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Last updated on November 3, 2023

“When did we see You as a stranger and take You in, or naked and clothe You?”

“Or when did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?”

“And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren [the unborn child], you did it to Me.’”

Matthew 25:38-40

Recently, on Facebook, one of my friends posted a link to an article, “What My Escape from Hitler’s Germany Taught Me About Trump’s America.”

The title was provocative and drew me in. However, as I read it, I realized the liberal media had so influenced the writer that the article wasn’t accurate. I couldn’t leave a comment without a paid subscription. But her words impassioned me to write an op-ed Counterview.

I will start with the Brett Kavanaugh hearings for U.S. Supreme Court Justice that took place September 4 -7, 2018. I closed captioned portions of the hearing on C-Span and witnessed the havoc caused by the protestors. What the media presented on TV appeared to be staged, although I had no way of knowing at the time.

However, later, I saw a video that showed liberal-leaning leftists paying protestors to agitate. Someone had videotaped the exchange of money.

Before World War II, the media controlled Hitler’s propaganda, just like the media controls the information that goes out over the U.S. airwaves. They get their marching orders from six corporations that control ninety percent of the news outlets in the U.S. The networks slant the news so the information (or disinformation) adheres to their version of events. Trying to make comparisons of Trump to Hitler is ridiculous.

Hitler was a far right-wing fascist (communist by a different name). I often wondered how Hitler could become so influential in Germany when previously he was a nobody. The demonic leader had not accomplished anything worthy of news except serving jail time before running for public office.

However, historians have well-documented that occultists predicted Hitler’s meteoric rise to power and that he would become Chancellor of Germany. Dark people, like astrologers and necromancers, surrounded him, and he had a morbid preoccupation with the supernatural.

Trump is anything but that. Research it yourself.

People have accused Trump of being a nationalist, but that does not make him a Hitler. On the contrary, I hope anyone born in America or who immigrates here would take pride in our country and be thankful for what America has given them. Our language, culture, history, and Judeo-Christian heritage bind us and validate our freedoms. We are Americans first. Indeed, you wouldn’t call Gandhi a Hitler, for example, even though he was a nationalist.

The Bible says the Antichrist will be a world leader who comes to power by intrigue (supernaturally, like Hitler). A world order must be in place to allow his ascension. The United Nations was the first successful attempt to unify countries with the common goal of world peace.

Another example of the ideology of the globalists is to push for open borders, leading to the refugee crisis in Europe and the swell of illegal immigration into America. Open borders take away nationalism because of the blurring of boundaries. That is the goal of the globalists: to merge the 195-plus countries into ten worldwide ruling oligarchs. Eventually, the Antichrist will ascend the pecking order, be ceded totalitarian rule, and demand all people, small and great, worship him (like Hitler did in Germany).

However, three issues specific to the United States will make it difficult for the globalists to implement their one-world government: The U.S. Constitution, the ownership of guns, and the U.S. Bill of Rights. If the elitists succeed in taking away our right to own guns, it will make it easier for those who have guns to control those who don’t. Again, the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution, and our right to bear arms are the three most significant impediments to implementing the New World Order.

However, I think it’s probably more spiritual than physical. The church’s presence (Kingdom of God) through the Holy Spirit is holding back the Kingdom of Darkness. Until God removes the church through the Rapture, Satan’s power is constrained, but we know the time of the Gentiles is drawing to a close.

But returning to the comparison between Hitler and Trump, Hitler’s solution was to gas people who didn’t fit his white Aryan race prototype. Trump is pro-life; that means all life, including the baby in the womb.

Trump is not anti-Semitic. He was behind Israel more than any other U.S. president. That means he supports the Jews. I thank God that Trump accomplished things other presidents couldn’t. We didn’t vote a saint into office. We voted for someone who wouldn’t kowtow to people like Kim Jong-Il, Putin, and Iran.

More recently, I hold the same view of Biden and the escapades surrounding his son, Hunter. In my opinion, all some want to do is provide juicy headlines for the tabloids and talking points for news stories that people don’t listen to anymore.

I don’t care what anyone in the public eye does in his private life as long as it’s not illegal and doesn’t impinge on our nation’s security. Stories about laptops with compromising photos divert us from the critical issues plaguing our country. Maybe those “hot” topics should be relegated to the tabloids for those with nothing better to do than read gossip.


The media has become a “used car salesman with no ethics” and insulted American intelligence. Unfortunately, I have to caption all that mudslinging. Oh, how the media has changed since I started captioning twenty years ago. Of course, constant drama entices lagging viewership to stay tuned to the next bombshell. I only care that America’s President is fit to serve this great nation.

The Bible also says in Romans 1:26(a), “For this reason God gave them up to vile passions.” and in Romans 1:28, “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting;”

Without God, our sensibilities as a nation have reached an all-time low. We might as well call America a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.

On the Palestinian issue, those people aren’t refugees. That’s a complete misnomer. That would be like saying people who moved here from Vietnam because of the Vietnam War are refugees. Those people have settled in and become part of the American fabric. And that was back in the 1970s when they came, not the 1940s.

.Since Israel’s founding in May 1948, the country has fought eight “recognized” wars with its neighbors. As of this writing (October 2023), Israel has defeated all its Arab (Islamic) enemies in battle.[i] In addition, the last time I read my Bible, God said He gave that land to the Jews.

If you want to make comparisons to Nazi Germany, the one worth making is the media. Think George Orwell’s 1984. If we aren’t careful, soon they will have us believing in doublespeak: “War is peace, Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

You will notice that many articles, videos, and websites have been scrubbed from the web because they do not comport with the left-leaning media’s view of the facts. However, even when people draw incorrect parallelisms, it’s good to remember our past. We must not forget what happened, or the young people will believe it never happened.

I captioned President Biden’s remarks on C-span addressing the Human Rights Campaign’s annual dinner at the Washington Convention Center on September 15, 2018. He brought up the Kavanaugh hearing, and it was evident to me that it comes down to Roe v. Wade and protecting the life of the unborn child.

In the bigger picture, America will be held accountable for our past actions regarding Roe v. Wade. I praise the Lord that the U.S. Supreme Court had the moral integrity to strike down a law that allowed for the deaths of  64 million children since January 22, 1973.[ii]

America will be judged for abortion when Jesus judges the nations. Globally, under God’s New World Order, America, and all other countries will be judged in two ways, among many, but these two in particular: How they treated the innocent (the baby in the womb) and Israel.

Again, not only will nations be judged, but we will be judged individually. The media will be long gone when we stand before God and give an account of our choices, good and bad.

What will God say when you stand before Him and attempt to justify that you think it’s all right for a woman to kill her unborn child? Or pontificate that you believe marriage between two members of the same sex is acceptable? Or there is nothing wrong with sexual relations between an adult and a minor (pedophilia)?

Read the Old Testament and see what it says about the nations who sacrificed their babies to false gods. America will not escape judgment. Not only will we be held accountable for our abominable practices here in America, but we paved the way for the countless deaths of children in other countries that followed our example.

More recently, because of open borders and the poisoning of the mind with wickedness, we see the exploitation of children for personal gratification in child trafficking. Who could have imagined that drag queens would entertain children in schools or satanic clubs would be permitted?

Will our country be obliterated if we have a nuclear exchange? How many will die for the sixty-four million children we’ve murdered? I don’t know, but I do know that God is just. All we can do after the fact is ask God’s forgiveness.

Gone are the days of Christian prayer in public places, honoring the Ten Commandments in schools and courtrooms, celebrating Christmas with Jesus, and not being afraid to exercise our free speech.

In January 2021, I captioned on C-Span the prayer spoken by U.S. Rep Emanuel Cleaver, marking the opening of the 117th Congress. After he said, “Amen,” he added, “And a woman.” I thought I had misheard him and didn’t write it. I was terrified to write something like that that perhaps I heard wrong, and if I didn’t mishear it, I was too terrified to blaspheme my Lord and Savior. I do my job for the glory of God and will not write such adulterated words from the mouth of a blasphemer.

James 5:16(b) states, “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” I believe the many prayers of God-fearing Christians helped Kavanaugh to overcome all the obstacles thrown his way, leading to his appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.

One more quick comment: Just as God hardened Potiphar’s heart when Potiphar refused to let the Israelites leave Egypt, your choices today may be your last opportunity to make those choices. In other words, once you choose, God might harden your heart to the point where you no longer have a choice. Another way of saying it is that Satan will have his way because that’s what you chose when the choice was yours. There comes a time when that ability to choose is no longer possible.

We live in dangerous times. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for America, and the world. If you haven’t accepted Jesus as your Savior, do it while you still have time. Invest every minute in living out your faith at work, at home, and with others. Live like you have no tomorrow.

PRAYER: Dear Heavenly Father, help me to see the big picture. Sometimes, I want justice now, but there is an order to this madness that we see unfolding each day as Your return draws near.

Help me to see the Kingdom of God at work within me and on the world stage. As I’ve said before, please use me, Lord, with all my flaws so that I can hear the words I long for You to utter in Your coming Kingdom: “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

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[i]  List of wars involving Israel. (2023, June 20). In Wikipedia.

[ii] Tobias, Carol. “More than 64 Million Unborn Children Have Died Since Roe v. Wade.” National Right to Life Protecting Life in America Since 1968. January 20, 2023.


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  1. Katherine Harms Katherine Harms

    Excellent points, Lorilyn. My sentiments exactly. The only thing I would change about your post is this: I would add "pray for President Trump" to the prayer at the end.

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