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NEW BOOK RELEASE: “Tails and Purrs for the Heart and Soul,” by Lorilyn Roberts

Last updated on September 21, 2023


Get ready for heroic acts of devotion, devilish entertainment, unexplainable coincidences, and bold inspiration. From a special four-legged childhood friend to the newest Humane Society adoption during the coronavirus lockdown, Lorilyn reveals the deep and profound bond between animals and her family. As in her award-winning memoir, Children of Dreams, Lorilyn unearths spiritual truths and biblical insights to answer the question many have asked, “Will we see our furry friends in heaven?”

“I resonated deeply with many of these stories—tears flowing freely. There’s nothing like the comfort of a warm fuzzy kitten or a loyal, loving dog when you are feeling down, alone, or devastated.”
~Carol A. Brown, author of Christian adult nonfiction and children’s animal stories

“Sure to be a hit with the ‘I love animals’ crowd.”
~Michael J. Webb, author of cutting-edge Christian fiction and inspiring nonfiction

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