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The Donkey and the King, a Story of Redemption

If you have read Seventh Dimension – The Door, a Young Adult Christian Fantasy, you will remember that Shale Snyder’s favorite childhood book was The Donkey and the King. The donkey in The Door is Baruch – the star in this delightful children’s story. Enjoy this prequel for young kids, ages 2-7, and help them to discover “good” hidden throughout the pages of the book. 

A donkey named Baruch longs for an easier life beyond the stable with no heavy burdens and no one to tell him what to do. He sets out on a harrowing journey and becomes lost in the wilderness but finds “good” in the most unlikely of places.
Not only is this a great book for children, but it also introduces the animals from the Seventh Dimension series! And tells us about meeting the King! It’s a great prelude to The Door, which is coming next… Reminded me of long ago when, when you went to a movie, you got to see a cartoon prior to the main feature! LOL Except this one is directly related to the upcoming story…
~Amazon Reviewer Glenda “Vine Voice”
This is a lovely story about not feeling like you belong where you are and going on a search to find your place. Children will love the colorful images and the sweet lamb who comes to help donkey find his way to the king. As an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will continue to read it to my child.
~Amazon Reviewer

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