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AM I OKAY, GOD? “Perfect Love Casts Out Fear”

Last updated on March 9, 2024

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.
—I John 4:18
From Seventh Dimension – The Door:  A Young Adult Christian Fantasy:
The dog stretched and cocked her head, enjoying the rubdown.
I laughed. “Is your name Much-Afraid?”
“I was always afraid until the king healed me.”
—Shale Snyder and Much-Afraid, the dog, chapter ten
When we meet Much‑Afraid in the Seventh Dimension –  The Door, she has overcome fear.
Do you know that the opposite of fear is love? Every time you’re afraid, that means you’re not allowing God’s love into your heart. God’s perfect love will cast out your imperfect fear. In fact, your imperfect fear is made perfect in weakness. In your weakness, God can help you. Once you recognize your weakness, you won’t rely on yourself and your own abilities. You will rely on God.
Begin with prayer. Most of us struggle with fear at times because we don’t love perfectly. Our humanness makes us needy, but our sin keeps us from embracing God’s unconditional love. In spite of this, God never gives up. He woos us because we’re cherished like a lover woos his beloved.
The king told Shale, “I love you more than you will ever know.” In the same way, God loves you. Someday when we meet the king, we’ll truly know how much he loves us.
Every time fear threatens you (and I do believe in demons of fear), remember the words of the king. Let his perfect love fill your mind. Let every cell within you find intimacy in your heavenly father. Don’t rely on yourself. You will fall. Find your strength in God. Don’t be just a fan of Jesus Christ, like on Facebook or Twitter. Be a follower. Make Jesus your king and your lord. Let his love conquer any fear that creeps into your heart. Then you will be able to love others in the same way God loves you.
Your heavenly Father is waiting for you to surrender. He is never too busy to listen, and I guarantee you, he is not resting.
The king died to defeat every fear Satan will tempt you to believe. Don’t be seized with a knot in your stomach and crippling doubts.
Let God’s love indwell you. Cast aside every anxious thought. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Don’t wait. Begin by reading the Bible and then pray for God to be real to you—more real than he has ever been in the past. His perfect love will cast out your fear.
If you do this every time you become fearful, you can claim victory. If you don’t succeed the first time, don’t give up, especially if you’re prone to being fearful. Old habits die hard, and Satan is relentless. But God will help if you’re faithful in prayer and read your Bible.
If you still struggle with fear after much prayer, perhaps you might need to see a counselor or physician. Sometimes chemical imbalances can affect your mood, especially if you’re going through a particularly difficult time.
Don’t be afraid or embarrassed. Ask for help. Pride will tell you, you don’t need crutches, but humility is more powerful than pride.
Thank you, Jesus, for loving me. Help me to feel loved. Help me to trust you every time I feel afraid.

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