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LORILYN ROBERTS BOOK REVIEW: “Treasures of Darkness,” by Trish Jenkins: A Beacon of Light on a Dark Street Corner Near You

Last updated on October 15, 2023

A Beacon of Light on a Dark Street Corner Near YouFor anyone who wants an amazing book, you should read Trish Jenkins’ story, Treasures of Darkness. It’s a memoir about her prison journey – and to me, it seems allegorical about life. Matthew 24:12 says in the last days, “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.” In the end times, much of what Trish endured and experienced in prison will be the norm. We are headed there now, like a frog that is slowly brought to the boiling point unawares—the dysfunctionality of our country, the threat of war in the Middle East, and the compromise in morality on many fronts.

 When you think of anti-Christ – the opposite of Christ—in order to survive in prison, the guard and other inmates try to break you and convince you that you are no different from the others and your faith is the problem. They attempt to pit you against your convictions by flipping your world upside-down – seeing Trish throw her pearl (Jesus Christ) before swine was heartbreaking. What would I do if I found myself in a similar situation—would I have the courage of my convictions? Would I be willing to pray for those who wanted to hurt me?
I will let you read Treasures of Darkness to see what Trish’s story is about and how she landed in such a horrible place. Think of working for someone like Bernie Madoff unawares and getting in over your head – it could happen to any of us. Trish’s testimony and how God used her in the lives of her prison mates left a lasting impression on me—one of those books that will stick with me for life.
I am reminded of the words spoken by the 1600th-century evangelical preacher and martyr, John Bradford, “but for the grace of God, go I.” Would I be able to endure this trial and still love my Lord and Savior, not the same, but even more? You won’t see your relationship with God or the opportunity to be a shining beacon despite persecution or hardship in the same way after reading Treasures of Darkness.
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