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Hope deferred makes the heart sick; but when dreams come true, at last there is life and joy

Proverbs 13:12 (TLB)

Lorilyn Roberts’ hopes of motherhood came to a devastating end when her husband left her for his pregnant girlfriend. Eight years later, Children of Dreams reveals God’s restoration of her dreams through the international adoption of her two daughters. Written as creative nonfiction, an analogy is drawn between the physical adoption of children and God’s spiritual adoption as recounted in the Bible.

Ms. Roberts skillfully weaves in her own back‑story while telling about her adventures in Nepal and Vietnam, filled with political intrigue. Scriptural insights and reflections interspersed throughout the book show Lorilyn’s reliance upon her heavenly Father when all hope seemed lost. The reader will enjoy the vivid descriptions as well as a window into the plight of those struggling to survive where basic necessities may not be available. The adventure includes meeting a future Prime Minister, a missing baby, and many other surprises. The medical mystery in Children of Dreams was featured on Animal Planet’s “Monsters Inside Me,” in the episode of “Shapeshifters.” Ms. Roberts’ appearance on the show was to inform adopting families about certain medical conditions endemic in developing countries.


“I was moved by Lorilyn’s story of her going to the ends of the earth to find her daughters.”

“Children of Dreams” is a very much recommended read for Christians considering adoption.

“Children of Dreams is a tale of hope and faith and finally fulfillment.  In the end, the Psalm was for her fulfilled: “He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children. Praise the Lord!”

“The story is compelling, heart-warming, thrilling, and to describe it as an adventure is an understatement.”

“This book almost reads like a first-person POV novel. It’s inspiring and encouraging, for both those who want to adopt children from overseas as well as for believers who want to draw closer to the Lord. Lori’s story of adopting her daughters in and of itself is compelling and engaging. On top of that, the analogies that she draws between her story and a believer’s walk with God are beautiful and spot-on. One of the best memoirs I’ve read lately.”JOSEY JACQUES, AMAZON READER

“Beautifully and truthfully written, the author shares heartbreak of a marriage ending, but the journeys that took her across the ocean to adopt her beautiful children from two different cultures in separate journeys. Fascinating descriptions of her travels, her beautiful children, and her life. Such a joy to read.”

“This is an amazing story of one woman’s journey to adoption. I was amazed at the obstacles that had to be overcome and the high cost that was demanded to adopt two little girls. I think of all the unwanted pregnancies in this country and the millions of babies who are aborted. The abuse of children on so many levels is beyond my ability to grasp. I am a victim of sexual abuse that occurred in 1954, so it’s nothing new. It’s overwhelming when I think of how easy it is to produce a child, whether wanted or not, and how difficult and expensive it is to adopt one. Lorilyn’s story tore at my heart and assaulted my emotions as I read about her struggles. I’ve fallen in love with her daughters. I hope I will hear more about their experiences and accomplishments.”

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Lorilyn Roberts is an award-winning author of fifteen books, including the YA Seventh Dimension Series, Children of Dreams and Tails and Purrs for the Heart and Soul. Lorilyn graduated from the University of Alabama Magna Cum Laude and then settled into motherhood, adopting her two daughters from Nepal and Vietnam. She later earned a Master of Arts in Creative Writing and is president of the Gainesville, Florida, Chapter of Word Weavers International.

Lorilyn has rescued many orphaned dogs and cats, and when she isn’t writing books, she provides broadcast captioning for television. In her spare time, Lorilyn is a ham radio operator and teaches Morse Code at a local Christian school. KO4LBS.