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Last updated on November 3, 2023

“The wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way, But the folly of fools is deceit.”

Proverbs 14:8

There is no doubt that Trump won the 2020 election on November 3. I saw sufficient evidence of documented cases of voter fraud from multiple unbiased sources. I saw videos by experts demonstrating how the votes were flipped on the Dominion voting machines from Trump to Biden. And if I hadn’t downloaded those videos off YouTube, I wouldn’t have access to them now. YouTube deleted most of them for “violating YouTube guidelines.”

I’m not stupid; you aren’t either if you put on your thinking cap. Why would YouTube remove all those videos?

Consider this: Why did every media outlet in America (excluding some conservative/independent stations) refuse to talk about possible voting irregularities? Not only did they refuse to talk about it, but they repeatedly said there was no voter fraud.

Media as far away as France were saying in no uncertain terms, “There is no voter fraud.” And this was before the accusation that there was voter fraud. I captioned an English-speaking French news station the day after the election, “There is no voter fraud.” If you repeat something enough times, people start to believe it.”

Why would Biden supporters and the media not listen to experts who had evidence that vote flipping occurred—even though connecting the machines to the Internet was illegal? Evidence revealed that the vote flipping that occurred resulted from foreign interference.

Why did Facebook and Twitter delete posts that questioned voting irregularities?

Why did the Supreme Court refuse to take the cases presented by Texas, Sidney Powell, and others, and dismiss the claims based on standing, which is simply a procedural way to avoid looking at the incriminating evidence? Why would Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media websites de-platform Trump? Why would they remove thousands of Twitter followers from my account and the accounts of many American patriots?

The most important question is, what were Biden supporters afraid of? If Biden had won, wouldn’t they want transparency? Wouldn’t they want proof so the “fallacious” claims of “Trump patriots” could be debunked?

Pundits claimed dozens of courts had the evidence and that there was no election fraud. The courts had the evidence but never looked at what was submitted. Is that justice? Is that righteousness?

The Court of Heaven knows the truth, and that’s where I struggle. Why did God allow a usurper to take control of this country after so many people had prayed? Why did God choose not to reveal the truth to the American people?

While in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, I listened to all the speeches before walking to the Capitol Building. I was maligned mercilessly for being there, accused of participating in the insurrection—even by friends.

I prayed before I went. As I’ve previously shared, I wanted to be an eyewitness to the event. I tried to stand in the gap for those who couldn’t go.

As a broadcast captioner, I don’t think I’ll ever trust the media again. I struggled knowing that much of what I wrote during that time for the deaf and hard of hearing wasn’t true. Perhaps in hindsight, those anchors and reporters were in the same predicament as me: Forced to speak and write the narrative handed down by six powerful media conglomerates that control 90 percent of the news.

However, for reasons I don’t understand, God did not reveal the truth. Perhaps God is allowing the far left-leaning socialist Democrats to take down this country. We know the United States must diminish as a world power. This great nation of the last two hundred years is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible in the final days before the Lord’s return. To put it plainly, we are absent from the scene of world events as if we never existed. This saddens me because I love my country.

I also wonder if some of those who attacked me were demonically possessed. People can be so full of hatred that they reach a point of wickedness that they are beyond God’s redemption.

Examples like Potiphar (God hardened his heart, Exodus 9:12) and Saul (the Spirit left him, I Samuel 16:14)) are enough to put the fear of God in me.

I have seen more hardness of heart recently than in my entire life.

Here’s one example. A woman who used a wheelchair was in the Jacuzzi at the gym. I had helped the same older woman the previous week to get out of the Jacuzzi into her wheelchair. Her aide couldn’t do it alone. I was doing laps in the pool when I noticed the woman was trying to get out of the water.

I stopped swimming and shouted above the noise, “Do you need help?”

The woman said, “Yes. Could you, please.”

I climbed out of the pool and went over to lend a hand. Two young men were just a few feet away in the same Jacuzzi. They turned their backs, pretending not to notice this large, disabled woman who needed help getting back into her wheelchair.

Moments like that make me realize the depravity of human beings. I had the same feeling when I was at the Capitol, as men dressed in black holding long rods attempted to destroy the Capitol windows. Not just one man but many. I yelled, “No,” and others shouted, “Antifa.”

Why would anyone want to damage the Capitol of the greatest country in the world? Jesus said in Matthew 24:12: “And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.”

When it comes to nations, perhaps the vilest form of government is communism. One only needs to objectively examine the Democratic Party to see its slow decay from American liberalism a few years ago to the depravity that consumes it today.

For example, sanctioning the murder of the unborn child, tearing apart the traditional family by legalizing same-sex marriage,  pushing climate change as a form of religion, weakening our country by limiting the use of our natural resources, encouraging illegal immigrants to enter our country through the southern border, the demonization of white people for systemic racial prejudice even when it doesn’t exist, sexual perversion, transgenderism, and they have even taken a page from the Chinese Communist Party’s script to implement social scores to limit our freedoms. My heart cries out, “What’s wrong with these people?”

God chose not to intervene in the 2020 election, so we have a usurper in the Whitehouse. I hope those who interfered in the election will be miserable in their sin. There is nothing worse than a guilty conscience (if you are still human). Power is fleeting, and evil haunts. I find it hard to believe those depraved hearts can be redeemed. As individuals and as the Body of Christ, we must recognize what’s happening. America, wake up.

Unfortunately, those who perpetrated this evil and stole the 2020 election have greatly harmed the United States. Some individuals in key positions could have stopped this insanity and didn’t, i.e., Vice President Pence and the Republican leadership. Many states violated their state constitutions and election laws (Pennsylvania and Georgia), and the U.S. Supreme Court was unwilling to hear the cases presented to them. Not a single Democrat would look at the evidence. They said, “Nothing here, move on.”

As of September 2023, much of the voting fraud evidence from the 2020 election has been scrubbed (censored) from the Internet, and now the 2024 election looms. Perhaps since everything turned out so well in the 2020 election for the Democrats, they will follow the same game plan again: Create another virus, order lockdowns, allow unlimited voting by mail-in ballots,  close schools, demand face masks, and scare people into receiving more vaccines. The FDA has already issued an emergency use authorization for vaccines for the next pandemic. How convenient that is for the 2024 election.

The media is as responsible as those in power. Complicit reporters are part of the future beast system that will capture the world when the anti-Christ reigns and demands worship. Who puts a mic in front of speakers so the masses can hear them? Revelation 13:5 says, “And he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and he was given authority to continue for forty-two months.”

Over the next couple of years, I anticipate the persecution of Christians and Jews and an inching toward communism (unless the Lord intervenes). The power-hungry, left-leaning Democratic leaders will tax us to death and confiscate our property. Inflation will become rampant. World War III looms as Ukraine is losing the war with Russia.

Do I expect the results of the 2020 election to be overturned? No. Do I wish so? Yes. However, putting my hope in people who say it could happen is a pipe dream. I’ve seen nothing to give me hope that even one individual might be willing to look at the evidence.

That day has long passed, and people have moved on. But I do have hope in my Lord and Savior that justice might happen before the complete demise of this great nation. I want my country to be deemed worthy of Jesus’s one-thousand-year Millennial reign from Jerusalem.

In the meantime, I keep looking up, praying hard, and hoping that God will bring as many people into His kingdom as possible. The church flourishes during persecution, and that’s what’s important now.

Nothing remains hidden forever. Could a Civil War erupt when people realize the media and leaders duped them? Could we face a national catastrophe that might kill many people? I don’t know how far the U.S. will fall, but it’s nonexistent in the Book of Revelation. Maybe the rapture takes out half the population. I hope so. I hate for anyone to perish, but half is probably wishful thinking.

Keep looking up and pray for God (through His Bible-believing church) to reach as many people as possible. Each day that passes is one day closer to the Lord’s return. As the Bible says, the end of all things is near (I Peter 4:7). That ending will be glorious for those on God’s side.

PRAYER: Dear Heavenly Father, my hope is in You, not political candidates. But until Jesus returns, I pray Your wisdom from above will guide us into all truth. We praise You, Lord, in “whom there is no variation or shadow of turning” (James 1:17(b)).

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  1. God Mission Possible God Mission Possible

    Great post Lorilyn… full of truth and illumination for all who would have "eyes to see". The media, deep state, tech companies, and the left talking heads know for a fact that if they repeat lies enough, people will indeed believe them. The god of this world is blinding millions of souls from seeing Truth.

    The love of God will wax cold in the days leading up to Christ's return. We are indeed seeing a great apostacy and God is purifying his Church. Goats and sheep… wheat and tares. True believers will acknowledge the signs of the times as His eminent return is closer than ever before.

    What you witnessed firsthand has been verified by many others. But people will choose to believe a lie out of convenience, fear, and ignorance. Many will have a form of godliness, but deny its power. Times will be perilous in the last days – and we are going to see it up close and personal. God's people need to keep their faith in God's Sovereignty and their noses in their bibles. They need to " be ready to give a defense to all who ask a reason for the hope that is in us".

    This nation was modeled on Christian principles, but has strayed far from its mission. God would have to apologize to Sodom & Gomorrah if He did not bring judgement upon this country. My pastor also says that America is most likely in ruin as we are absent from the Word of God in the latter days. The time is coming when we will indeed be persecuted for our faith. God's elect and true saints are soldiers of the Cross and must be prepared for battle – here and in the heavenlies.

    We need to keep praying for our nation, its leaders and the millions of people who still must come to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus. Perhaps God will relent and have mercy on us, but nonetheless, we must continue to strengthen the brethren and stand firm in battle.

    Thank you for your bravery and love for this country. Thank you for standing for righteousness and resolve in the evil days ahead. Thank you for speaking truth into the darkness. May God bless you always my friend…

  2. Unknown Unknown

    Thank you for voicing what many feel and know. Thank ypu for having the courage to state the facts that stare us in the face. Thank you for your witness in spite of those who persecute you. Don't they realize it would be much easier to "go with the flow?"
    My prayers are with you and all in our nation to stand with God.

  3. Unknown Unknown

    Thank you for voicing what many feel and know. Thank ypu for having the courage to state the facts that stare us in the face. Thank you for your witness in spite of those who persecute you. Don't they realize it would be much easier to "go with the flow?"
    My prayers are with you and all in our nation to stand with God.

  4. gary fitts gary fitts

    Do me a favor, get off from DeafRead site, we don't want you to radicalized any vulnerable Deaf individuals with your misinformation campaign, A Gallaudet student was arrested by the FBI for using a teaser on a Capitol Police officer who has a heart condition. Are you proud of that, you Christian hypocrites causes our nation to divide itself. Trump is an enabler of the insurrection, the Nazis burn burn the Reichstag and blame it on the communist and now you blame the socialists for the Capitol destruction. You stated that Trump didn't participate in the insurrection, it's like saying that Bin Laden didn't fly the planes into the world trade center. The White House just removed an ASL interpreter for conflict of interests because of her involvement with the Right Wing ASL group that interprets Trump's propagandas. Now the Deaf people of America wants you to resign from your broadcast captioning positions and you better stick with publishing your Christian books and stop infiltrate Deaf aggregate sites like DeafRead, I'm warning you that you may be flagged and removed. You own the Deaf people an apology for your selfish desires and we will forgive you. You can do something that Trump can't, admit you're wrong. You can't serve two masters Trump or God, God looks at his character, not his good works as it'll not get him into heaven, not even through the eye of the needle. You are not being persecuted, that's for Christians who truly believe in Jesus, but unfortunately Trump has been your idol. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Life, and the Truth – not Trump as he led us astray, to Death due to his incumbency, and full of Lies. Read the Bible, not Trump's 65,000 tweets. Go to Church, not Trump's rallies and pray to God, not break the ten commandment worshiping Trump, not the almighty God, give tithes to Church not donate to Trump campaign, go on a mission trip to spread the Gospels, not to Washington, DC to destroy the world. It's good to see the downfall of the Trump's fascist regime, it's part of God's sovereignty. Christ is the center of your life, the church is your home, and fellowship with true Christians that don't engaged in politics. Those who do are fools. Well what more can I say, am i talking to a stone well, or is the grace of God touch your heart and calling you, that's remains to be seen. I'll be praying for you, sorry if I upset you but someone has to come forward and tap you on the shoulder and reminds you of your commitment to Jesus Christ, don't get involved in worldly things.

  5. Lorilyn Roberts Lorilyn Roberts

    Honestly, I didn't take the time to read all of your post because it's offensive to any clear-thinking person who isn't full of anger. Your own words reveal a tortured soul. In contrast, the love of Jesus insulates me from mean-spirited attacks by people who hate. People like you.

    If I'm on a DeafRead site, somebody else put me there. I don't even know what site that is or how I got there except that I provide broadcast captioning for the hearing-impaired, and somebody must have liked what I post here and added me to that feed. So take your beef to whoever that person is. It's not me.

    And just remember, I can delete anything you post here at will, and you do not have the ability to remove what you post. Words on this blog will live on for a long time as this blog has been ongoing for over a decade. I'm in this for the long haul, and if the Lord tarries, that may be decades – unless the Lord calls me home. And after fighting late-stage cancer, I can tell you, I have faced death and am ready to meet my Savior whenever He decides to take me.

    So be careful what you write. You will be judged by your own words. And know this: I am on God's side, and you are attacking His servant. Is that really what you want to do?

    I would urge you to read the Bible. Jesus was very involved in the politics of His day, and so were His disciples. So if you call me a fool for being involved in politics, you are calling Jesus and His disciples fools. And when you judge me, you are bringing judgment on yourself.

    Am I really that important that you want to risk your eternal destiny by falsely accusing me?

    How many mission trips have you been on? How many books have you written for the Kingdom of God? How many times have you read through the Bible? How much time to spend in prayer each day? How much money do you give to the church or to missionaries or to help children in third-world countries? How many orphans have you adopted who had no hope and no future? How many lives have you touched? How much volunteer work have you done to help children fighting cancer and other adverse diseases? How many abused/homeless animals have you adopted from animal shelters? How many Sunday school classes have you taught – not for brownie points or to earn your way to heaven but to show your love for Jesus. The big question is, have you really given your life to Jesus Christ?

    Go do something better with your life than trolling me. What a waste.

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