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HIGH PRAISE FOR LORILYN’S BOOKS: Children of Dreams: Review by Deborah Malone

Last updated on January 15, 2023

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I really liked Deborah Malone’s review of my book Children of Dreams. My hope is that, as she says, Christians will have a greater appreciation of what it means to be adopted by our heavenly Father, who loves us so much.

Review by Debbie Malone

When I received my copy of Children of Dreams in the mail I thought I would just open it and take a look. Before I knew it, I was on Chapter Eight and looking forward to reading the rest of Lorilyn’s story. 

Even though this is a non-fiction book it reads like fiction. Lorilyn has put so much detail into her story you feel like you’ve been transported to the far regions of Nepal and Vietnam along with her. She tells of the trials and hardships she endured to adopt her children Manisha and Joy. Throughout the book, she relates the process of adoption with our adoption by our heavenly Father. You will not look at adoption the same after you read Lorilyn’s book. You will not be sorry you read Children of Dreams whether you are adoptive parents or not.
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