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“Time is an illusion until God’s appointed time.”

~Lorilyn Roberts

"Christian fantasy series based on biblical principles."


“Time is an illusion until God’s appointed time.” This is oft repeated, stressed, in fact, in Lorilyn Roberts’ aspiring young adult novel, Seventh Dimension: The City. And what is the seventh dimension? Mathematically, it is quite beyond our simple expectations, but if we think in God’s perspective, it is all consuming, everything and beyond.

“Shale and Daniel are off on another adventure, one that takes them into the realms beyond this world: the underworld and Hades. Evil forces are set upon luring the young couple from their blossoming faith in the Messiah, King Yeshua.

“Shale has spoken out a”bout her faith at school, to her mother and her friends, even to her father, Brutus, and his frighteningly mystical wife, Scylla. Not all have listened, but when she’s sent on a treacherous mission across the ocean to Israel to find the scrolls she had buried in another time, another dimension, she continues to share her belief even when she feels her own faith challenged.

“It is a difficult time with her home country of the United States blacked out by some mysterious force, and the world and within Israel erupting in chaos. But once she meets her old friend, Daniel, whom she met previously in another time, another dimension, she is set on her course to follow him and find his father who is being held captive somewhere in Nepal. To what end?

“Well, that’s the adventure and it’s a real end-of-the-world thriller with all the evil forces rising up. Armageddon is nigh but will evil prevail?”

“Lorilyn Roberts captures the reader’s attention from the very first line and carries the excitement to a compelling climax and resolution. Her sense of adventure parallels the adventure of learning and accepting our Messiah, in living our faith to its fullest.

“The story is one of a series, but it can and does stand alone as a powerful witness to the supremacy of our living God. An exciting read, but also a deeply emotional and thought-provoking one.””

Seventh DimensionThe City is an incredible adventure set during the end of days. The fourth book in the Seventh Dimension Series will have readers on their toes as Shale and Daniel set out to rescue Daniel’s father. Lorilyn has done an excellent job in creating a YA series that while entertaining, presents a solid foundation of the Gospel message. With a little bit of fantasy, mixed with science, conspiracy theories and Christianity, the book culminates with a superbly written, yet horrifying look at what awaits those who reject God. YA readers will find this one hard to put down without thinking long and hard about their future.”  

“Lorilyn Roberts is an amazing author! I felt as if I was reliving the story with Shale each step of the way. Clear descriptions place the scenery right in your living room, and the suspenseful ending of each chapter kept me hooked. Reading this book has inspired me to want to do so much more for Yeshua each day. I highly recommend this series.”
~PARIS, age 12

“I liked all the books in Lorilyn Robert’s Seventh Dimension Series but I think I liked this one the best! I say that because of the ease with which I could allow myself to be sucked into the narrative. Roberts really hit her stride with this one!”

“Superb writing—characters are either likeable or hate-able, the plot never lags, and sentences flow like silk.

“I particularly enjoyed the ending. Roberts’ treatment of “the end of days” was true to history and Scripture as well as being memorable. By that I mean, the word pictures she draws for you stay with you for days—especially the descriptions of Sheol.

“I would definitely recommend this book for the YA audience. However, any adult would also enjoy it. I certainly did and I’m a great grandmother. The City has everything: historical fiction, fantasy, romance, and adventure. What more could you ask for!”

“Once again Ms. Roberts book is right on the mark. The excitement in this series is building up to a fever pitch and the reader gets to be a part of the ride! Lorilyn’s work is riveting and gripping. So many “end-time writings” are poorly written or trite….not so in this series! In the story the two main characters, with God’s knowledge, get to overhear the plans the devil is making. Every sentence is frightening, but there is no way you can stop reading. I can hardly wait for the next book!”

The City, the fourth book in the Seventh Dimension Series, contains enough cliff-hangers to entertain even the most adventurous soul, but also has an underlying current of faith, hope, and even love. It is truly a Book-of-Revelation, end-times, Daniel’s seventieth week story that not only stays true to Scripture but is truly plausible in many of its events. This book will not only entertain you, but it may even inspire you to follow the One who is Faithful and True!”

“The story was very interesting because of the way the author visualized the various different aspects of Jesus’ times and interaction with man throughout history. The description of Hades was also insightful.”

The City is the fourth novel in the Seventh Dimension Series from Lorilyn Roberts. I enjoyed the first three, and found this latest book to be just as exciting.

“It is a cliché to describe a book as a page-turner, but that was exactly my reaction to this fast-paced, supernatural thriller. And despite being formally classified as aimed at young adults – a demographic I left some decades ago – it will surely appeal to older generations as well.

“The action begins quickly. Shale, the teenage heroine of the story, is berated by her schoolteacher for bringing her Christian faith into a classroom science debate.

“Abruptly some kind of strange UFO-like aircraft lands outside in the school football field. School officials claim it is connected to the military. But is it really?

“More unexpected events occur. Shale’s estranged father summons her to Washington. He wants her to fly to Israel in search of some ancient scrolls. And then, before we know it, the whole world is engulfed in war.

“In Israel Shale meets up with her beloved Daniel and is thrilled to learn that he is now a follower of Yeshua (Jesus). But Daniel is still seeking for his father. Together they fly out to look for him.

“In the previous book, Daniel witnessed the trial and crucifixion of Yeshua. This time he – with Shale – encounters something vastly more sinister. I will not reveal the dramatic ending, though if you are familiar with your Bible, you know it already.

“As in her previous books, Lorilyn Roberts describes all these events with a riveting intensity. Her characters are strong and believable. We live the drama with them.

“And some good news. I had thought The City was the final book in this exciting and innovative series. It seems I was wrong. I look forward eagerly to the next.”

Seventh Dimension -The City, Book 4, pits occultism against Christianity in an epic battle between good and evil. Where time is an illusion and world travel only a stargate away, the conflict takes on an even more sinister reality in the seventh dimension against the backdrop of 33 A.D. Shale and Daniel, young adults in search of Daniel’s father, discover the apocalypse has begun.

As the battle rages from Jerusalem to Shambhala, glimpses of the netherworld take center stage. Powerful people want Shale’s ancient scrolls and will stop at nothing to find them. Shale and Daniel will do everything to protect them, but at what cost to themselves and their families?


  • 2016 Literary Classics Silver Medal Winner for YA Faith-Based Fiction
  • 2016 Shelf Unbound Notable 100 Award Winner
  • 2017 International Book Awards Finalist
  • 2017 Florida Authors and Publishers Association Bronze Award Medalist
  • 2017 Global Ebooks Silver Award Winner
  • 2017 Book Excellence Award Winner for Cover Design
  • 2017 Best Book Award Finalist in Religion: Christianity
The City and The Door
What is the Seventh Dimension?  “A spiritual kingdom lies all about us, enclosing us, embracing us, altogether within reach of our inner selves, waiting for us to recognize it. God Himself is here waiting our response to His Presence. This eternal world will come alive to us the moment we begin to reckon upon its reality.” – A. W. Tozer, The Pursuit of God.