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LORILYN PERFORMS A READING of “Seventh Dimension – The City” at the Las Vegas Book Festival 2016

Last updated on October 15, 2023

Because it’s a little hard to hear, I’ve provided the words below so you can follow along.

The choirs of hell chanted in prideful arrogance:

The trial is over, the king is dead,
He failed to smite the serpent’s head.
Now if Satan can deceive humankind,
Demons can mislead the blind.
Praise, praise, surely we have won,
And defeated God’s own son.
Who died in sin and cursed shame,
Now we’ll set the world a flame.
With fear, hate, and cruel pain,
Sin will leave a crimson stain.


I wanted to silence their voices, but I was powerless. I clenched my eyes, imagining this was all a dream. Suddenly, I heard the crashing of thunder, shattering the unholy dirge of vomit. The roaring bellows sounded like mighty waters, followed by slashing lightning and a convulsing earthquake. Fiery, falling rocks descended on the godless assembly, and the shocked underlings scattered.
Lucifer could not speak. His boastful mouth was sealed shut by the most powerful voice in the universe. A voice who long ago said, “Let there be light,” now proclaimed something so wondrous that its significance would last forever.
The past, the present, and the future stood redeemed. From the smallest creature to the largest, from the sky to the watery grave, God’s proclamation reverberated with the magnificent utterance, “IT IS FINISHED.”
The familiar voice raised my hopes and spoke to my heart—the voice of mercy.
The walls began to crumble and collapse as if they were nothing more than wispy, thin paper. A chasm opened, and the screaming demons and fallen angels disappeared into the gaping hole—all those who had sung the words of blasphemy. Chaos engulfed the wicked creatures, and those remaining scattered in terror.
Suddenly, out of the fiery destruction and lingering dust, a powerful figure emerged. Triumphant glory surrounded him. Gasps filled the cave at the sight of the risen king. Every wicked creature in the pit of the watery grave fell to his knees in total submission.
The defeated underlings held their breath, uttering not a sound.
The king faced the serpent of old. “How far you have fallen, Lucifer. Hades is mine. The only power you have or will ever have is what I give to you. I have conquered and defeated sin. I am alive forever and ever. And I hold the keys of death and Sheol.”
“No,” the serpent bellowed. “The cross defeated you.”
“I died, but now I am alive forevermore.”
A host of angels shouted from heaven: “It is finished. He has risen. Glory to God in the highest!”
The king of kings stormed past the sullen and shocked underlings and entered the chamber of paradise. Shouts of praise filled the hall. At last, their day of visitation had arrived. The conquering king would set the captives free.
The disintegrating walls deafened the defiance of Lucifer. He was defeated. The cowardly beasts slunk back into the amphitheater, gloomy and humbled. An uneasy silence lingered.
Then the dragon roared again. “No—I am not defeated. Trickery!”
His arrogance was sickening.
The fallen angel gashed his reptilian claws into the dirt as if he were a child throwing a temper tantrum. 
“We can still be victorious. We’ll convince humans that the death of the man in white was a sham. We’ll convince humans that he is not God’s son. We’ll win through delusion, lies, and deception. Puny man does not deserve mercy. He deserves death. All we have to do is convince humans that the Bible is a lie. Once a human rejects God’s love, he’ll be mine.”
Another of the fallen angels joined in the contrived celebration. “Yes, Lord Lucifer, you will be their master. Humans should humble themselves and worship you and you only.”
I glanced at Daniel. Why didn’t God just vanquish Satan right now? Why wait?
Daniel read my thoughts. “It is in the process of redemption that God is glorified. As each soul turns to Yeshua, Satan must concede he has lost one more human, one more soul, from now until eternity.”
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The conflict takes on a sinister reality in the seventh dimension against the backdrop of 33 A.D.
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