bed in the Morning: Reflections of Comfort in Heartache will help you to transform your hopeless grief into grief that will bring healing.

I highly recommend Getting out of Bed in the Morning: Reflections of Comfort in Heartache to anyone who is suffering now, to anyone who might suffer in the future, or to anyone who has suffered in the past. Wherever you are on your own Via Dolorosa, you can be encouraged and reminded by Alice J. Wisler’s Reflections of Comfort in Heartache that God is faithful, no matter what. Hearing it from someone who has walked that difficult road and loves God, even more, is a gift worth reading.

Get your copy of Getting out of Bed in the Morning: Reflections of Comfort in Heartache here from Amazon: 

From Alice J. Wisler:

“For over twenty years, I’ve written for magazines and devotionals. Writing is what I love to do.

I also travel the country and teach Writing the Heartache Workshops at seminars and conferences. I’m a big advocate for writing through sorrow. I founded Daniel’s House Publications after the death of my four-year-old son Daniel in 1997. Helping others cope with grief is important to me.

My days are spent writing novels, blogging (I have three blogs), reviewing books, writing for a variety of magazines and websites, crafting my two newsletters, and teaching grief-writing courses both online and at conferences.

My five published novels are: RAIN SONG, HOW SWEET IT IS, HATTERAS GIRL and A WEDDING INVITATION (all by Bethany House) and STILL LIFE IN SHADOWS (River North).

My devotional, GETTING OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING: Reflections of Comfort in Heartache(Leafwood Publishers), is my tribute to my son Daniel and in praise of a God who sustains us on our journey.

In addition, I’ve taught English as a Second Language in my birthplace of Japan, worked as a social worker, a cake decorator, and taught English in a refugee camp in the Philippines. I was an office manager at a non-profit for education and worked at a portrait studio.

Specialties: I can sing Go Hiromi’s “Otoko to onnanoko” at any Karaoke event. I enjoy creating Asian dishes in my kitchen. Most of all, I enjoy conversations over cups of hot Earl Grey.”

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