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Last updated on September 15, 2023

I”ll always be by your side while you write the best books in the whole world.


I’m an animal lover. Always have been and always will be. Animals have taught me lessons I couldn’t have learned otherwise. When I see animals, I see the hand of God.
Sometimes I laugh when I see strange creatures on TV, on the internet, in the wild, or in the oceans. I saw many weird ones when I scuba-dived. At other times, I mourn when I see the heartless killing of them. I don’t mean for food. I mean for sport, for pride, for evil.
Lest I get too depressing because that’s not what this post is about. With the earthquake in Nepal and finishing my latest book, I am somewhat emotionally drained. Therefore, I decided to write this post for sheer enjoyment. I have pulled out photos of some of my pet animals, and yes, I have way too many. We have seven neurotic cats and one devoted dog.
They are all been rescued —from the streets, the Human Society, and unwanted. Actually, I think they rescued us. Yes, I would be much richer without their upkeep in heartworm medicine, food, and vet bills, but how much poorer would I be without their love? 
Enjoy these snapshots. Laugh, and cry, but mostly, remember God brings love to us through our pets. Every good thing comes from above; yes, I believe our cats, dogs, and other critters will be in heaven. Does God not give us the desires of our hearts? And my heart’s desire is to see Gypsy, Gretchen, Shelley, Abby, Rex, Molly, Thomasina, and Lewis (who have gone to their reward) as well as those still with us. How many blessings would I have missed without their licks, wags, kisses, purrs, and—well, even their little messes? (As only a mother would understand:)
Yes, another dumb commercial.
Can I come in, too?
I’m so beautiful. Eat your heart out!
I’m in charge around here.
I’m a cat on a hot Florida roof.
The best thing about Christmas is I get to play with the boxes.
Water always tastes better from a toilet.
Help! I promise I’ll never do this again.
Thank you for fostering us for a future home:)
I love these blankets.

Since I originally wrote this blog post, I have published my memoir, Tails and Purrs for the Heart and Soul. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

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  1. Chris Loehmer Kincaid Chris Loehmer Kincaid

    Love the pictures! They remind me of the many cats I have had over the years. I love my devoted dog, but I wouldn't part with my cats and their quirky ways.

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