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SEVENTH DIMENSION – THE CITY “The Apocalyptic World of the Future:”

Last updated on September 21, 2023

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The City and The Door

To more good news—what I’m most excited about is my new book, Seventh Dimension –The City, a Young Adult Fantasy, Book 4. If you click on the hyperlink, you will be taken to a “landing page” where you can read early reviews and easy purchase links.

You can read Seventh Dimension – The City without having read the first three books, but I believe you will enjoy the series more if you read the books in order. Many hours have gone into creating a plot that could be supported by facts. Weaving uncomfortable truths (or conspiracies) into a story with a Christian worldview that instills hope was both challenging and redemptive.

I haven’t had an opportunity to promote Seventh Dimension – The City for a formal launch, and I may not do one. My focus is getting the Seventh Dimension Series into bookstores and libraries. Recently, I have found web promotions to be ineffective. However, I will be sharing on my blog as well as guest blogging. Hopefully, my new book and insights will pique your interest.

Before I started writing Seventh Dimension – The City, I asked God to show me the battle between good and evil. I didn’t know what God would show me, but my eyes were opened. While the whole series is unique, Seventh Dimension – The City is truly an eye-opener.

Reviewers have found the Seventh Dimension Series difficult to categorize. One reviewer called Seventh Dimension – The Door a Biblical Alice in Wonderland. Others compared Seventh Dimension – The Door to the Narnia Series, but the series goes much deeper. Whether you are a YA or an adult, I believe you will be entertained, inspired, and encouraged.I doubt anyone would be as crazy as me and spend the hours of research I did to write books on this topic. My number one priority was to stay true to scripture. My second priority was to write a story that was compelling and creative.

God impressed many things upon me. Based on world events and the current state of affairs, when considered in light of scripture, I came to the conclusion the Messiah’s return could be imminent. The truth is, of course, we don’t know when Yeshua will return, but I believe the church is sleeping (remember the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25). Many folks are too busy or preoccupied to think about what’s happening. Complacency is dangerous. As a broadcast captioner, I can tell you many things don’t make it into the news that should because Satan is a master at deception. He would rather keep people in the dark about the true state of affairs.

Lest I bore you with author ramblings, let me share a little about Seventh Dimension – The City. Seventh Dimension – The City begins with Shale Snyder, the protagonist, defending creationism in a high school biology class where three prevalent views on the origins of humankind are debated.

While many Christians find this discussion self-evident (I was chided by a well-meaning church leader who said no one believes in evolution anymore), I’ve been surprised my most contentious comments on Twitter have come from Twitter followers who espouse evolution as if it were the gospel. To them, it probably is.

If you are one of those people, I want to share an interesting observation I hadn’t thought about until I read one of Dr. Hugh Ross’ books.

Consider the eye. Many parts of the eye go into seeing (we know that because an eye exists), but in the beginning, the parts that go into seeing (not the retina) wouldn’t know they were evolving into seeing because seeing was a nonexistent entity carried out by another type of cell. In other words, it would be evolving to perform a function that didn’t yet exist.

Here is another observation from a writer friend of mine, Gregg Edwards:

The one thing I remember from “In Six Days,” had to deal with DNA. DNA contains a “language” that had to exist at least at the same time, if not before DNA came about. So if evolution were true, the “language” for DNA would have to exist before DNA, which is physically impossible. I remember a little demonstration would be to have a class of students pick Scrabble tiles out of a bag to see how improbable it would be to draw enough tiles to get a word, even say a three-letter word. But, thinking about this, suppose the kids drew three to four tiles, and they came up with words like “dog” or “cat.”

These words only have meaning because we have a language. If you used Scrabble tiles with Russian Cyrillic’s (for English speakers), they would not know if they made a word because they would not understand the language. To me, this demonstrates the fallacy of evolution.

I researched many topics, including some controversial ones like UFOs, genetic manipulation, micro-chipping, HAARP (the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), CERN, EMPs, the reappearance of the Nephilim, and occultism. As I learned more, two questions surfaced worth pondering:  Is mind control and time travel possible?

Other strange questions involved the Bible. Did fallen angels really marry women whose descendants are referred to as Nephilim? Do star gates exist on Earth from a previous time? Is gnostic or supernatural knowledge active in the world today? Does it have the power to influence world leaders, science, and religion? Can half-truths deceive believers?

The devil is notorious for tickling the human mind with enough truth to persuade an unsuspecting person to believe his foolishness, or as the Bible says in Romans 1:25: “They traded the truth of God for a lie. They bowed down and worshiped the things God made instead of worshiping the God who made those things…” (ERV version).

This is only the backdrop for the continuing story of Shale and Daniel in the Seventh Dimension – The City.

Daniel returns to the Old City of Jerusalem and discovers an unsettling mystery. Seventh Dimension – The City picks up with Shale. Almost three years have passed since she returned from the first century. She knows Daniel should be returning soon since he began his journey in 2015. It’s now 2016, and Daniel has yet to return, raising concerns for Shale—is he still alive?

But as her best friend reminds her, “Time is an illusion in the seventh dimension.”Soon Shale’s story merges with Daniel’s in a way neither could have imagined. Is Shale’s long, lost father involved in a major conspiracy? Will Daniel be able to rescue his father? Is Armageddon about to be unleashed on the world?

Shale and Daniel travel to the ends of the earth and come face-to-face with a world more real than reality itself. Interdimensional time travel reveals hidden truths, and soon Shale must make the most difficult decision of her life—one that will affect her and Daniel. Thrust into an apocalyptic alternate world, she must choose between mortal love and immortality. Strange signs in the heavens manifest, global chaos ensues, and evil runs amok.

The United States is rendered impotent. Otherworldly powers rise. Nothing I mention in Seventh Dimension The City is beyond plausibility. I would be surprised if some of the events I mention don’t happen in the next few years. However, once again, “time is an illusion.” We may only have a few months, or we may have years. Only God knows. The question is: Are you ready to meet your destiny?

Considering my target audience is YA, I kept the book to a PG rating. However, I don’t believe the latter days will be rated PG. If you look at the book of Revelation, I believe we have underestimated the horror that awaits humankind. I hope my Seventh Dimension Series gives a glimpse mitigated with Godly hope.

I believe YA readers have settled for werewolves and other fictional ideologies because they don’t realize the truth is more compelling, more real, and more shattering. I believe deception is already infiltrating our movies and books. Old and young readers have settled on a form of entertainment denying the reality that awaits them yet tickling their minds into enjoying trivialities, irrelevant storylines, and far worse. Jesus used stories to tell great truths. Satan uses stories to tell great lies.

As Joshua said in Joshua 24:15 (NKJV): “…choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites.”

Those gods that existed at the time of Joshua still exist today. They have continued in modern times under different names and in different forms, and according to Revelation, the worst of those fallen angels will be released from the bottomless pit at His appointed time.

According to Revelation 9:13-16, they have been chained since the days of Noah. When set free, they will be allowed to kill one-third of humans. The size of the army will be 200 million mounted troops. In upcoming blog posts, I will talk about these topics. I want to write a companion book similar to Am I Okay, God?  My passion for bringing YA to a saving knowledge of Yeshua as the Messiah is too overwhelming not to share on a deeper level. I have two more books to write in the Seventh Dimension Series. Please help by sharing my books with friends and family, and reviews are always welcome.


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